12 Top Feminine & 12 Top Masculine Traits That Could Change Your Life

The Notebook had my 5’oclock shadow soaked in tears. Anyone’d cry watching The Notebook, it’s super-touching right?

Yeah, I guess.

Truth is, I would’ve cried watching The Blacklist.

See, I cry way more often than is ‘normal’ for a guy. This week alone I bawled while reading a noir mystery-novel, and teared-up staring at heart-achingly beautiful woman.

Now I enjoy it this way, I feel being open to all life’s emotions makes me a more passionate, sensitive, creative dude.

Most of world’s great masters & legends have all wept. They’ve shown emotion. They’re passionate. And so am I :)

But it wasn’t always like this.

Some people numb themselves and hide from many feelings… I know I did.

For decades I believed ‘guys don’t cry’ and ‘logic beats emotion,’ I ended up cold, arrogant, and repressed.

But that just wasn’t me. I love humanity. I care about people. I’m warm & welcoming. And all that stuff went away, when I shoved certain traits of myself in a box ’cause they were "too girly."

Yes, I’m a badass dude, but now I’m a badass dude who owns, listens to, and expresses his feelings.

At the same time, many girls I knew were meek, wishy-washy, and indecisive.

I wondered… might they have put traits like confidence and decisiveness in a box called ‘too masculine?’

The more I thought about it, the more the boxes were obvious to me. In every culture there were ways of being that on some level understood as more feminine or masculine.

It was in the DNA of life.

But it’s easy to over-simplify.

People aren’t binary. They’re more complex, capable of being anything, including both masculine and feminine.

And it’s not about being a man or woman or neutral. It’s not about lesbian, gay, or trans.

It’s about being whatever’s inspired.

From Jesus to Jay-Z, Cleopatra to Beyonce…

…I studied.

I read Deida and Osho, examined legends from Jesus to Jay-Z, & compared Sarah Palin and Beyonce.

I learned I could choose any quality I wanted, and be whatever I wanted.

I learned some qualities are ‘better’ at certain times, and certain situations, at least for me.

I learned that I lean noticeably towards ‘masculine’ qualities, but I’m sensitive, with a huge heart, and I like it that way. It’s just my preference.

If you’re like me, maybe no one taught you anything about this stuff. Maybe your life could be a lot better, especially in relationships, whether business or personal. Maybe I can pass on my experience and what I learned.

I wanna help, so here goes.

There’s a bunch of traits people can embody, but they don’t teach you about ‘em in school. You could be missing out on some traits that’ll create amazing results in your life, simply ’cause you’ve never tried ‘em out.

Wanna be radiant? Deep?

Tune in to your personal qualities.

Right now, this very moment, can you feel how developed your ‘depth’ is? Or how ‘radiant’ you are?

Some people have never even seen those words.

Others get it, though. They’re aware of what qualities they currently bring to the table.

And peeps have a sort of, unspoken agreement on which qualities are ‘more masculine’ and which are ‘more feminine’.

Truth is we’re free to express any quality we want.

It’s possible to feel if we’ve developed certain traits well or not-so-well.

Ignore this and chances are you make your life… suckier. Let yourself try the traits in the list below & generate big improvements.


If you’re a chick (or like being feminine): Refine the following qualities in yourself.

Really embody ‘em & live ‘em every chance you get. Make ‘em be a magical part of what other people feel from you.

If you’re a guy (or like being masculine): Realize the following qualities matter.

They’re not to be judged, they’re to be leveraged to help you reach your goals, you can find them in yourself sometimes, its ok, or you can collab with others who possess them.

  • Surrender
  • Reception
  • Emotion
  • Radiance
  • Flow
  • Sensuality
  • Nurturing
  • Affection
  • Sharing
  • Gentleness
  • Patience
  • Love

Come on now, who wouldn`t be thrilled if someone in their life became more ‘receptive, radiant, and surrendered?’


If you’re a guy (or like being masculine): Refine these qualities in yourself.

Focus on ‘em, master ‘em and expand ‘em as much as you can.

If you’re a chick (or like being feminine): Realize these qualities matter.

They can add to how you connect with other human beings. It’s fine to use ‘em sometimes, or collab with others who possess ‘em.

  • Freedom
  • Direction
  • Logic
  • Focus
  • Integrity
  • Stability
  • Passion
  • Independence
  • Discipline
  • Confidence
  • Aware
  • Authentic

Be real, who wouldn’t love someone in their life to become more ‘aware, authentic, and confident?’

Example: The miserly loner.

Franz is a loner driven towards money. If being that way works for him, great, but Franz can’t quite seem to strike it rich.

Chances are he unlocks wealth from bringing a little more sharing, patience, and nurturing into his life.

Example: The flighty diva.

Rhiannon is a flighty diva who flits carelessly from group to group. If being that way works for her, great, but Rhi can’t quite seem to grow her projects or team.

Chances are she soars with her team by bringing more discipline, authenticity, and focus into her life.

So understanding masculine & feminine, and using them to rock your life, is totally recommended.

"Of course once you are enlightened, you have gone beyond the discrimination of sexes. Beyond enlightenment, you are simply human beings. But before that…. Be proud of your qualities. Increase them, refine them because they are the path towards godliness. Man is not in a better position than woman as far as religious experience is concerned." – Osho

Now this doesn’t mean you need masculine or feminine qualities, it’s to help you have clarity and freedom to create a personal blend of qualities that suit you. And they’ll even change at different times.

Bonus Link: Irina Krush, female chess champion – Chess Requires Masculine Qualities.

(Special Note: Like attracts like. If you want it, you’ve gotta be a match for it.)

Aight. So, these are some key traits you can make use of, but it’s not all of them.

These can change your life in game-changing ways, but it’ll take some honesty.

Can you get real and raw with yourself?

You gotta look at yourself and see what suits you.

For a lot of peeps it’s scary to say ‘I enjoy surrender. I’d love surrender more often (in safe environments).’

For others it’s scary to say ‘I’m enjoy decisiveness. I do what I want, when I want, consequences or not.’

Like many scary things in life, if you can psyche yourself up by imagining the new, improved, better version of you, then start taking the steps — the rewards are great.

Don’t wait or hesitate.

Open up your inbox right now and send yourself an email that says:

"I now choose to be more <X>." – where <X> is a trait you like.

Thanks for reading my story and sharing my experiences with masculine & feminine qualities.


P.S. I’d love for you to share your stories and experiences too, so hit me up in the comments!


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  1. Great post Jason! I will definitely be rereading this article a few more times to really soak in the goodness.

    My word is Discipline. Nothing quite beats consistency on ever-improving ones personal success habits.

    • Thanks man, re-reading is really powerful. It gives your mind and body space to absorb the fresh ideas and make them a habit. And you can get faster at it :)

      Discipline / consistency in success-habits is awesome. Keep rockin’ man!

      • Much is said today about women having the necessary traits that make them better leaders than men. For Example Alexis Parks has written a book entitled “Hard Wired” in which she states science has proven only women are hardwired with the 10 necessary traits to be a great leader. She has an organization called 56%.org in which is striving to get 56% of leaders at all levels to be females.

        According to her we would have to conclude that there has never been a truly great male leader. How could there be since men are lacking in the 10 necessary traits (all of them female by the way) that is necessary to be a great leader.

        Not only is this insulting to men it is also dangerous. If her ideas ever went main stream and acepted it would realy spell the end of men. What company would dare have a male in a leadership position? It would be like advertising we don’t really care about having the best leadership in our business even though we know women are better leaders we are going with men anyway!!

        But even if true women shouldn’t make sure every male promoter knows men make inferior leaders because no one male or female will promote some one susperior

        to themselves to leadership for fear of losing their job.Instead of promoting female

        susperiority which aught to promote their defferences which creates diversity which diversity leads to greater productiveity. Say it like this.We need more female leaders not because women are better leaders but because women are different which diferance when added to the male difference makes a great diviference which is that diversity is created which leads to greater productiveity.

        Wouldn’t it be better to stop labeling traits as either femineme or masquline. Lets just call all traits human traits. Men do not want to be feminized. So for example if empathy is a very desireable trait for leadership then men if they think thats a femine trait will not seek to develop it.But if there is no label than men will seek to develope empathy because they won’t connect it with femine traits. So get rid of the labels.

  2. You know I have to pick “nurturing” right? ;)
    (sensuality would be a close second)

    • You rock, Denise.

      lol, nurturing and sensual, eh? S’why we get along so well ;)

      BTW: I choose: FOCUS :)

  3. Passion.

    • One I’ve loved for a looong time. Amen to that, Kawlinz :)

  4. I asked kawlinz to help me and we both came up with almost same ones:
    Emotion I think with my heart then my head, nurturing- speaks for itself, Affection did you know people who get hugs 12 times or more a day are more well rounded, balanced and succesful, sharing- whats mine can be yours (= and love I have alot to give <3

    • Beautiful.

      Woo! That was 5!

      Perhaps we should add “Excellent” since you excelled at the task :D

      Doesn’t it feel good to choose words like that?

      • go big or go home lol like I said what ever Vin needs I will do what i can for him as I know he will for me!!

        • There you have it ladies + gentlemen…

          THAT is a radiant woman, supporting her and her man’s success.

          You saw it here first :P

    • Also, couples ryzing together really brings a feeling of togetherness and community to this site, so thank you both very much for contributing.

  5. Hey Jason, I dig this post man! Really awesome stuff here! Embodying different characteristics of the masculine and feminine essence is very powerful! I think you may have already, but David Deida has some real cool books very similar to what you talk about – one I like a lot is The Way of the Superior Man.

    • So glad to hear it Matt! Respect.

      Hahhaha! It’s funny you mention Deida. I’m nearly obsessive about him. I made a website for his right-hand chick (Michaela Boehm), and I once made a 100mb Tribute Downloadable ZIP of his works (quotes, posters, audios, interviews, etc.).

      I might have it somewhere if you want it.

      Thanks for being here and contributing man!

      • P.S. Have you read the sex god method? I think you would like it. I have a copy if you want (and probably some other stuff too.) Shoot me an email when you’re free. Peace !

        • I know the name, and think I saw a site hosting it once, but I’ve not actually read it. I’d love it if you felt like sharing :)

          jason [at] ryzeonline [dawt] come :D

  6. Haha, oh man, I love connecting with like-minded people. It is like family members I didn’t know existed… all who have similar mindsets, beliefs, and goals…. and who have also read/studied the same content – so cool!
    Dude, that zip would be awesome! Let me know if you don’t have my email. And sure thing brother, keep up the greatness !!

    • Matt, I know what you mean.

      It feels incredible to connect with someone like-minded, but who also brings their own unique value to the table.

      Consider it done, and it’s actually 175mb (I haven’t shared it since I took the site down :D) – I do NOT have your e-mail, as a matter of fact (unless you signed up for the biology-changing Success E-Course :D)

      Also, I have a theory about that:

      We are all born into families and friends, some of which DON’T suit us, specifically so that we come to deep realizations of WHO does suit us.

      It’s a bit of an off-the-wall concept, but it makes sense when you really think about it.

      Nature set it up like that for a reason :)

  7. Love this post. Love Deida and the sexy tribute. My one word would be surrender, though I know my “superior man” will take care of that one ;)

    • And this post loves YOU, Tor.

      And that’s thing, according to Deida, you CAN’T attract said “superior man” until you yourself can animate and express that ‘surrender’ at all times, in your mind and body, habitually.

      Then the guy can be attracted.

      So says the great and powerful Deida :)

  8. Fantastic :) Done and done :)

    • I figured as much.

      You’re a badass Ryzing Star :)

  9. Ditto :) Hug, can you feel the surrender??

  10. Hah! I grew since this post was written and I am now able to demonstrate more powerfully-uplifting authenticity with myself and with the public. I now know that my word is actually surrender too, surrender to LOVE!

    It’s the best feeling, the appropriate focus, it’s a meaningful intention, it helps ever-grow, ever Ryze it, when you prioritize it. Love, that is :) :) :)

    Thank you for the focus, and the uber-good mentoring session today!

    • Thank YOU man. You are a role model for students everywhere. Real talk, man. You are a true, powerful, student of LIFE.


  11. Ryze! I love this stuff. I chose 2 from each. Surrender and Freedom. Should make this a word-motto for 2012. Reminds me of Jake Gyllenhaal, Man Vs Wild http://youtu.be/l-BkZM1OA4o. Surrendering to fear, whilst free on an adventure.

    • Wooo! Thanks for contributing :)

      I love it, Gemma. Surrender and freedom often seem at odds, but in reality, they play nice.

      Very cool Man Vs. Wild clip! Good for Jake for wading through that river and ice-climbing lol.

  12. I think you are spot on the female characteristics. But men also have them to a certain extent. There is a lot of overlap though such as compassion and love, anger and all that sort of stuff.

    • Definitely, Shalu – you’re right — there’s always a ‘spot of yin in the yang’ and vice-versa :D

  13. Beautiful post!
    I can’t pick one. I feel like I need to work on a lot of these… but patience and sharing are definite priorities!

    • You know it, Glori! There’s so much gold here, and I’m glad you’re open to it. Love your positive attitude, and any focus you put on these traits is going to help, for sure :)

  14. For me, it’s FLOW……………. I need to flow with stuff and just be happy in order to join the flow of the universe and be part of the party. That was how I used to roll, man and I was THE s$it (do you allow such phrases on your blog?) but I lost my way and I am trying to find that awesome version of myself it seems I have lost. She’s in there somwhere, buried by the crap life threw at her, yet I must find her and release her again.

    That was the feminine word. The masculine word would be PASSION, because that is what life’s about!

    • Ahh, a great word, and a great way to live. :)

      Flow and be part of the party – is totally my style :)

      That version of you is closer than you think — the fact that you’re reading Ryze is a good indicator.

      As for swearing on Ryze, I think I need to highlight this post:
      http://ryzeonline.com/swear-to-offend-you – You’ll enjoy it :D

      As for passion… I haven’t started flirting yet ;)

  15. Neither have I! I’ve been on my best behavior! ;-)

  16. Surrender

    • One of the most controversial words, Tami, and also one of the most powerful.

      A person who is surrendered to life, is someone who goes with the flow, accepts situations, and makes the best of them.

      #keepryzing !

  17. I enjoyed reading this article, but I don’t agree with the fact that your biological sex ties you together with either the feminine or masculine traits. That is, I don’t think it’s fair to assume a man or woman has certain traits to refine due to their genitalia. I know that wasn’t the point of the article, which is why I still got something out of it…we can all use a blending of characteristics to be better, happier people. However, this was just something I thought about when reading.

    • Thanks Erica! Glad you enjoyed!

      And I’m glad you pointed out that these traits aren’t necessarily tied to a specific gender. I did point it out in the beginning of the article:

      “…everyone has the option – they feel inside that they have the freedom to express any quality they want”

      “We can all use a blending…” Yes! Your comment helps make that clearer. Well said.

      It might be worth considering if we’re born into a body to “overcome” it’s type, or “co operate” with it – either way, everyone has their own path and challenges :)

      Keep ryzing, Erica!

  18. Integrity is a male trait? Really?? Stability? What’s the basis for this besides a list of stereotypes and your own bias?

    • You clearly didn’t understand the article at all, unlike the rest of the commenters who took positive things from it. Hope you feel better.



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