…would you tell them the daring truth?

Would you...

Tell him his brand sucks? Tell her she’s bitchy?


I would. And did.

‘Cause when you’ve just handed someone your last dollar, spent what you hope is your last earthly night shivering on frost-tipped grass, ready to breathe your last ‘cause you’re convinced there’s nothing else you can do… you don’t give a shit about ‘the consequences.’

And I don’t. I don’t care about consequences. I care about helping peeps ryze. And I’ll do it with my last breath.

And there’s something else revealed through this true story….

I’d finally recognized my own truth.

That giving insight’s in my nature, and if I can’t do that, I’d rather do nothing. If I lose every client, friend and family in order to speak the truth, so be it.

And empire-builders like you want me to.

  • Millions of fans aren’t enough; you expect to be recognized in the streets.
  • Average health is an annoyance; you wanna be bulletproof.
  • A website in your name is just the beginning, you’re gonna own a city.
  • You’re not satisfied with local fame, you wanna be a global name.

And all the yes-men around won’t challenge you to be better. If you wanna grow your empire, you need to grow a BETTER YOU. If you want faster growth and higher leverage, you gotta shatter old beliefs that don’t serve you.

You gotta face the lies that hold you hostage from the life you desperately want to live.

I see through those lies everyday.

They’re ghosts inviting your mediocrity, vampires sucking your soul, trolls basking in your stagnation.

I can’t stand it.

They tug on your shirt holding you back from greatness. They whisper in your ear keeping you complacent. All lies, disguised as your ‘rational’ voice.

And the worst part is that so many people are convinced. Convinced that the lying voices in their head speak the truth. That thinking small is just “being practical” about business & life.

This is YOUR LIFE we’re talking about here. This is your empire.

That’s precisely why leaders like you need a consiglieri who unravels the nonsense. Let someone else decipher the voices.

I easily tell the difference between the ones that keep you stuck, and the rare few that are reasonable and protect you from danger.

I’ll help you blow away every single voice —every single thing— in your life that slows your growth & shrinks your impact.

You have the potential to be unlimited and unstoppable. To elevate cultures and move the masses.

But if you wanna do what’s never been done, you need peeps like me who’ll nudge you to think differently.

And I’m definitely different, way different. (One client says: “J-Ryze is a different way of being!”)

I can spot those lying voices a mile away and if you deviate from your internal awesomeness, I bounce. I’m so physically averse to bullshit that I’ll literally walk away, like an early warning system, a compass, and a secret weapon all in one. 😛

And I can help you change the game entirely, ’cause the truth affects your entire empire.

The insight I give ripples through everything, helping you, your team, your family, your people —everything— to RYZE.

And it starts with you.


J-Ryze ENFJ Full Personality Overview

You’re Leader, CEO, King & Queen of your Kingdom.


When you ryze, you get easy, flowing, fast growth. You get clear on your values and everyone around you feels empowered. And you create a superior visionary team to collaborate with.

Don’t you wanna be better? Wouldn’t it be awesome if your team, your friends, your parents, your kids, and allll the future generations were just. fucking. BETTER?

I mean, personally, I’d like to see a new city, a new country, a new planet, a new society.

A new era.

Can you imagine how great it would be if integrity and truth was just… basic? If everyone was a better person?

That’s why I love to collab with leaders like you. ‘Cause I know when I help you ryze, you’ll change the world.

I’ve been through a lot to find you.

Let me share my journey.



Virgo Libra Description | J-Ryze


Virgo Libra Cusp Symbol | J-Ryze

Even as a kid, I had a vision for a better world.


And ‘cause I was wicked smart with a genius IQ, I was always preaching down to my classmates like I was better than them. Pretty awkward, and it wasn’t easy to make friends — at first. But then I started using my wisdom to transform bullies into buddies. I helped solve their problems and gave countless creative insights. I excelled at art, and friends would line up waiting for me to draw a masterpiece in their yearbook.

It felt like I was ‘earning’ my friends though. I rarely felt truly appreciated or celebrated. I hid in shame not wanting my ‘good,’ ‘pure,’ public image to be shattered. I consumed porn and pop culture in private, while arrogantly trash-talking them in public.

As I got older, I started many ventures. I tried exhibiting and selling my art. Failed. I tried commissioned portraits, graphic design, a clothing line… every business failed. I reluctantly went back to the retail grind and hated every minute of it.

Meanwhile, I felt jaded with friends and fam. Most pretended that they wanted to do something bigger and live a life on their own terms, but continually accepted the status quo.

I’d rather have a real solution. I’d rather make a drastic change.

I’d rather yank a problem out at the root.

So that’s exactly what I did.

I quit my job with no ‘parachute’, which left me and my girl struggling and homeless for almost a year, until her drama & false accusations landed me in jail. When I got out, I had nothing. I spent most of the next 400 days homeless, this time, completely on my own.

Winter nights on icy benches. All my belongings stolen (my laptop held my life’s work!). Zero human touch. I went through some of the hardest, coldest, most soul-crushing experiences I can imagine.

And it was during my homeless years, when I was at my lowest, that I founded Ryze.

I built & ran my business coaching 50 people from the streets. I wrote half-a-million words from Toronto libraries and McDonald’s franchises. I stopped blaming friends and family for my sitch. I shared everything —including my homelessness— my love for porn and pop, which helped clients feel comfortable telling me about their own taboo affairs & limiting beliefs.

I kept serving clients, getting rave reviews from consultations that I held on a payphone calling card or on skype using sketchy coffeeshop wifi. I was tapped for documentaries & gave on-air interviews from noisy subway platforms by day, while I shivered, curled up on wet grass at night.

But I was barely alive. I gave so much to so many people, and was getting crumbs in return.

So for the first time in my life, I gave up.


Avant Garde Fascination Advantage
Avant Garde Fascination Advantage

I consciously surrendered my life.


This is not a figure of speech. I admitted my weakness, my failure, my mortality, and I started planning my suicide.

Real talk, I wanted my death to be a masterful, ryze-style artform. But it wasn’t working out that way. I was failing at suicide, too.

So, one numb day, I took my last 10 bucks and donated it to a cafe called “Little Nicky’s”, that had been smashed in by an out-of-control bus.

I walked in and met a true empire builder, and my whole life turned around.

I finally found my ideal client. A person who was open and receptive to me helping him ryze.

The number one reason I was able to help Evan is ’cause I’d made peace with death. I’d speak hard truths no one else dared, ’cause in my mind, I was already dead. I’d walk away from anything that felt wrong, ’cause in my mind, I had nothing to lose.

Empire-builders like you need a true voice like mine.

You need someone pure and authentic. You need someone who’s heart you can feel. Someone straightforward that you can bounce ideas off and run decisions through.

Someone who’s willing to live on the streets, ’cause I’d rather die than watch you listen to any more lies.

If you’re really ready for the truth, then you’re ready for easy, expansive growth of your empire. You’re ready to lead a team of visionaries and savor the massive reach of your influence. You’re ready to be blessed with high-leverage wisdom, clear views, and empowering truths.

If you’re ready to change, then you’re ready to RYZE.


J-Ryze Archetype Blend

Drop me a line and let’s connect.


Let’s see how well we fit.

I have an elite cadre of clients, helping each one of them to be thoughtleaders & create art that impacts their industry. I’ve deeply intimate relationships with ’em that go far beyond business. I’m their trusted wizard, working ryze magic.

If you’re ready to grow your empire and want to be one of my ultra-limited, exclusive clients, drop me a line and tell me why you feel/believewe’re a fit.

If we end up collab’ing, you’ll:

  • Transform old beliefs into more powerful ones.
  • Get an elevated awareness, crucial for your empire.
  • Have revelations as buried things come to light.
  • Gain a reliable sounding board & clear filter for your decisions.
  • Learn how to shape culture and create new language.
  • Refine your standards, establishing iconic symbols and rituals.
  • Create art —genuine masterpieces— in your field.

No fancy forms needed, we’ll both know if we’re ready, just click the button to send me an email.

Let’s ryze together!



Together We Ryze!

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