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I venomously judged Tanya's horoscope in front of me.

“Astrology’s total garbage.” I spat in response to her proudly displayed newspaper column.
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“But J, don’t you think that life’s more complex?

Isn’t there room for a hint of truth in astrology?” Tanya’s voice brimmed with kindness, but I steam-rolled over her.

“No way. It’s either good, or it’s bad. And I’m telling you, it’s bad. Very, very bad.”

I don’t remember how the convo ended, but I know I was a prick, and I didn’t open my mind at all to what she was saying.

I was an arrogant close-minded teen who knew everything.

Tanya and I drifted, not exactly ’cause of my teenage views on astrology, but I’m sure they didn’t help.

Point is, I’ve never put much stock in astrology —still kinda don’t— but I’ve learned to see value in as much of life as possible.


I ‘accidentally’ tried it.

My exposure had to do with an ex-girlfriend, being homeless, and ryzing up.

It taught me to see the value of a timeless discipline that hundreds of thousands find solace in.


But what kind of value?


Dig Deeper Into Myth, Mystery, & The Unexplained

We’ve all experienced unexplainable ‘miracles.’

At least once, each of us has experienced something that felt surreal, miraculous or mysterious.

  • Music, for example — almost magically — always moves people.
  • Unanswered questions create curiosity and spur action.
  • The slightest touch of nature can inspire greatness from us.

These are things most can’t explain well, but they ‘work’ and deliver massive results.

Astrology’s tricky to explain, but has helped millions (billions?) of peeps throughout history, and is still much-loved today.

It’s in daily papers, but skeptics dismiss and avoid it. Others perhaps, pay it too much attention.

The science-community, or arrogant, know-it-all, logical peeps (ie: me, as a kid) imply astrology is useless, meaningless, impractical fluff.

But really… does it seem likely humanity’d embrace something that brought zero value?



Astrology Famon Hellandbrand Collage | Ryze

Has Science Helped Your Life? Has Art?

We can benefit even if we don’t understand.

If you’re like most, you ‘get’ the benefit of science & art without really understanding them deeply.

Of course we get joy from music and art, and science makes easier lives, but only a few people truly understand their value on a deep level.

It doesn’t matter though. Whether we understand it or not, we can use, benefit from, and improve our experience with these things.

And as time goes on we may understand more.

Don’t we learn something new all the time? We once thought the earth was flat, we once thought there were only 5 planets. We once thought flight impossible.

And now there’s more abstract sciences — quantum physics, chaos theory, and the minefield of psychology.

Most peeps don’t really ‘get’ this stuff, but we get value from it’s existence.

And we all trust passionate experts who’ve dedicated their lives to studying this stuff, myself included.

And it was painful to admit for me —a guy who prides himself on understanding & applying ideas— that I’d written astrology off out-of-hand, when it could actually help me in big ways.


Astrology gave me real food for thought.

Astrology Maya Calendar Ryze

Astrology Helps With Self-Discovery

There’s a ton of zodiac hate out there.

Attitudes towards the zodiac are can be pretty narrow-minded, and it gets a lot of hate.

But then so does porn.

So does ryzing up, building empires, and being rich & famous.

All things that are heavily judged.

All things I love and see value in.

All things that help.

Just like astrology does.

Astrology’s accepted & supported by brilliant people such as: Einstein, Ben Franklin, and Ralph Waldo Emerson.

And it’s more popular than ever. It’s like reality TV— guilty pleasure of many ‘smart people’, even if they’re haters in public.

Astrology’s a powerful tool, and we can use it, or hate on it.

Life’s complex, and figuring out who we really are can be a long journey filled with struggle and hard lessons.

I had to live many years as an arrogant martyr before I finally became aware of those key parts of my growth. I had to live many years hiding my love of beauty, harmony, and sexuality before I realized those were things to be proud of.

Getting an astrology chart done would’ve pointed these things out to me clearly, and whether the chart was wrong or right, it’d give me serious food-for-thought, and a chance to consider new ideas about myself, without going through hard lessons and years of struggle.

Astrology —even if it’s more like an imprecise painting or a dance, and not an exact, nails-every-detail science— can still shed huge light on who we are and what we’re meant to do.

Why can it help?

‘Cause astrology’s an intense, hyper-developed system of personality analysis , with ties to wise, ancient cultures, plus ties to quantum physics.

And it’s not too hard to get started, even for a skeptic like me.


So lemme tell you the story of how I got into it.

Christina Hendricks As Monica The Astrologer

The Story Of Monica The Astrolojah

I dated an astrologer-chick.

She was a ‘full-figured’ red-head, let’s call her… Monica.

Monica loooved astrology.

And all I’d really known about the subject were my judgements, pre-conceived notions, and the fluff I read in the Metro.

But she waved that stuff away.

“Oh, Jay, the stuff in the paper is crap. That’s not real astrology. You can’t criticize it until you’ve tried real astrology. Let me do your chart.”

She did my chart.

Then she did hers.

Then she did our “synastry” chart. (A special chart to determine the relationship compatibility of two people.

Then she did the charts of my friends and family.

And when I saw how in-depth and weirdly precise they were, I was floored.

I was instantly paying attention to something that gave more insight into people’s personalities than any other source I’d seen.

A lot of the time we’re lying to ourselves about our true nature’s and who we really are.

Reading an astrology chart can be a huge wake-up call, unmasking many key things about yourself that are covered up or unacknowledged.

It’s not like your friend’s gonna say “you have a stubborn personality” or “you really need to be in a peaceful, beautiful environment — avoid chaos.”

Even if that’s what you need to hear.

But an astrology chart will.

So… I learned a lot.

  • I learned that I’ve got some magnificent, visionary, rarely-encountered uber-chart with 5 planets all in the same house or something — which may matter, or she may have just wanted my cock 😉 (she knew that I so love being praised, admired, and valued. Like, really, I do. Ego-stroking = awesome.)
  • I learned that a massive chunk of peeps who get charts done professionally with an open mind, are often surprised with the intimacy, accuracy, and detail their chart says of their personality.
  • I learned that many astrologers started out as skeptics, thinking its silly.
  • I learned that many famous peeps, world-leaders and decision-makers consult professional astrologers, but usually as secretly as possible.

I also learned what pissed me off about astrology.

In my experience most astrologers see themselves as very (or completely) subject to the whims of the planets.

Subject to whims? No personal choice? Or meaningless personal choice?


So like… the astrologers I’ve met are pussies who accept their lot in life, settle, and act like they can’t change any thing.


Does that sound like Ryze to you?

Hell no.

But on with the story…

…Monica’s telling me my chart and explaining my inner-most dreams, drives, and desires — stuff I’ve barely thought about consciously — and get this…

…she’s nailing it.

I mean, it’s freaky.

She’s reading me spot on, like she’d done years of research into my life, and had known me since I was a kid.

And this is back when I was hyper-intellectual & logic-driven, and less spiritual.

My mind was blown, but I didn’t show it.

And there’s more.

Then she starts predicting stuff.

And I’m like — damn, if she’s so accurate on the past and present… can she really predict my future?

She’s telling me J, you’re gonna do this and J, you’re gonna do that, and the whole time I’m thinking…

“Oh hell no. She’s telling ME what I’M gonna do? Who died and made her God, lol.”

And I felt I had to take a stand.

I’m not one to ‘accept my lot in life’, and just be poor or be bored or whatever. I’m not gonna act like I have no power. Even at my lowest, most beaten-down, I knew I always had the power to end my own life.

And I knew astrology wasn’t gonna change that or decide my future.

But I was really impressed with her version of horoscopes, to a point.

The ‘shallow pseudo-science’ that I once thought was astrology…


…now inspired much more appreciation.

Astrology Chinese Zodiac Coins Ryze

Love Astro-Insight But Hate Astro-Prediction?

The two ideas didn’t seem to mesh.

How could I respect astrology’s awesome insight into my personality and life, but then dismiss it’s prediction-skills?

And I couldn’t act like I totally 100% create my life and astrology has nothin’ at all to do with it, ’cause it suddenly felt clearly related.

And I defy anyone to get a professional reading from a masterful astrologer and not feel the same way.

So there I was, stuck.

Was my fate according to the stars? Were my successes and failures already determined?

Or was my life my choice, where a badass like me gets to create what I want, moment to moment, using my thoughts, feelings, and focus?

Fate vs. choice – an ancient riddle.

I definitely appreciated Monica’s insight and info, but I never really “bit”, y’know? So I dropped the subject for a while, and just went about my business.

Eventually, I let Monica “kick herself to the curb” and I left astrology on the table.


Fast-forward a few years, and I’m homeless and searching for answers to get out of that hole.

My mind raced. How did I get there, how can I move forward?

So, sleepless, hungry, and basically out of success books to read — I visit, just to pass the time.

And once again, the insights it offers are spot on, and my memory of Monica is triggered.

It’s funny how we remember certain things at certain times.

Feeling inspired, I head to Indigo Books (the Canadian version of Barnes & Noble) to see how astrology relates to getting me out of a homeless life, and I read about personality archetypes, which have been around forever.

And deeper than that:

  • I read about the physics of vibration, frequency, and thoughts affecting matter.
  • I read about how microwaves are high-frequency local vibes that affect whatever’s nearby.
  • I read about how the stars are long, low frequencies we can’t detect, but that influence everything.

A lot of what I was reading made sense, but I still had that annoying deal-breaker.


The stars can’t run my life — right?


Well, I Finally Figured Out The Answer

Fate and choice work together.

It ain’t fate versus choice.

I was lucky to read the book Codex Of The Soul by VerDarLuz, ’cause it talked about freedom, soul, and astrology all at once.

It helped me realize that we don’t have one set path, but we do have some kind of guidance calling us towards certain things. And when we experience ’em, it feels fantastic.

It’s not “the stars determine everything!”, and it’s not “I control everything!”

It’s more than that.

Astrology* is a co-pilot to our lives.

Astrology offers guidance, direction, and tons of insight. The stars may influence us, but just like two partners side-by-side, we still have a say.

*(or religion or nature or whatever higher-power you subscribe to)

And what if it has the ability to help us feel more fulfilled and be more successful.

Let’s put the pop-astrology of the newspaper horoscopes aside and dig deeper into the real ‘art and science’ of it.


Have you ever felt like there’s something greater at work in your life? That ‘this’ can’t be all there is, or all that’s going on?

It’s a powerful question, that most people answer yes to.

Humanity is a language-based species, always expressing, So for such complex feelings, all cultures have a language to navigate it.

Whether it’s religion, quantum physics, or astrology, the great questions of forces at work in our identities and personalities needs talked about.

Try to live without ever once considering fate vs. personal choice.

So which side has the ‘final say’, us… or some greater power?

Who knows. Maybe it changes. We’re here to surprise ourselves 🙂

Ultimately though, our in-the-moment decisions trump everything, we always have the ability to choose.

Thing is, most of the time, you don’t wanna be trumping your co-pilot.

Ideally we wanna be in harmony whatever blueprint we have in our lives, whether it’s astrology, God, emotions or whatever else you feel guides you along.

As above, so below.

Astrology’s core principle is “as above so below,” meaning everything’s connected, like a butterflies wings and a hurricane, or the stars and us.

If we can believe & understand things like The Butterfly Effect, then why not natal charts.

Empire-builders like Nicki Minaj has an appreciation for the zodiac. She’s a sagittarius and proud of it.

So I felt like giving a fresh view to the natal chart Monica made for me years ago.


This is what I found.


Astrology Is...

Astrology is just a path.

It’s a tool or a language to discuss identity, personality, and purpose — and one of many.

You don’t have to use it. I’m sure there’s tons of peeps who lead fulfilling lives without it. I mean, I was one of them for ~30 years.

And I don’t give my chart much thought anymore, I don’t use it, personally… but I see the value in it. I can appreciate it.

Astrology is polarizing, loved and hated.

The main criticism is that the measurements of early astronomers of a 2000 year-old zodiac are inaccurate. The signs in the papers are 2-3 weeks away from their original positions in the calendar.

Maybe, maybe not. The Pyramids are pretty precisely measured, y’know?

Let’s say that early star signs were inaccurate. “Oh no! Now all astrology has zero benefit to humanity…” right? No. It’s more like: who the fuck cares?

It’s worth noting that…

Inaccurate things can be helpful.

Art and dance can be as helpful as science and math, or more.

Look— if your car didn’t work, and it was making you miserable and you had no idea how to move forward, then someone came by and inaccurately duct-taped that car together so that you could arrive safe at home — would you sit around bitching that the duct tape did a not-so-precise job?

Straight up, you’d use the car, and thank ’em for it.

Astrology is a vehicle that might just get you to the success you want.

Everyone’s trying to get from A to B.

And if other stuff you’ve tried hasn’t worked so great? Maybe the stars are worth a look.


Listen to me, I sound like an astrology-advocate, but I’m really not.

I don’t know that much about it. I haven’t used it to huge personal gain. I don’t turn to it to solve much.

It’s just way more interesting and insightful and beneficial than I used to give it credit for, and I wanted to share that.

So I’m experimenting and encouraging open-mindedness. I know that many have benefitted from astrology.

Maybe you can too.


So now you know my story, but we haven’t examined an actual chart.

So let’s look at a birth chart and find out just how eerily accurate astrology can be. And we’ll do it with the most personal, vulnerable example I can think of.


Yep. I’m gonna share an excerpt from my chart.

Below I de-mystify some of my chart’s ins-and-outs.


I’ll share truths about my personality.

At least to the best of my knowledge 🙂

J-Ryze Personal Natal Chart

Let's Get Personal With J-Ryze's Natal Chart

J-Ryze Online Natal Chart

Click to enlarge.

I wish more astrologers revealed their own charts.

Lead by example. Don’t just sit there with a crystal ball spouting woo-woo empty words that barely applies to me, instead SHOW ME the proof of how astrology gave you personal insight or made your life better.

But since most peeps keep their charts secret and refuse to take an honest look at themselves and their personalities, I’ll go first.

On the left is the basic chart Monica made for me way back when.

On the right is my beautified, ryze-ified version.

Don’t worry if you don’t know what all these crazy signs mean… I don’t either, but I know some basics, and I know how to look stuff up so you can follow along with the details of my chart.

Ready? Let’s go.

J-Ryze Ryze-ified Natal Chart

Click to enlarge.

Libra Virgo Cusp Astrology Detail Ryze

K, so like, apparently I’m a ‘cusp.’

Which there’s not a whole lotta info on, I guess ’cause cusps are a fewer percent of the population, or it’s a specific type of thing that hasn’t been studied as much, or whatevz.

Monica made a pretty big deal of my cusp-ness, my planets’ alignment, houses, etc. — but I’m pretty sure we’re all unique snowflakes and no one’s ‘better’ than another, and it was just ego-praise to keep me around.

And it worked. I’ve always adored praise and ego-massage of any kind, and it used to be a super-easy way to manipulate me.

Still she had a point, cusps are a bit rare, it makes sense that someone born ‘between signs’ would have certain blends or degrees of personality traits from each sign making up their personality.


So here’s some basics on Virgo-Libra cusps.

“If you were born on the Virgo-Libra cusp, from about September 19 to September 25, you’re a beautiful individual, inside and out! The energies of Virgo and Libra work nicely together to create very balanced people who are both intellectual and artistic… The Cusp Of Beauty” –, “Birthdays On The Virgo-Libra Cusp.”

J-Ryze: Agreed. I am, and always have been thrilled to blend art & wisdom, hopefully demonstrated all throughout this site, this article is a fitting example.

“Virgo-Libra may be conflicted in some areas. While both signs Virgo and Libra are concerned with taste and aesthetics, they can lack in emotional or intuitive areas. They may find that what is pretty on the outside isn’t so nice on the inside. Ultimately to be happy, they need to make the inside beautiful, too.”, Virgo-Libra Cusp.

J-Ryze: Semi-agreed. Although I’m proud of all I do, I’ve rarely been able to get myself as jazzed up and excited as others, and I used to think pretty things trumped everything else, but now I understand everything has a time and place.

“You think that if you make a move & put in the work, a perfect outcome must result. Snap out of that fantasy world. Life doesn’t work that way. 9 out of 10 times your first try will fail. That’s just part of life.” –, Dealing With A Virgo-Libra Cusp.

J-Ryze: Agreed (but frustrating.) I hate it when I pour passionate effort into something & my results suck. I love momentum, & I expect life to guide me theough positive, enjoyable, energizing results, not momentum-crushing failures. I know failure doesn’t exist— but you won’t catch me cheering for unfulfilling results. And I’m ok with that.

Regarding the last point, I’ve been jailed, lived homeless for years, failed 8+ businesses & 8+ relationships, and I’ve thrown away or lost more creations than most people make in a lifetime.

3 J-Ryze Chart Details

In the next section, we’ll take a real, raw, in-depth look at my chart and see how 3 specific planet-positions relate to me, and then how 2 subtler positions reflect my wounds & dark side.

Please keep in mind that I don’t know a lot about astrology, I’m mostly referring to things I read or paraphrasing Monica, but that’s kind of the point.

The idea’s to take an honest look at myself with an open-mind and at least see if what the chart says resonates at all, or if I totally disagree.

First up is me having both my sun & moon in Virgo (along with 3 other planets, lol.)

My Sun & Moon Are Both In Virgo.


Chart Says:

You’re hard-working & delight in serving others. Virgo’s are connected with craftsmanship, virtuosity & the urge to perfect. You adapt easily to things, finding and giving guidance. You like privacy. Sexually you’re curious, but afraid of losing yourself in the ocean of eros. You love to work in daily routines, especially when new tasks don’t alter how you\re used to operating. You’re broad-minded, but not beyond accepted social standards. Virgos’re always facilitating, often caring more for others than for self.

J-Ryze Says:

Virtuosity and craftsmanship in serving others? Unafraid of what needs done? Love privacy but sexually curious? All these things really resonate with me, and it’s nice to see them spelled out. Although I’m not sure how much I like ‘daily routines’, for the most part what my chart says about my personality through my ‘sun in virgo’ is shockingly accurate.

I’m a ‘Leo Rising.’


Chart Says:

Generous & amiable, a life full of chance will come from your desire to rule, organize, and hold the keys of authority. Be aware that your overly strong impulses may bring many failures. Leo-rising’s are egocentric, & your personality is excessively charged with passion & sexual desire, but also grants a large dose of vitality as well as a fine physical shape / constitution. You’ve lots of willpower & you act on ideas with confidence . You’ll always do better as a leader. Your main goal is to secure financial success, gaining good fortune, & the favour of others.

J-Ryze Says:

My courage is shown through my failures: homeless for years, arrested, betrayed, failed businesses and relationships over and over. I feel I’ve put my ego-centricity behind me, but I was an arrogant, conceited guy for decades. I became an entrepreneur ’cause I knew I had to be a leader, not a follower and I love wealth, sex, & power. I’ve always been in great shape physically and haven’t been ill or injured in eleven years. Chart nailed it.

I Was Born With ‘Venus In The Second House.’


Chart Says:

Your words heal & have lasting impact, but you can be self-centered. You earn great wealth through art, beauty, or law. You emit peaceful charm & beauty is deeply infused in your behavior, surroundings, & persona. You need love that’s secure & stable, but you’re quite loyal & sensual. You’re sociable, friendly, & attractive, no matter how you look. You like to be stimulated & seek friends & status. You appear calm & composed, but inside you boil with great desires. To evolve you need indulgences filtered through your own ego to grow. You take great joy in showing off your well-defined taste for music, food, people & all aspects of human existence. You’re gentle & sensitive to those around you & easily offended by abrasive personalities.

J-Ryze Says:

Yes! I’ve always loved beauty, hopefully ryze is a demonstration of that. My childhood was full of girlfriends who were constantly drawn to me, even though I had ‘coke-bottle’ glasses. I’ve been heavily deprived of creature-comforts and stable love, but I definitely want those things deeply. I am mostly calm in appearance, but am ultra-passionate and sometimes unleash it, especially when abrasive people dissrespect me after I’ve gone so far to see their side.

Next we’ll look at 2 darker parts of my chart.

And see what astrology has to say about ’em:

My Chiron’s in Taurus.

Chiron In Taurus, 10th House

Chart Says:

You have a deep wound of neglect. Early in life, you felt you didn’t get enough of something: physical things, emotional, mental or spiritual attention. You feel unfulfilled and undernourished in some way. It all boils down to your sense of worth. Many shop to fill these kinds of voids. To heal, look beyond this quick fix to your inner need. You shouldn’t deny yourself the simple pleasures of life, you need to learn to value yourself and treat yourself the way you want others to treat them. You may have strong desire to prove your self-worth, and your need for status may become obsessive.

J-Ryze Says:

Sigh. It’s painful to admit, but for the longest time I thought I’d be a king, rich, famous with a physical status that showed the world how awesome I am. It helped me learn a lot about legends & legacies, but never brought me success. Eventually I put that aside and simply focused my energies on helping ‘real’ empire-builders ryze.

My South-Node’s In Pisces.

South Node In Pisces, 8th House

Chart Says:

In past lives you had a tendency to escape, perhaps through drugs or alcohol, or maybe just by daydreaming. You had little to go on except your instincts and may not have had any success at all in life. You carry with you that feeling of inner confusion and a lack of confidence. It’s through work that you will build yourself again.

J-Ryze Says:

Well… correct but painful to recognize. I’m massively confident in some areas of my life, like my wisdom and artistry and expression, but for much of my life I’d felt hopeless and confused about my success, worth, and path. Thankfully that clouds seems to have lifted and like the chart says, through work I’m building myself again.

That’s some hardcore, real-talk about me.

Turns out astrology’s pretty insightful on deep parts of my personality.

And if it can peg me so amazingly well, just from a couple free online tools, what can it do for you?*

*Note; Pro astrologers’ll tell you that we all have all the planets and signs in our chart at the time of our birth, and so every human being is a blend of every quality in different amounts. No quality is left out, and the whole world doesn’t fit into 12 neat categories, but even an online chart could be uber eye-opening.

My chart was originally done by Monica, and when I lost that copy, I hopped online and used a free chart generator. You can get the same thing for yourself in the resource links at the end of this page.)


Holy Geez I Poured A Lotta Love Into This Tale

Whew. Quite the journey, eh?

I believe ancient cultures used astrology as helpful a decision-making tool. When to fish, travel, war, peace — and I imagine they were pretty happy with it.

And really, that’s what counts. Things that make you happy. Things that work for you.

Astrology can get pretty complex, but at the very least it’s a fresh look at yourself and the personality of others.

It may be worth exploring with an open mind, and trusting yourself to learn from it and handle it…

So, like, try it and see, bitches 🙂

P.S. I never thought I’d be saying this, but if you know any ryze-level astrologers, please send ‘em my way. I tried looking for some here in Toronto, but most of ’em kinda turn me off, lol.

P.P.S. For something a little lighter than all this cosmic-spiritual shit, check out The Big Badass Book Of Zodiac, by James Napoli — it’s fun, funny, and also pretty accurate.

Astrology On The Ryze, Yo.

To me, this is one of the most sexy, appealing posts about astrology on the net. I poured a lotta love into it and it deserves to be shared.

It’s been a seven years of growth to bring this to life 🙂

*(wipes sweat off brow)*

  • The first time I had my chart done by Monica was February 20th, 2008.
  • I read Codex Of The Soul in the summer of 2011.
  • The first version of this page was posted on July 26th, 2012, and had 14 comments.
  • The current version holds 4512 words, has been through 100+ drafts, and I hand-crafted 30+ images for it.

I’d like to give a special thanks to Shannon_ and Lunara from SuicideGirls, a Virgo & a Libra whose positive vibes and feedback helped inspire the new version of this page.

Also thanks to thought-leader and friend Evan Carmichael, who encourages me to do what I love, share my story, and aim to give more value as an entrepreneur.

And also thanks to you for reading!


If you enjoyed this please share freely! 🙂


Like the oh-so-sexy natal-chart I posted above? Well, I’ve gone the extra mile and created a blank version for you, which if you have photoshop, you can edit, and if you don’t you can print write on. I’ve also added a Labelled Astrology Primer, ’cause I remember how confusing it all was when I first looked into it. Grab ‘em!


Ryze Labelled Chart Web-Sized Download

 High-Res Reference [DOWNLOAD]

Astrology Resources I Used:


Zodiac Sign Facts
Zodiac City


Leo Ascendant
Always Astrology

Leo Rising
Sexual Astrology


Chiron Signs
Always Astrology

Chiron In Houses


Virgo-Pisces Nodes



I found this rare gem of a site that has some of the most insightful, story-filled, readable looks at each of the zodiac signs. Whether you agree with them or not, a lot of love was put into them and they may spark or inspire you.

I’ve looked at tons of astrology books, info, and websites, and this one stands out.

Pax Miziana is pretty chaotic and hard to navigate, so here are some direct links to Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs to make it easy for you to explore your own personality and tendencies.

Linda has passed on, and did not want to be remembered as an astrologer, but as a writer and poet. Regardless she has a massive reputation and impact on astrology, contributing the first astrology book to ever make the best seller list, and I enjoyed reading her works.

You will too.

Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs
Aries, The Ram

Taurus, The Bull
Gemini, The Twins
Cancer, The Crab
Leo, The Lion
Virgo, The Virgin
Libra, The Scales
Scorpio, The Scorpion
Sagittarius, The Archer
Capricorn, The Goat
Aquariys, The Waterbearer
Pisces, The Fish


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