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There’s a time-limit on how long I can appreciate something beautiful?

Sheesh… who decides?

Oh, and I’m definitely not supposed to make money or improve my economic standing by using other people’s beauty.


Singers are blessed with voices, and they can generate tons of economic value. Weight-lifters have clubs and competitions and entire industries around them. But I’m not "allowed" to benefit from someone who brings beauty?

What has the world come to?

Look, I’ve wanted my wisdom, ideas, creativity, and intelligence to be used, since I was little. There were times when I practically had to beg and fight people to use it.

It feels horrible to be blessed with gifts, and then to be of no use.


If I use the face (or body) of a beautiful woman who truly adores what Ryze offers, is that unacceptable?

  • Is there some law, rule, or quota that says I have to use people that aren’t my #1 preference?
  • Must I use people who are overweight?
  • Or people’s who’s particular dress sense or complexion really doesn’t match the final piece / vision?

I haven’t done any of the above yet…

but even the idea of using beauty is enough to start some pretty intense feelings in people.

Which brings me to the issue at hand.

Deep down you know this – beauty and business go hand-in-hand.

More clearly:

Beauty is business.

What do I mean?

Well, think about this…

People wake up every day, and they shell out dollars that they have earned and generated.

They shell out their cash. They spend.

Why do they spend?

For experiences.

People spend on experiences.

From birth til death, we’re all aiming for feelings & experiences.

Oh sure, they may come in the shape of products and services, events and ideas… but in the end, we’re all looking for a great experience, whether it’s sharing a meal, or investing in high-end life-coaching.

And that includes experiences of beauty.

If a person can buy a sumptious beef tenderloin steak dinner, served by somebody they’re turned-off by, or they can have the exact same meal served by someone they’re totally attracted to, guess which experience is a) more desired, b) more fulfilling, c) more memorable?

Guess which one is ‘worth’ more to the person paying?


Beauty pays.

Whether it’s in decor, in products, in staff, whatever.

If you beautify anything about your business — brand, logo, website, content, layout, word choice, sentence structure — you get more "cred" as a business.

Add more clarity, simplicity, ease, attractiveness, novelty, freshness, etc. — and you deliver an improved, "higher-worth" experience.

Apple creates beautiful products. So does Ferrari. So does Dior. They all command off-the-charts, top-dollar for their wares, and people happily pay it.

Is it JUST because they’re beautiful? Doubtful, there’s other factors involved.

But is beauty a major player though? Most definitely.

It’s a good thing beauty pays.

Things like simplicity, clarity, and beauty need to be economically viable, sustainable, and expandable, otherwise our civilization collapses.

If every time we made things easier, clearer, and more beautiful it cost the human race – and was slowly draining us – we’d have a very ugly, hard to navigate world, very fast.

But no worries, because like I said, beauty pays. It’s valuable. It’s to be leveraged and expanded, not hidden and stigmatized.

Beauty wins for businesses AND consumers.

Beauty is literally win-win.

But putting money aside, I’d love beauty just for itself. For it’s vibe.

I’ve loved beauy since I was little.

I’ve loved it in every area of life.

Beautiful conversations, beautiful life decisions, beautiful brands, beautiful babes.

I love beauty.

An astrologer friend of mine tells me that because I’m a "cusp", I get the hyper-detailed, high-standards of a virgo combined with the beauty & harmony lovin’ of a libra.

I don’t really know about all that, but I know what I’ve loved since I was a kid.

I’ve always loved sexy shit 🙂

Anything and everything I do is infused with it.

Where some people sketch out crappy rough drafts, I’d rather present something polished, even if it’s not fully developed.

I prefer to have a super-strong message, and a clear point in my posts, leading up to an awesome conclusion.

So, in keeping with that, I want to be clear:

  • I love beauty, and I don’t apologize for that.
  • I use beauty to help others, reach people, & benefit myself and the entire economy.
  • I admit that my concept of beauty might be individual, or even influenced by society — I don’t care. That’s not important. That’s evolution.

Society and trends always evolve. What’s beautiful to most isn’t beautiful to all, but there ARE cultural standards.

Can’t argue that there’s commonly agreed beauty.

And even so, what’s beautiful at one time period, isn’t always later on.

If you follow the trends over the years, all cultures have their own standards of beauty, and each one of us either leans towards that standard of beauty or rebels against it.

I lean towards it, if you don’t that’s cool but try not to have a heart attack about the people who like polished Hollywood production, beautiful curves, or other sexy shit.

What’s important is that, I aim to use the power of beauty to help people. Myself f***ing included.

And I want to be even clearer:

If you’re here at Ryze, it’s because you love beauty too. If you wanna rage at social standards go youtube a Dove Ad or hate on Twilight’s teenage girl memes.

I’m gonna listen to Christina Aguilera’s "Beautiful." and if you want to see a compilation of beauty I made 3 years ago, now with 50,000+ views, check this out:

I probably shoulda included Christina in my video, eh? She’s kinda hot, yo 😛

So there ya go, some fresh views on taboos. What’s your feeling on it all?

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