I want you to know…

…there’s WAY more to me than meets the eye.

I have more refined skills and talents than most people.

I’ve been called a "Leonardo Da Vinci" more than once.

I’ve had ‘friends’ who were jealous.

And today I’m going to let you into a part of my life that I thought was behind me, until recently…

There’s art, and then there’s "Amped"

Last week, a wicked cool male fitness model named Corey Swiergosz, based out of Toronto, wrote me an awesome e-mail.

Which glitched somehow, and didn’t reach me.

That didn’t stop Corey though, he followed me on twitter and connected that way.

Then he wrote me again.

He was persistent, because he had a proposal.

He’d found me on ModelMayhem.com.

(Now, it’s worth noting I hadn’t logged into MM for months, and I hadn’t actively used it for about a year.

And the last time I did I had a bunch of haters on the forums pissed at me because a few years ago I made a tribute video called I Love Women (42,000+ views, y0!) from found images.)

Model Mayhem, this is an avenue I’d pretty much let go of, or given up on.

You with me?


Corey sees my old ModelMayhem.com profile, and he sees that I’m ‘not normal’.

As in, I’m not a wannabe photographer looking to snap pics of naked chicks, and I’m not a chick hesitantly mugging for attention (which is sort of… the lowest common denominator on MM.)

What am I?

They only invented a category for me recently… "Photoshop Wizard", but I think of myself as so much more.

Somehow Corey picked up on this.

He saw my artistry, my digital collages, and the way I capture people’s essence, emotions, and energy in my work, even though I said little about it on MM, or anywhere else, for that matter.

And he wanted to commission a piece, so he contacted me through Ryze.

He didn’t know about my 8 failed businesses. He didn’t know about the art exhibitions I used to have. He doesn’t know that I’ve done commissioned works for $1000.00+ and that these take me hours of focus and inspiration. He just saw something that called to him, and he wasn’t shy about proposing something.

He was really sincere in his approach, check out his e-mail below.

Hey Jason

I wrote a long e-mail, but I guess it didn’t reach you… anyway I found you on model mayhem (We are both from Toronto!) and I thought that you had mad skills and would like to use you to edit/modify an image for me that I haven’t released yet. I was thinking about turning it into the "Welcome" image on my facebook page and use it as a background on twitter…I’m looking for something awesome bro!

I want you to bring your own creative input to it and make something awesome! I’m not going to ask for edits and re-dos or anything, i’m just looking for a kickass photo and I can let you do what you think is best.

Please let me know if you are interested? the cost that would be involved or what we can do for compsentation.. if money is needed are you cool with e-transfer?

Do you see the openness, respect, and trust?

Do you see his willingness to invest or compensate me somehow?

That is a quality collaboration pitch, in my books.

Now, this worked out well because I’ve been planting the seeds for RyzeMedia, the design & entertainment branch of Ryze for a while now. A few of you who know me personally have benefitted from this, especially the elite branding aspects.

Which brings me back to Corey’s image.

He wanted a "awesome image".

But on the phone, he also mentioned the magic word… "brand".

‘Branding’ is a dirty word.

I was so thrilled when he mentioned brand on our phone call, because that’s a big part of what I’m about.

Being who you are.

Being real.

Delivering your brand, like a boss.

I love that shit – it’s a timeless key to success, been around for ages, but society used to call it "building character", or further back "to thine own self, be true."


I’m not a normal designer.

I’m part success-coach, part artist, part entrepreneur. Part Tony Robbins, part Leonardo Da Vinci, & part Jay-Z.

And when I create an image for someone, I do it differently.

I hold a discovery session to really get to the heart of what they stand for. I basically suss out their brand and their USP and coach them a bit before I create even 1 pixel.

And the result is powerful.

It’s a bit like what Ameena Falchetto does… but… it’s totally not. lol.

Ryze Amped Portraiture is your brand art-ified. Amplified. Ryze-ified.

It’s a game-changer for anyone in the public eye, and especially models (so if you know someone, you can refer ’em to this page here – I’m still keeping it as a very exclusive, very word of mouth service, but I thought I’d give you the heads up).

It can be a cornerstone of a portfolio, an impact image to introduce and brand all kinds of stuff.

It’s way more arresting but not as ubiquitous as an icon or logo, but then… I can do those too šŸ˜›

‘Legacy matters.’

What we’re talking about here isn’t just an ‘edited image’, it’s an art piece made to live on as part of a person’s legacy.

I used to distribute my creations on stretched, gallery-wrap canvas, with a certificate of authenticity.

And I’ve done pieces like this for close friends of mine since I was little.

And you know what? They generally didn’t appreciate it, at least… not like Corey did.

They didn’t show it to anyone, they deleted it, etc. (but that’s because I didn’t appreciate it… either.)

And that’s cool. They weren’t very ambitious people (at least they weren’t showing it back then, and *neither was I* :D), and they mostly hid behind their retail jobs, never much in the public eye.

But these days, I get to work on a piece to elevate someone like Corey, or collaborate with someone who’s name carries some ‘weight’, like famous photographer Liana Saadi Louzon (also Toronto-based :D), it’s really, really fulfilling.

I’ve even taught certain bloggers Photoshop, offered to brand them at a huge discount, and more. Ryze Amped Portraiture is icing on the cake.

In fact, in my mind, this is another talent I have that would thrill celebs.

Celebs can buy any material good or possession easily, but to commission a unique art piece from a busy success-artist? Priceless.

And celebs can pour their hearts out into songs and movies, but how often can they talk with a true, authentic friend/coach/mentor who gets money, sex, and fame at really deep levels?

I’m sayin’, I’ve got a lot to offer.

And now I’m sharing a bit more of it with you.

If you didn’t know this side of me, if you didn’t know I did all the graphics on this website — well, now you do, and I hope you enjoyed the story —

And hey, for once I don’t have some giant point for you, but there is a lot to learned here if you pay attention.

  • Old skills and connections can come back in a big way when you ‘let go’ of them.
  • There are clients, and then there are passionate, eager, respectful clients who trust you.
  • Ryze has more products, services, and creations than you know.
  • etc.

So… over to you:

Have you ever had someone do a portrait of you? Ever commissioned and artwork? If not, would you like to? If I ran a contest on Ryze, would you be psyched for the Ryze Amped treatment on an image of you?

P.S. You can follow corey on facebook, twitter, or his blog.

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