The Empire Coach: Vol. 1

A Modern-Day Mogul, Artistic Truthseeker, 21st Century Wiseman, Royal Adrenalizer, and Pop Culture Curator

The Astonishing Story of the Man who Sleeps Sitting Up, Uses Video Games to Teach Wisdom, and Showed Me How To Wrestle a Sensational Ryze that Changed My Life.

I was only 23 years old when I met him.

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Lacey’s a famous porn-princess, and at the time I was her personal assistant.

She’d often drag me along so that she had a little protection and cleanup when she’d ass-out like she usually did at these fancy shindigs. I didn’t mind so much ’cause it was always entertaining (and the bonus pay wasn’t too bad either.)

I was invited to join my boss Lacey Raven in the penthouse suite for an exclusive, hush-hush dinner affair.


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Her good friend Tommy Crull, the maverick CEO of major online video game company Mayhem Games, had invited her and a few other bigwigs to join in the fun.


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Some of the peeps there included Evie Sodda, a young recording artist, immensely talented but who consistently acted like a train-wreck (and just-off-training-wheels)…

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…and King Blahstah, the sensitive-but-volatile rapper.

See, Tom’s guests were incredibly accomplished, but they had so much more potential and desire to grow, and Tom saw it. They had no one truly wise to counsel them when they got stagnant, and nobody who really believed they could accomplish their far-fetched dreams.


Jason J-Ryze Fonceca - Empire Design

So, Tom brought them here to introduce them to the Empire Coach, Jason “J-Ryze” Fonceca. (And, yes, he really does sleep sitting up, but I’ll get to that in a minute.)


And even though the clearly successful Tom had primed his friends before J-Ryze’s arrival by telling them how much he’d contributed to Tom’s ryze to power, most were still pretty dubious.

“What could he possibly tell me that I don’t already know?” spat K-Blah.

Lacey just smiled smugly and continued throwing her admittedly beautiful tits in everyone’s faces.

“I just wanna create a total expression of myself,” empassioned Evie, “And nobody gets my real art, so why would this J-Ryze guy?”

I watched most of them guzzle down a couple of strong drinks by the time J-Ryze rolled into the suite, fashionably late. And wow…

…did this cat have some style.

His swagger quickly vitalized the conversation. He was charming and animated, and his brash no-bullshit approach was very provocative to this celeb-crowd so used to ‘yes-men.’.

(And I’m pretty sure I saw a car full of giggling girls waving at him through a crack in the door.)

When we all sat down for dinner, Tommy told us a little more about Jay and encouraged each of them to seriously consider working with him if they were ready to Ryze.

He told us the stories of how he met Jay before he’d started Mayhem, just playing Tribal online, and not even knowing at that time — Jay was homeless!

They met for coffee at an upscale cafe until late, closing out the place, but Tommy couldn`t get enough of J-Ryze`s fresh views, and they ended up playing Tribal til the small hours.

Jay had started teaching Tommy about leadership during a game together in the middle of the night.

And he’d got so used to sleeping while sitting up at internet cafes for a few hours in the early morn, it’s why he still still prefers to get his Z’s this way, despite owning his personal mansion, The Pearl.

Evie jumped right in and started telling us about how her latest productions are way too obscure for the average crowd so a coach couldn’t really help her, and how nobody will buy the stuff she really wants to make.

Jay replied that with that kind of thinking… she was 100% right.

“If you wanna get legendary status, you’ve gotta be a game-changer, Evie. I don’t know you that well, but I’m guessing you didn’t get where you are by being an average artist pandering to the masses.” He spoke with level confidence.

“All the greats are way ahead of their time so most people didn’t get them until waaaay later. Like Wiz says ‘So while you busy tryin to fit in, I’mma stand out / and view my life through this lens to see how it pans out.’ ”

Evie tried to argue that her best-selling record was her worst-sung pop tune, while Jay’s hand produced a pen and tiny pad from his pocket.

Jay cut her off and rifled off a sketch, saying, “Wait– wasn’t that song the first time anyone had ever talked about girl-on-girl in a fun, sugary way that made being bi waaaay more accepted? Sounds pretty progressive to me.” Jason grinned with bright, caring eyes, clearly interested in helping Evie ryze up.

hitmakers and gamechangers_596

She just rolled her eyes and left the table to get a smoke on the balcony.

K-Blah leaned forward, “So, you like rap, boy?”

Jay grinned again, “To me, rap’s the new Shakespeare; a beautiful blend of rhythm and language that’s full of wisdom.”

K-Blah was impressed.

“That sounds about right. I write a buncha genius words that entertain the royals. And well, since my love life’s all drama all the time, it’s just like a Shakespeare play.”

Jay smirked this time, “Well ‘Blah, maybe it’s time you started writing about the kind of relationship that suits you, instead of multiplying the drama by rapping obsessively about it.”

K-Blah looked confused.

Jay scribbled and prodded further, “So, you rap a lot about money, all the ‘piles of paper in your closet and the jewels in your drawers for the whores,’ right? Lemme ask you a question… Did you always have all that coin? Or did it start to flow in after you rapped about it?"

Rap Powers Reality

K-Blah laughed, “Boy, I still don’t have enough for all the whores that take it from me.”

Jay shook his head as K-Blah got up to grab another drink.

Meanwhile, my boss Lacey was unusually quiet… maybe ’cause she wasn’t the center of attention for once.

That quickly changed when Jay turned his focus to her and began asking her about her latest film.

“Your facial epressions were so playful, Lacey. They told a story that kept me enthralled.”

Lacey laughed loudly as she tossed her hair back and re-crossed her legs towards him, “Oh sure, it’s my face that you were looking at, Jay.”

He smiled and dropped some serious eye-contact, “It’s true you’ve got great tits, Lace’, but so does every other porn princess. You wouldn’t be nearly as enticing without that fire you show on-screen.”

Ryze Empire Design - pornstars_596

She was clearly doubtful.

Jay continued, “Think about when you’re watching a child. Do you know when a kid’s having fun, or they’re telling a fib, or when they really hurt themselves?”

She admitted “It’s all over their face.”

Jay nodded, but Lacey didn’t relent.

“Come on, though… that’s totally different. My audience doesn’t care about my emotions like they care about a kid. I might be a great actress, but nobody cares. Even my agent thinks they showed my face too much in that film.”

Jay retorted “Get a new agent, then. The reason why your body looks so hot on-screen is that it’s a mirror of your face and feelings, It reflects and radiates the pleasure you’re expressing.”

Lacey argued, “I can’t just fire my agent, dude. She’s the best in the biz…” Jason’s face scrunched up, “…which you know nothing about!” and she stormed off to the balcony to join Evie.

I couldn’t believe the stupidity of these jokesters.

I caught Jason`s eye.

“Wow, dude, you’re throwing pure gold at these peeps and they’re just leaving the shiny goodness on the table! <sigh> I wish I could afford you.”

Jay took a swig of his vodka on ice and studied me.

“Well, it takes a special person to recognize my wisdom that easily, so that tells me you’re going places. I’m willing to figure something out… what are you working on? What are you psyched about?”


This astonishing story is almost-true.

Because the narrator could be you, and right now you have the exact same opportunity.

Jason "J-Ryze" Fonceca understands how your name, your site, your entire brand reflects not just you… or your business… or your art…

…It reps the entire EMPIRE you’re building.

Jay helps Ambitious Creatives like you with style, design, and encouragement that rules with supreme wisdom at an investment that you can afford and feel comfortable with.

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