Welcome to the Young, Pissed, And Financial BONUS Part 7 – for those who’re truly hungry to unlock wise money knowledge and experiences.

Continuing from part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, and part 6 of Young Pissed & Financial, here’s more of the story behind why I think most people, including bankers + brokers, don’t really "get" money – and it makes ’em miserable.

This is the bonus grand finale of the Young, Pissed And Financial series, and it goes a little deeper than the rest.

In it we begin to dip our toes into the Mystery of finances and success. We begin to consider ditching old ways and rules, and we open up to new ones. To me, this is an introduction to the msot fun, most refreshing information on money I’ve read or written.

If you like Ryze’s Fresh Views On Taboos — I have a feeling you’re gonna love this one.

Last time I touched on how affirmations "done right" seemed to be having an positive impact for me, and it’s understandable why.

The better we are with lifes tools — imagination, focus, beliefs, attitudes — the better time we’ll have of life.

But affirmations fail, like, often.

They really do.

Heh, and it kinda sucks.

If we could examine the % success rate for affirmations, when we "taught" this tool to someone else, how high would it be, really?

And can we write off all the ‘failure’ to "well, people dont use ’em right!"


That seems silly and dismissive.

There must be something else going on.

A deeper truth.

Imagination, beliefs, affirmations, etc., seem very unreliable.

And it’s not just because "people don’t use ’em right!"

A ‘tool’ that is unreliable, isn’t really a tool at all.

Any tool that requires the majority of humanity to figure out some complex puzzle, and the "right way" to use the tool is known by few, is a pretty ridiculous design for a tool.

"รŒ wish I could say that ‘yes, the typical prescriptions and the recommendations and the techniques and strategies for how to be happy work… but they don’t! They don’t. The mainstream one’s don’t, the more esoteric or woo-woo one’s don’t. They just don’t work at all — or reliably — and you don’t have to take my word for this, you just need to look around. Look at the world, look at, maybe your life or the lives of other people that you know. The world is not a happier place because of all of the books, and the audios, and the videos, and the prescriptions, and the medicines and everything else." – Robert Scheinfeld

Almost everyone wants more money, and during the first chunk of our lives, we’ve been trained to believe some pretty interesting things about money and the economy.

And we all take it for granted.

And there’s a reason for this.

And it’s NOT because the tools are flawed.

It’s because tools, no matter how powerful, are useless without "understanding."

Understanding rocks.

I love love love to understand things.

To me, understanding is a super-satisfying form of power.

Getting to deeper truths is a super-satisfying form of power.

Maybe you’ve heard the phrase "knowledge is power", well what they really mean is "understanding is power."

And understanding comes mainly from perspective, and most people fail with all the self-help and personal development tools, or get mixed results because they have a perspective that sucks.

They have a weak view.

They believe lies about life and existence.

Do you think it becomes easy to become powerful in areas that matter, if we’re believing massive lies and illusions about life?

Most people understand "some" of the picture, but not even close to the whole picture.

And then there’s me–

I`m included. I don’t understand the whole picture either, but I feel pretty close.

So… you can hear everyone give advice, and tell you how to do affirmations better, or improve your business, or get promoted or whatever you wanna improve in your life– but will their advice work for you?

Well, I’ve been reading the universe-shatteringly brilliant Robert Scheinfeld’s work lately, and according Scheinfeld, the advice and tools you get will fail, over and over and over, no matter how hard you try — on purpose.

There’s nothing you can do about it.


Scheinfeld says it’s because…

…We’re meant to go from powerless to powerful.

Think about that.

We’re all here on earth to journey from powerless, to powerful. When you get that, things change.

That’s a really powerful perspective.

I love it. I get it. It makes so much sense.

That view helps me understand why a ‘creative genius’ like myself has ‘suffered’ so much ‘intense’ failure.

Because my purpose on earth was to journey from powerless to powerful.

How could I do that if I’m a renaissance man, excellent at many artforms. How could I do that if since birth I ‘understand’ more than most, and the world ‘should be’ my oyster?

What kind of life is that silver spoon bs?

Isn’t it key that I have a solid platform where I’m convinced and I feel powerless in some key ways, and then to begin my journey of realizing power in those areas?

So whatever circumstances we’re born into, some areas of our life we’ll be taught or conditioned or somehow end up closing down our power in that area.

  • For some people, they’re born poor or middle-class, and they’re given very little money-mastery their whole lives, and taught to repeat patterns of poverty.
  • Some people are born with physical disabilities and it seems, when they’re young, that they "simply cant" do what other people can do. (Hopefully they eventually meet Nick Vujicic or Aimee Mullins :P)
  • For some, they’re born wealthy, but they’re trained to use money as a crutch, and they buy friends and popularity, become lazy, and turn off their power to contribute, have meaningful relationships, etc.

Most people have pretty crappy beliefs in certain areas of their lives. Beliefs that they give power to. And sometimes these beliefs can be changed by affirmations or other personal dev tools, but none of them are as reliable as understanding, truth, and light.

Doesn’t it make complete and total sense that if we’re all super-star, unlimited, can-do-anything human beings, that it’d be a boring life and a lame story if we all just showed up, started snapping our fingers, and creating unlimited things?

Doesn’t it seem like a far better game of life, and a more enjoyable diversion if we come to earth, agree to play by certain rules, the first rule is:

We live to journey from powerless to powerful, in some way. Know that, get that, and life’s "downs" start to have a really clear purpose.

They help us "taste" powerlessness, and then set off on our journey – in many areas and many topics.

Rules Of The Game.

Let’s talk a bit about Scheinfeld`s books:

Busting Loose From The Money Game, Busting Loose From The Business Game, and The Ultimate Key To Happiness are some of the best things I`ve ever read.

In them he goes in-depth on some ultra-meta-physical things, but he proves them through logic, story, and quantum physics.

He touches on understandings that unlock wisdom and change the game.

He`s direct and blunt, and gives you the truth that can set you free.

I`ve read a ton of wise words in my life, from many people in many fields, and Scheinfeld`s is the best I`ve read about finances, and navigating life, that I`ve read.

He shows that most people are born, and end up playing the Game Of Money by shitty rules.

Rules like:

  1. Money is limited.
  2. Income is money flowing to you from sources you can`t fully control.
  3. Expenses are money flowing away from you that you can`t fully control.
  4. You`d better be extra diligent and keep your ‘income’ above your ‘expenses’
  5. It’s key to ‘maximize’ profit, grow business, and sustain it.

These rules are what Scheinfeld calls "Power Outside" beliefs. Which means they place all the power in clients, the market, staff, suppliers, the economy, etc.

These are the rules we’re taught, and they’re a recipe for struggle, worry, and hamster-wheeling.

They’re a recipe to always keep you striving and chasing material goals, like a greyhound on a racetrack, chasing a mechanical rabbit.

These rules are setup to make you fail – especially the first one.

And I played by these rules for so long, thinking that the more I understood them, the better I’d do.

So I learned them inside and out. I studied marketing, persuasion, pitching, promotion, production, and so much more. Which is useful, sure, but it all keeps me playing by poor rules.

It keeps me thinking that the real power in life is A -> B, cause and effect, I use my smarts and do the "right thing" and that’s how success is achieved.

Studying all that stuff was helpful, but the more I relied on my powerful mind, the more I struggled.

Thinking, logic, and intellect were designed to
process life’s illusions, not deeper truths and mysterious human potentialโ€”and even when a mind is processing our the day-to-day illusions of life… it does it in a flawed

My hyper-intelligence, and widespread wisdom are great, but rely on ’em too much and you just run in circles.

Life is bigger & more paradoxal.

Success comes in part from talent and smarts, sure. It comes from attention and authenticity, sure. It comes from creativity and expression, sure.

But ultimately, success comes from some deeper mysteries of life, that aren’t fully understandable — but you can get close.

Read any success story and you’ll discover many points in the story that defy all logic, leverage tons of ‘luck’, and seem ‘divinely setup’ in major ways.

Read any success story and you’ll learn that the ‘rules’ people were taught NEED to be broken, and that includes an over-reliance on cause & effect, intellect, and following others.

And I feel that most of us know, somewhere, deep down, from the first tribes that existed until now…

That money isn’t, and has never been, limited.

Most people know this on some level.

And the powerful move is to wake up and focus on knowing this. Focus on experiencing this. Focus on feeling this — NOT focus on ‘intellecting’ it.

What I want for myself, and for y’all, is to deeply experience the fact that money really is unlimited, and always has been.

Because you might notice, nothing and no one and no event can shut down "personal experience".

Once you’ve really experienced something, it’s solid, and it keeps getting stronger.

So that’s a great thing to focus on.

But every.





…practically screams "money IS limited".

  • "I didn’t buy ‘x’ because I’d lose ‘y’." (because money is limited).
  • "I hate paying bills because it cuts into my funds." (because money is limited).
  • "I wish I got paid more." (because money is limited).

Are these ideas and behaviors living the truth that money is unlimited?

Or are most of people’s ideas and behaviors reinforcing over and over that money is limited.

And if most stuff is reinforcing "money is limited", what kinda life are we gonna have?

Thnk about that. (I mean it :D)

Imagine… people, wandering around, knowing deep down that they’re powerful, that the economy is massive and has been growing since the dawn of time, and that money is always available.

People wandering around knowing on some level that life is an illusion, like we’re living in a movie or a dream, and we’re the director, and that creative money solutions and sources are always available.

People wandering around knowing money is unlimited, but acting over and over as if it’s not.

If you ask me…

That’s a recipe for pain.

People will either feel miserable because their experience and actions aren’t matching their knowledge (me), or they’ll just start believing that money is limited and "accept their limited life."

Money is limited is something they believe, and something people’s powerful subconscious goes about incessantly replicating in experience after experience.

Eww, right?

And that’s just the first ‘money-rule’ we’re taught.

But it’s fine.

And it’s not something to hate on.

Remember at the beginning I mentioned we’re supposed to be taught stuff like this.

We exist to feel limited and powerless during the first part of life, and to journey towards powerful during the second part of life.

Thing is, it can change any time.

You can put that phase behind you and adopt a new understanding, play by new rules.

You can adopt what Scheinfeld calls "Power Inside" beliefs. Which means you realize that life is a movie we live in, and like in The Matrix, we have the power to change things. Everything. Every little experience is changeable by us, if we access deeper levels of power, and if we see through the illusions we were raised on.

Basically… you can play by real, rock-solid, true rules that have applied to every human being since the beginning.

Interested in the new rules?

Check ’em out.

  1. Power is unlimited, potential is unlimited, money is unlimited.
  2. We’re meant to learn some powerless ways in the first part of life, it’s okay.
  3. The more we peel away illustions & gain appreciation, the better our ability to rock life.

The new money rules change everything.

The new rules support you, and help you access your power.

The new rules help you break free from the brutal hamster-wheel ways of trying to improve your finances.

And Scheinfeld offers a process to apply these rules any time something feels not-so-great in our lives.

"It’s a mystery, I don’t know why it is, that so few people seem to be seeing and experiencing what I am and what I have, as it relates to true happiness. And it really bothered me for a while — ’cause I wondered how could I be such a lone voice in the wilderness about this… but… be correct! Ya know? But as I began to see how my own experience of true happiness transformed and became consistent and I began to see that when other people embraced what’s in the book and had the same experience… I was convinced beyond the shadow of a doubt, that this was the Truth, with a capital T. And this was a path into true happiness on a consistent basis." – Robert Scheinfeld.

The above quote from Robert really speaks volumes. It talks about his passion and his confidence in the deep, powerful wisdom he shares, and it talks about his frustration, and acceptance that vew people know about it.

Hopefully this post is changing that, and I can sexify it and make it more appealing, and more easy-to-digest for peeps.

Either way…

This makes me happy.

It makes me happy because what could make someone feel more inept, useless, and powerless than to go through what I went through?

I mean… come on. Talk about a rough start: The Homeless Success-Coach? Please.

How powerless does it feel…

…To have more talent in your baby finger than almost anyone is blessed with, but being unable to reach people and generate dollars with it?

How powerless does it feel…

…To know in your heart you’re ambitious, powerful, and vastly positive, and to have nearly all others see you as a foolish, wasteful, leech who fails and contributes ‘nothing’?

How powerless does it feel…

…To desperately know you’re destined to change the world, but instaed to fail 8 partnerships, 8 long-term romantic relationships, and to fail 8 businesses?

Yeah, that was the first chunk of my life.

Did it make me feel powerless, limited, and repressed?


You could say that.

And what does it mean to me?

It means I followed money-rule #2, we are all on earth to journey from powerless (phase 1) to powerful.

It means that I really am what I thought I am, and that the second chunk (phase 2) of my life will be that unfolding and showing off.

It gives me purpose, and allows me to get in touch with deep truths about abundance, and about creating lives overflowing with joy.

A life of joy can’t be done from early, phase 1 understandings. It is easily done from greater, phase 2 understandings.

And it doesn’t matter how mind-blowing your talent, power, or beauty is… without the proper perspective and a deep, inner knowledge of game-changing truths, you’re stuck on the hamster wheel of time, money, space, people, events, nature, etc.

And here’s the thing… we’re using two major tools over and over and over to make things real and keep ourselves in escalating patterns.

Two natural reality-shaping tools.

Actually it`s two sides, of a single tool… focus.

The dark side of this tool= judgment and consequences.

The positive side = appreciation.

Both of these re-inforce and escalate patterns and realities.

It’s real simple, you focus on a topic. You do this all day long.

And deep down, inside… you’re either judging and creating negative consequences, or you’re flipping it and appreciating.

For me, I`ve practiced and practiced and practiced appreciating everything. Over and over. And I keep getting better.

I’m loving my journey, and really looking forward to my future.

Are you?

P.S. Straight up — one conversation with a wise man like me could help you rocket forward on things that are troubling you? Does it feel like I can unlock your power in a way that brings solid results into your life?

If you or anyone you know could use a better relationship with moeny, send them to someone wise and caring, who’s been there and who gets it.




Okay, this was a bonus addendum to the Young, Pissed and Financial series, and to me, it’s the most important. It’s worth sharing. It’s vital to share. It’s worth re-reading. It’s vital to re-read.




Think about it.

Actually, don’t just think about it, read about it.

Actually, don’t just read about it, invest in it.

Together we ryze ๐Ÿ˜‰

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