So You Wanna Guest Post On Ryze?

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Wanna guest post with Ryze? Sure ya do. I know you wanna :)

Well… Ryze has insanely high standards for post content, and I feel that’s a good thing :D

So what does it feel like to imagine yourself, writing that sexy, impactful, compelling guest post that brings tons of engaged readers and devoted fans?

What does it feel like to see yourself learning new ways to express as you share with Ryze’s audience?

What does it feel like receive that praise, status, and appreciation for all your naturally awesome work?

It feels great :)

At Ryze we’re a community of people who always aim for better. We’re also kind of exclusive. Guest posts here are rare because of our standards. Our posts feature a lot of images, audio, and video. We go the extra mile.

I also only want to link back to others that I passionately connect with.

And so, Ryze is ‘kind of’ exclusive.

No hate, that’s just how it is.

I’m very gentle with people though, I always give pointers and helpful feedback, and I’m often willing to work one-on-one, offerng life-changing mentoring on branding, writing, and voice IF I feel the trust, love and committment from you.

So shine. Bring your best. I want to see us all succeed and I know we can.

In your guest post, aim to better yourself, to improve, and to make your latest work your greatest, and if it doesn’t feel that way, keep refining it, or let it go, but never push something forward that you don’t LOVE.

So with that in mind, here are a few guidelines for guest-posting on Ryze.

Ryze Is Success-Focused (Success!)

Fresh perspectives, benefits and solutions, that’s what we’re about. People succeed when you offer them valuable things to help them. Elevating others and is our priority. We love promoting your writing, and to make it easy for everyone involved, we focus on providing valuable insight. Is there something positive and success-focused about money, fame, sex, or happiness you could write, that people may not know but could benefit from? Is there something you feel strongly about, and you can express clearly? Be valuable. move people.

Ryze Is Refined (Sexiness!)

Whatever you want to say, it’s important for Ryze and our audience that it’s done with refined style. It’s important you have your own "voice" and that your grammar and spelling are tight. (To really put it over the top, you can include some original artwork :) )

I can’t focus on this enough. It’s important you have your own voice, perspective, heart and soul. It’s important that if Ryze collaborates with you and offers you a place to share, that you bring your A-game and write how you speak.

At Ryze, blogging isn’t essay-writing, blogging is performance-art, MOVE PEOPLE.

Ryze Is Relevant (Pop Culture!)

Guest posts for Ryze are clearly relevant to our site and our audience. If you’re writing about how celebrities manage their success and fame – that’s relevant. If you’re writing about how it’s important to market creativity successfully and ensure valuable creations get into the right hands. That can work too. Sexy success!

If you’re writing about the crazy cat girl on youtube, traffic jams, or condo development, we’re probably not a match. (Unless you have a creative way to connect that stuff in a way that relates to Ryze.)

Ryze Is Quality (There’s No Rush!)

Pour some love into it. Grab a nice tea or coffee, sit down to write your piece, and make sure it’s got style. Write your first draft, then go back and trim it down and tighten it up. Writing is an art, and you know where you are with your art, and where you need to polish a bit.

So if you have a success-focused, refined & relevant, quality post idea, what now?

Email me and let me know you’re interested in guest posting. Suggest a topic and see if it suits.

Ryze offers an open, cool space to share views on stuff that matters.

Extra-Mile Bonus Tips:

"So, what’s the primary purpose of your headline, your graphics, your fonts, and every other part of the content? The simple, surprising answer is… To get the first sentence read."

These are some of the highest-value education on writing good copy on the web, all courtesy of the million-dollar blog, Read ‘em and use ‘em.

IMPROVE HEADLINES"Your headline is the first, and perhaps only, impression you make on a prospective reader. Without a headline or post title that turns a browser into a reader, the rest of your words may as well not even exist." – Brian Clark, – Ryze aims for punchy, concise, impactful subheads that make people hungry for more.

MORE KEEPING IT SIMPLE"Keep it simple and clear. No one will ever complain that your writing is too easy to understand." – Brian Clark,

IMPROVE CALLS TO ACTION - "Are your readers doing what you want them to do? Are they clicking through to your links, ordering your eBook or signing up for your opt-in? If not, you need to learn a master craftsman’s copy-writing secret." – Sonia Simone,

My mantra for collaboration: 1. Shared vision. 2. Committed increasing progress. 3. Continual fun.

If you really wanna rock guest posts, check out Jon Morrow’s GuestBlogging course introductory videos.