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You know what’s frustrating?

Spending all your time and energy trying to replicate the success of others, when you should be spending time unleashing your secret sauce.

And what’s more frustrating, to me personally?

Deep down, people know what they need.

Somewhere deep down they know why the books, and exercises, and all they’ve tried doesn’t work.

It’s ’cause they need…

A Coach.

Peyton Manning`s got 3 of ’em for 3 different areas of life and football.

Lady Gaga’s loves Deepak Chopra.

Many gigantic celebs hire coaches early, and stick with them for life.


‘Cause 1-to-1, human interaction with someone who’s natural-born talent is to see & focus on your success is off-the-charts fulfilling.

‘Cause someone who guides you to unlocking the best parts of you, is more powerful than any drug.

‘Cause coaching has a faster, more noticeable, and more permanent affect than any surgery or pill.

Coaching done right unlocks happier, more powerful, more beautiful versions of you.

Straight up.

So why don’t more people step up to the plate and get themselves a super-high end luxury coach, even when I offer 80% off my normal fee?

Oh wait, most people think they "don’t need coaching… "



If you’re one of the one’s who thinks that way, you’re in for a shock.

You can believe me or not believe me, but you’re wrong.

I’m not here to sugar coat it, and I’m not here to convince you.

You can go through life thinking "I don’t need a coach" while happier people get a handle on life, and do what it takes to get a mentor.

If you think you don’t need a coach, and I mean need, you are flat out f***ing wrong.

I don’t care if you’re Oprah or Obama. I don’t care if you’re Mandela. I don’t care if you’re Lady Gaga.

Every human being needs coaching.

Even coaches need coaching.

I need coaching.

Humanity’s a social species, we interact, and interacting with people who can see more/better than us, we ryze.

  • We get blind spots that can be illuminated.
  • We get new views that change everything.
  • We get set upon new paths and get new results.

All putting an end to old, non-working ways.

Anyway, if you’re like most people — you need coaching. And if you got coaching you’d be so fast on your path to paradise, people’s heads would spin, many would be shocked at the new you…


Stats say that you won’t invest in coaching, even though it’s the most necessary service around. It’s as important as the food industry, because keeping the body alive is useless if people aren’t rocking life.

We don’t need more zombies, robots, and hollowmen who keep their bodies alive and simply go through the motions. That’s not evolution, baby.

Although the personal development industry is huge, most of the dollars go to ebooks, audiobooks, webinars, etc. – it takes a badass to hire a coach.

Because that would mean admitting flaws, or admitting that someone might be able to zero in on things you could, should, and are ready to better. That’d mean getting the whole, real truth from someone who "gets it", instead of living your comfortable lies.

Yes, coaching is one of the most powerful forces on the planet, literally transforming minds and bodies through the power of trust, focus, & influence.

And it’s not hard to access it.

Except, being coached means you have to swallow hard truths.

It means you’ve gotta drop your fears and emotions and put yourself in another human beings’ hands.

And here comes the next problem as to why you need coaching but you won’t get it.

Too many bad apples have already ruined success-coaching for you.

Right now I have a message for all of those who know they need coaching, but delay and delay it:

Maybe you’ve invested in consulting, etc. before. Maybe they sucked. Maybe they helped you a bit, but didnt do anything truly impactful. Or maybe you went to them when you weren’t ready, and if they were good coaches, they kicked your ass to the curb.

Whatever the case…

…The sad thing is, so many coaches are doing it wrong.


They’re small players, coaching almost as an afterthought.

These are the manufactured coaches.

They coach even though it’s not really what they’re good at.

They haven’t coached since birth, they don’t have 30,000 hours studying timeless wisdom and pop-culture, they don’t have an ultra-elite skillset geared 100% towards it.

They have nice marketing materials and advertising dollars, and some big connections, and that`s about it.

But these coaches get all the attention.

Maybe you’ve seen ’em:

1. There’s giant gurus who rely on a 5-step process for teaching you to do what they did.

Here’s a hint, if someone is teaching you to do what they did… they’re NOT teaching you to be yourself, which is the kety to true success.

2. There’s therapists who wanna dredge up everything from the past, as if any of that bullshit matters.

Here’s a hint, if they waste precious moments of 1-to-1 coaching time letting you vent and wander in the past, which is totally irrelevant, instead of focusing on you, your value, your power, what you want and where you wanna be… they are NOT coaching you, they’re babysitting you.

3. There’s pros-turned-coach, who think that because they were naturally born with other gifts, like writing, that they can teach you to follow in their footsteps.

Here’s a hint: they were born with gifts for singing, or athleticism, or business or whatever — but they weren’t born with gift of wisdom, advice, guidance. They don’t live and breathing, teaching, elevation and communication.

They don’t "get life" in discipline-crossing waythat matter, most coaches only understand "a tiny corner of life."


All three of the above are awesome people.

They’re fantastic. They’re amazing at what they do. They’re great at many things.

I’ve got a lot of respect for ’em.

But they weren’t put on this earth to be success-coaches.

For reals.

And they aren’t here to forever help others achieve new personal heights and ryze up in the deeper, more game-changing parts of life.

They won’t give fresh views on taboos. They don’t "get it" if you happen to enjoy drugs. They have strong moral opposition to polyamory.

Basically, most coaches. . . judge.

They wanna coach you, sure — but all they can do is judge you and turn them into clones of themselves.

They just offer tiny little slices of what you need, ’cause that’s all they have.

But people everywhere run and spend their hard-earned money on these ‘hollow-coaches.’

And some people learn… a bit.

They learn a bit and then they get stuck.


Because they didn’t learn the shit that matters.

  • True self-confidence and standing for something.
  • Instantly recognizing haters; and easily breaking free of ’em.
  • Never holding back, shining easily & always.

And then people get burned, annoyed that they invested in someone and made no real progress.

Well, duh!

If you go out, chasing the people who made their millions by Being Themselves and then you try to follow them, then you’re gonna end up becoming just like them, and less like YOU.

Which is a recipe for pain.

One day I’ll be as big as these hollow-coaches, but it won’t be hard to tell me apart, because Ryze has NEVER chased dollars, never copied others, and always been true to Ryze.

Ryze is Ryze, for the right reasons.

Not only that, but the Ryze empire is built on timeless, sexy, truths that unlock individual power in people, unique to them and their own brand of creativity.

Not to create a clone of me, not to put you through a 5-step conveyor belt process, and with not a hint of judgment to be found.

Keep chasing the "big boys" as they assume you’re just like them, and all you need is — do what they did.

Go ahead, if you want.

It’ll suck.

And you’ll get stuck.

And the killer?

The smart move was under your nose the whole time.

The real investment was right there for you the whole time.

(ie: Choose Ryze. lol. Or hey, don’t choose Ryze. Choose someone like Ryze.)

Choose the friend who always gives you real-talk. Choose the teacher who helps you unleash your real self, without pushing you towards things that don’t suit you.

Take a real look at the growth over your lifetime.

  • Ages 0-12, we learn from parents because they’re the closest thing to us.
  • Ages 12-27, we learn from teachers ’cause our parents "people make us".
  • Ages 27+ … we just stop, get stuck, and make agonizingly slow progress.
Yep, I said it, at quarterlife we basically stop learning-on-purpose.

Or at least, we stop deliberately seeking teaching, coaching, or guidance to be better.

The badass move is to let go of parents, put the schools aside, and step out and really learn from someone who’s born to coach us.


Whew,what a mouthful.


What can I say, I’m pretty passionate about people ryzing together 🙂

In fact, here’s a passionate excerpt that I said in a private chat with one of my friends (and clients):

"It’s simple: I sit down, 1-to-1 and reveal mind-blowing secrets of the world, TAILORED to A SINGLE person. I dont offer gimmicks, 5 steps, or mass tactics. I don’t tell you to REPLICATE me, I teach you to UNLOCK YOU, and I can do it because I judge no one, ever.

It’s the best investment you’ll ever make, but keep paying money to the billionaire marketers if it makes you happy. I don’t care ;)"- Me.

And that really kinda sums it up.

I’m so sick of people playing small.

I’m so sick of people playing small, and whining, and getting nothing done and being totally disastisfied.

I really am.

I honestly don’t care who you get coached by (ie: Ashley Ambirge, who’s like a chick, copywriting version of me), I care that ambitious, creative ballers and beauties who’re willing to step up make moves that matter.

I care that they unleash better versions of themselves, not copies of "people who’ve done X or Y."

I care that people USE the POWER of COACHING in their lives.

Whatever you do…

Don’t be one of the people who spin their wheels making almost zero effective steps towards their dreams, living in fear, believing barely in themselves, or anything.

Don’t be that guy or girl who holds back and shuts down and hides their light.

The world needs you.

Collab with me, and let’s all Ryze together.



P.S. Do you like how I explain things in a fun, easy to get way? Does it seem one conversation with a wise man like me could help you rocket forward on things that are troubling you? Does it feel like I can unlock your power in a way that brings solid results into your life?

Did you read this post and think "Damn, this guys is the shit?"


(Note: The Work With Me page was written as a team – together with my uber-sexy, uber-talented copywriter Jen, to ensure that YOU have a FUN experience with it – so do yourself a favor, check it out.)

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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