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From Hating Celebrities To Helping 'Em | J-Ryze

Safe in his basement, Jared gossiped with guests.

The gossip was about celebrities who’d made the news.

“Britney doesn’t even write her own songs.”
“It’s not right that Snoop gets paid even more for releasing this crap.”
“Please, look at Christina’s outfit, does she have any self-respect?”

The room was filled with ‘smart’ friends from Jared’s school, ‘spiritual’ friends who were out of touch with pop, and ‘real artists’ who were above common pop.

They loved it when Jared spoke out against celebrity.

So every headline sparked him to share his judgment, and got him nods from the rest of the party-goers. He puffed up his chest and smirked while cussing out rich pop stars who ‘totally mis-manage their money’, feeding off the agreement of his peers.

The praise felt good at the time, but criticizing celebs didn’t make him rich, famous, or happy.

And the truth was Jared wanted to taste that life. He wanted more freedom, more wealth. He wanted more impact, more recognition.

While celebs are out making connections, attending events, and reaching their audiences… so-called ‘smart people’ and ‘real artists’ are sitting around bashing them while reaching barely anyone at all.

How many peeps turned on their PCs each day, saw some celeb enjoying life, and instantly trash-talked them— meanwhile secretly yearning for the freedom celebs had.

That was Jared, pretty much. A huge hidden hypocrite.

And why was he wasting his breath? What positive, helpful value did complaining about the world’s public-achievers really bring to Jared’s life?

It got him hollow praise from small-minded party-guests, going nowhere.

Poor Jared, stuck in his trash-talk-trap.

But not for too long, he ends up pulling a one-eighty and turns things around.

He not only embraces celebs, but stands up for ’em as some of our generations iconic heroes & positive examples.


What makes Jared change?

We’ll find out, but first take a look at a celeb who Jared always admired and never spoke ill of. This man has transformed cultures and industries and clearly thinks, feels, and believes his way to success. 🙂

Shawn 'Jay-Z' Carter | Celebrity Success Thinking | Ryze

Shawn 'Jay-Z' Carter

Went from the projects to worth $500+ million, Jay-Z has a lot of wisdom on life. Legendary ideas and attitudes are sprinkled throughout his lyrics and interviews, if you look past his rapper surface.

“God has given everyone genius level talent… you have to find your genius level talent, and then believe in it so hard.”

“We’ve all seen the complexity of human beings: We’ve seen preachers do wrong, we’ve seen drug-dealers do good.”

“Make the extraordinary things ordinary, it should happen pretty much all the time…that’s my goal.”

Jared saw syncs in ancient wisdom & celeb quotes.

He didn’t immediately drop his celebrity haterade cold-turkey, he went about his life.

But uncomfortable at every job he took, he quit & turned to legendary teachers for answers. He spent thousands of hours studying Buddha, Gandhi, Napoleon Hill, Rumi, Jesus, Osho and more.

When he wasn’t reading teachers, he was immersed in even more thousands of hours of pop culture.

And in our generations’ stories, music & movies, Jared noticed a pattern.

Great teachers and trendy celebrities all said similar things, if you paid attention.

And it made sense.

Great teachers aim to help us reach our potential. Celebs fulfill much potential.

Both groups believed, thought, and felt differently than ‘the masses’, and celebs live and apply the lessons many teacher’s are teaching.

And so, they have huge impact and savor many desirable experiences.

Straight up— Jared had to admit that celebs seemed to be navigating life well and enjoying high-standards of living.

And he wanted that.

And maybe instead of pointing fingers at celebs during dinner, he should open his mind and aim to learn from ’em.


So Jared began watching interviews.

Bruce Lee | Celebrity Success Thinking | Ryze

Bruce Lee

Bruce became one of the first Asian Hollywood icons and a record-setting touchstone for total body mastery. His wisdom lives on if you tune into it.

“To learn to die, is to be liberated from it… learn the art of dying.”

“To express oneself honestly, without lying to oneself…is very hard to do.”

“Running water never grows stale, so you gotta just keep on flowing.”

Beyonce Knowles Carter | Celebrity Thoughts | Ryze

Beyonce Knowles-Carter

Trail-blazing and inspiring millions, Beyonce is living proof it doesn’t have to be a “man’s world”, and she’s worth listening to.

“Take risks and… inspire other artists to do what they love.”

“It’s really all about your passion… make people happy… have fun.”

“We truly do rule the world, I absolutely believe that.”

Jim Carrey | Celebrity Success Thoughts | Ryze

Jim Carrey

Jim’s an inspiring story who got his start in the comedy clubs of Toronto. He wrote himself a check for millions, kept it with him until it was torn, and it became reality.

“The effect you have on others is the most valuable currency.”

“We’re the light that shines through, all else is just smoke and mirrors, distracting.”

“You only have two choices, love or fear.”

Katy Perry | Celebrity Success Thining | Ryze

Katy Perry

From Church-foodstamp-poverty to a Forbes top-earning woman 3 years in a row, Katy’s a clearly ryzing star and she got there through positive beliefs.

“If I need to make a change… I just make it.”

“I came from nothing and created this world on my own strength.”

“I found a lot of self-love…and re-built my confidence… I went inwards.”

Will Smith | Celebrity Success Thoughts | Ryze

Will Smith

From divorce and near-bankruptcy to a mega-star with a star-studded family, Will Smith is outspoken on the magic of mindset to achieve results.

“You just decide— & the universe is gonna get out your way.”

“Greatness is not this wonderful, esoteric, elusive god-like feature that only the special among us will ever taste. It’s something that truly exists in all of us.”

“I love living. I think that’s infectious. It’s something that you can’t fake.”

John Wooden | Celebrity Success Thinking | Ryze

John Wooden

The “Wizard Of Westwood”, one of the most revered coaches in sports-history, was enshrined as both a player & a coach into the basketball hall of fame, coached UCLA to 10 championships in 12 years & and knows how to win at life.

“Enthusiasm, enjoying what you’re doing… faith & patience.”

“Never cease trying to be the best that you can be, that’s under your control.”

“I coined my own definition of success.”

Miley Cyrus | Celebrity Success Thoughts | Ryze

Miley Cyrus

‘Smiley’ went through painful rejections in her acting career & followed in her father’s footsteps. She grew into shocking the world with her hyper-sexualized behavior and shows how to navigate a world of judgment, much like her Godmother Dolly Parton.

“Life is all about having a good time.”

“Everything I was saying and I was doing, I was being true to myself at that time, just like I’m doing now.”

“My job right now is to be this strong, female figure.”

Jesus Of Nazareth | Celebrity Success Thoughts | Ryze

Jesus Of Nazareth

From Carpenter to timeless icon, Jesus is the only “possibly fictional” character on this list, but his celebrity and status as an inspirational icon and teacher of wisdom can’t be denied. Even the vague idea that a man who championed love the way he did existed, is worth learning from.

“The greatest of these is love.”

“For god has not given us a spirit of fear & timidity, but of power, love, & self-discipline.”

“There is no fear in love.”

Kanye West | Celebrity Success Thinking | Ryze

Kanye West

From hospitalized Chicagoan to Time’s most influential, Kanye displays tenacity, self-belief, and creative achievement. A dash of his over-the-top arrogance would help so many repressed peeps. Either way, being ignored sucks and ‘Ye shows us ways to command attention & get people to listen.

“My intention is always positive.”

“People in your own life might be tryna tell you ‘be humble’… when’s the last time someone told you be great? Be amazing! Be awesome!”

“The time is now to express and for people to believe in themselves. The time is now for it to be ok to be great.”

Angelina Jolie | Celebrity Success Thoughts | Ryze

Angelina Jolie

From a father-less childhood of self-harm to one of the world’s most beautiful to humanitarian UN ambassador, Jolie despite a turbulent, eccentric life has clearly gotten results from her heart and mindset.

“Being happy is a choice…you have to be happy.”

“We’ve evolved over the centuries to find better ways, and we can handle this.”

“I live my life and I’ve lived my life from what I believe in, however it’s interpreted… I just do the best I can to be who I am.”

Jared inhaled quotes & poured over lyrics.

And he noticed some things he didn’t agree with in celebrity’s lives, but big deal!

Same thing could be said for everyone on earth. We’re all flawed, quirky, scarred, and unique in our ways.

So if we’re all flawed…

Jared had to ask himself, would he rather emulate ‘average people’ who were flawed, or empire-builders who were flawed?

The answer was easy.

So Jared let go of any judgment and began standing up for celebs wherever he could. He even released content on the web, sharing positive ideas about them.

And the funny thing is, the scathingly hurtful insights he’d once slung behind celebrity backs, were now transformed into brilliant views on the true value of often-demonized stars.

And born with high-standards, Jared aimed not just to see the easy value, but to look deeper.

He saw value in some of the most hated, like Kanye West, Dan Bilzerian, and Mariah Carey. These were people who were publicly controversial and shocking, sometimes touted as the downfall of mankind.

The truth is that instead of taking shots…


…we can learn from ‘easy targets.’

Bill Gates | Celebrity Success Thoughts | Ryze

Bill Gates

Done with the goal of putting a PC on every desk, Gates boldly stepped down as CEO of his own company to focus on philanthropy through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, providing high value all along his journey.

“Leaders [are] those who empower others.”

“Everyone needs a coach. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a basketball player, a tennis player, a gymnast or a bridge player.”

“Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose.”

Sean Diddy Combs

Although his hustler-dad died when Diddy was 3, he went on to a $700M net-worth in music, fashion, movies, tv, & more.

“Positive attracts positive.”

“You get out of it what you put into it.”

“There ain’t no ego in gettin’ this paper, you feel me? If I couldn’t do the little job, I could never get to the big job.”

Natalie Portman | Celebrity Success Thinking | Ryze

Natalie Portman

Taking a break from her childhood fame, Portman attends and graduates from Harvard with a psych degree, then goes on to win Academy Awards, Golden Globes, and more. She’s launched a Vegan Footwear line and interviewed on microfinance, and she’s barely past 30.

“I like learning. Learning is beautiful.”

“I wanna have fun, I always wanna enjoy what I’m doing.”

“The thing that’s really important to ask yourself is if you really love [it.]”

Deepak Chopra | Celeb Success Thoughts | Ryze

Deepak Chopra

Went from an immigrant with only $25 in his pocket, Chopra left a rising career as a doctor and became a household name helping the world’s rich & famous with mind-body healing through his Chopra Center for Healing and published 50+ books, including 14 best-sellers.

“When you’re happy then you’re close to your spirit.”

“Everything love is meant to do is possible.”

“The more spiritual truth is revealed, the more the soul’s promise is redeemed.”

John Frusciante | Celeb Success Thinking | Ryze

John Frusciante

Unfamiliar name? Shouldn’t be, he played a huge role as guitarist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers. He beat a major drug addiction, released 11+ solo albums, and was named one of Rolling Stone’s greatest guitarists of all time. His ideas about mind, sub-conscious, self-created heaven and more are really refreshing.

“It’s important to be in balance. To not let fear get in the way.”

“Life should be a flowing smooth thing. This isn’t a hard world to live in, this isn’t hard dimension to live in… if you are as good of a person as you are capable of to other people…the World will make a place for you.”

“I don’t care if what you think I am is really what I am.”

Mariah Carey | Celebrity Success Thinking | Ryze

Mariah Carey

A child of divorce, Mariah Carey went from waitressing to holding the record for most No. 1 debuts in Billboard Hot 100 history, and her sales are sandwiched between Elvis & The Beatles. She’s often misquoted and painted as shallow, but examine some of her attitudes and ideas anyway.

“Whatever you’re going through in your life, don’t ever give up.”

“Don’t say ‘if I make it’, say ‘when I make it.'”

“Look inside yourself and find your own inner-strength.”

Marshall 'Eminem' Mathers | Celeb Success Thoughts | Ryze

Marshall Eminem Mathers

Em never knew his Dad, and though high-school dropout raised in poverty, he rose to dominance in an industry where he was bullied, dismissed and mistreated, to become an icon with his own movie portfolio, radio channel, and record label.

“If I can help people… then why not.”

“I say what I wanna say and do what I wanna do. There’s no in-between.”

“Everybody has been at a point in their life where nobody believed in them.”

Dave Chappelle | Celebrities Wisdom | Ryze

Dave Chappelle

Another child of divorce, Dave had to bring his Mom to comedy clubs as an underage comedian, only to be booed & heckled off the stage. He went on to get 2 Emmy nominations for his mega-hit Chappelle’s Show, and walked away from a $50 million dollar contact and secluded himself in Africa to take a stand against industry-pressures.

“You just gotta figure out who you are, for better or for worse.”

“The worst thing to call somebody is ‘crazy.’ It’s dismissive. ‘I don’t understand this person, so they’re crazy.’ That’s bullshit. These people are not crazy, they’re strong people, maybe the environment is a little sick.”

“I like to live a more open life… I don’t want my life to become about enforcing boundaries.”

Michael Phelps | Celebrity Spirituality | Ryze

Michael Phelps

Yet another whose parents divorced early, Phelps’ family life didn’t stop him from being the youngest male swimmer in the Olympics or once there, setting the record for the most medal wins held, and publishing two books.

“The more you dream, the farther you get.”

“Everybody is different and everybody prepares themselves differently.”

“Try to relax and just have as much fun as you can.”

Dwayne 'Lil Wayne' Carter | Celeb Wisdom | Ryze

Dwayne Lil Wayne Carter

Growing up in the ultra-poor neighborhood, Hollygrove, Lil Wayne overcame selling crack and shooting himself in the chest to found his Young Money Entertainment, start the One Family organization, and pass Elvis as male with most Billboard entries.

“Know why you doin’ it… I’m making the world a better place.”

“I do what I wanna do, and I’m gonna do that til the day I die, and if I can’t do that… I’ll just die.”

“I like people that enjoy life, ’cause I do the same.”

Jared became a better person.

After watching countless youtube interviews and reading books by the celebs themselves like Scar Tissue, Decoded, My Booky Wook, Losing My Virginity, I’m With The Band, and tons more… Jared was touched by the raw, honest stories from the so-called 1-dimensional celebs, and he adopted many fresh views that he’d been closed to in high-school.

In his ‘gifted’ program, he was praised mainly for his quick mind and intelligence, and was taught only intellectual things like essay-writing and math.

Once released into the real-world, Jared realized none of the game-changing results he wanted would come from the intellectual schooling he’d received.

Good thing he looked deeper.

By studying the icons and legends of today, he learned about things that matter like:

  • Emotional guidance
  • Serving value
  • Touching hearts

He discovered the power of:

  • Meaningful stories
  • Symbols & icons
  • Expressing identity

And he unleashed true:

  • Energy
  • Sexuality
  • Creativity

Jared gained examples of people who tapped into great secrets and principles of the universe, and who applied them regularly to create better lives.

Now his eyes were opened to fresh views, ideas, and resources that mattered.

None of his childhood friends told personal tales of walking away from bad situations. Celebs did. None of his teachers had lesson’s on staying true to oneself. Celebs did. None of his classes explained how following what’s fun and doing what he loved would become a viable business. Celebs did.

The concept was clear.

Whether they’re loved or hated…


Celebrities always teach vital lessons.

Donald Trump | Celeb Success | Ryze

Donald Trump

Trump spent early years in Military Academy, then followed in his father’s footsteps into real estate. During his life he faced-down bankruptcy 4 times and consistently sits on Forbes Celeb 100 List and stayed relevant through The Apprentice.

“I’ve always believed in positive thinking.”

“You have to have great confidence in yourself.”

“Having a mentor makes a big difference in life.”

Joe Rogan | Celebrity Success Video | Ryze

Joe Rogan

Abandoned by his Dad at 6 years old, Joe Rogan embraced comedy and went on to host The Man Show, Fear Factor, UFC, The Joe Rogan Experience and more, winning a number of MMA personality awards.

“Figure out how we can contribute to society.”

“A lot of times they don’t even understand it’s a trap… You’re just a piece of a heartless shitty machine that makes money.”

“You just gotta figure out how to do a job that doesn’t involve you walking in mud all day. And it’s possible, ’cause somebody else has done it.”

K, So… I’m ‘Jared.’

Hopefully you figured out that the ‘Jared’ in our story, is actually me, J-Ryze.

I was the one who hated celebs.

I was the one who found deep wisdom through studying them.

This is all part of my story.

And I shed a lot of tears putting this piece together.


‘Cause the power, beauty, impact, and intensity of the meaningful works each of the people on this list have done, and (some continue to) pulls at me.

They’re all great things and inspiring results on a level that calls me.

They’re secret desires I don’t usually speak of, ’cause the way my life has gone has beaten a lot of my hope and confidence out of me.

And that’s ok. I’m awesome at what I do, and whether I reach the level these guys did, I’m happy with my choices and happy to die trying 🙂

Since I was a kid, I felt I was blessed with wisdom, artistry, and ambition. For a long time I thought I’d make a mark just like these people.

But maybe that’s not in store for me.

A hard life of hard experience has taught me instead to focus on others and help empire-builders with my gifts, and completely surrender to the possibility that my life may have little meaning or impact very few people.

Being okay with that is key. Doing what I want, and what feels good and right, regardless of results is key.

Another reason I was typing through tears is ’cause I’m highly sensitive to other people, and reading about the experiences these people have gone through breaks my heart.

I feel their de-humanization deeply.

The ironic thing is that I used to hurtfully slam these people all day.

Now, they’ll share parts of themselves & their art, then they’ll share how the media responded, and I feel their pain.

It’s probably good that I don’t have their acclaim or attention that they deal with ’cause it doesn’t suit my personality.

But… being an advisor, truth-teller, and adrenalizer for people like this?

Hell yes.


I love helping peeps like this ryze.

Even though some celebs I’m not a huge fan of.

Donald Trump rubs me the wrong way often. Bill Gates I find boring. Angelina feels a bit melodramatic for my tastes.

But that’s just me. They are who they are. That’s their personalities, and it doesn’t change the amazing example they provide for us to learn from.

They’re people who’ve lived their years on earth, and accessed great personal power, beauty, and freedom to live on their own terms.

I love ’em, I don’t judge ’em.

Every little act of judgment is adding a dash of pain to the world, whether in secret or out loud.

It hurts humanity when we judge others, period.

Common labels for celebrities are ‘materialistic’, ‘greedy’, ‘wasteful’, ‘useless’, ‘slutty’, ‘excessive’, ‘unoriginal’, ‘pandering’, ‘inartistic’ and ‘manipulative’.

But they only come from haters.

A Britney Spears fan isn’t busy calling Britney a slut or an unfit mother. She’s just dancing & singing along, raising her mood, and appreciating the value Britney’s music brings.

Celebs are real, authentic human beings aiming to provide entertainment and good feelings to others.

Let’s treat ’em like it.

Tap into your own power and beauty.

Look for patterns. Experiment with your life. Trust yourself.

Don’t trust school. Don’t trust experts. Don’t even trust me.

Trust yourself. See if the wisdom shared by these accomplished cultural icons resonates with you. See if their attitudes and intentions work for you. See if they’re actually providing much value to many, and are rewarded for it.

Notice that they’re all grateful, they’re all spiritual, they all do what they love, trust their feelings, and express themselves, and… something I had to go through tremendous pain to learn… they believe that life’s a blessing, even when they’re facing scandal or drama.

Read their bios and discover that they’ve held those key qualities for a long time. They didn’t suddenly ‘become grateful’ after they ‘got rich.’

Many of ’em came from backgrounds of racial tension or broken families. No one on this list ran from pain, conflict, and suffering… they followed their hearts where-ever it led them, even ‘into the fire.’

The celebs here all embody powerful wisdom & life lessons. They live the things that great teachers teach.

And more & more they’re connecting with today’s wisest sages. Eckhart Tolle’s support from Oprah and Jim Carrey’s so cool. Deepak Chopra’s support from Madonna, Lady Gaga, & Hilary Clinton is noteworthy. Tony Robbins and Oprah rockin’ out’s great.

Yes, celebs may seem flawed, inarticulate, bubbly, poppy, rough, biased, shallow, and all sorts of other undesirable things… but they get results. And during their interviews and in their art they continually share deep truths from the heart.

They focus on creating good feelings in humanity through their works.

They know what matters, even if it’s not clear from what we see in the media.

And they don’t just know it, they live it.

Where most people barely scratch the surface of these principles, celebs have been living ’em since their rebellious teen years.

Want a better life? Want results? Achievement? Success? Want freedom and experiences like these peeps have?

Maybe it’s time we started acting more like they do, learning from them, and embracing truths when they’re served up to us so publicly.

All it takes is to pay attention, make new choices, and take action.

Let’s do it.



Bonus Quotes.

Marilyn Manson

“Enjoy yourself, don’t be afraid to do whatever people tell you normally not to do, and always look good when you’re doing it.”

Oprah Winfrey

“God…isn’t something to believe, God is. God Is. And God is a feeling experience, not a believing experience, and in fact if your religion is a believing experience — if God for you…is still a belief — that’s not God.”

Albert Einstein

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

Carmen Electra

“People are surprised at how down-to-earth I am. I like to stay home on Friday nights and listen to ‘The Art of Happiness’ by the Dalai Lama.”

The Making Of:

This is the 3rd re-write of this post in the space of 4 years.

It was originally a piece written in early 2011. Then, since it got a bunch of blog comments, I re-wrote it a year later in 2012, after listening to a PSA by Lil Wayne on his personal & artistic growth. Finally, it’s #ryzing up to what’s hopefully, a beautiful, eye-opening, meaningful experience on the topic of celebrity wisdom.

Made with love, and if you enjoyed it, show-off your new views with pride 🙂


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