Quick — Name 3 things everybody thinks about, but rarely talks about.

Here’s mine:

Masturbation, anger, and suicide.

Now think about that…

7 billion people on the planet, all caring and thinking and feeling deeply about these topics – but no one expressing anything about it.

  • Maybe they hate these things – but no one will say “I hate anger.”
  • Maybe they’re confused about it – but no one will say “yes, I’m confused about it.”
  • Maybe they’re hungry for one of ‘em – yes, it happens, there are time’s when people feel like “yes I really wanna jack off” or “yes, I really feel like ending it all.” –

It doesn’t mean they’ll act on them, but these are totally valid feelings, that can and often need to be, expressed.

And there are billions of words on the net, but none of them are really touching on this stuff.

How can we talk about every topic under the sun, except masturbation, anger, and sucide?

It’s weird.

Do you need to read another article about “Hurricane Sandy?” or “Halloween?”

Is what you really need, another inspirational speech telling you to ryze up?

Because I can do that too.

But I bet the reason millions of listeners listen to Eminem songs, is ‘cause he talks real talk and expresses real feelings about the things everyone’s too timid and shy and repressed about.

It’d surprise you how many people invite me to write a post, and then reject my article when I send it to them.

I’ve had them rejected because they talk about sex.

I’ve had them rejected because of swearing.

I’ve had them rejected because I talk about death.

I’ve had tons of rejection, and I’m proud of it.

You can hang with anyone you want, read what you want, and say whatever you want — but who in society has the personal power to say what needs to be said, and to shine light on things that we all hide in the darkness?

Well… I do that, and I’m proud of it.

Hopefully you like it.

Hopefully you like me for me.

Hopefully you see the beauty, power, and value in what I share.

Hopefully you don’t snap or judge or run away.

But hey, it’s cool if you do. I’ve had my share of haters, some of them my own ‘family’ and ‘friends’ 🙂

See… sometimes people need to horribly overreact when they encounter a new idea, or a different behavior.

It’s all good.

I’m here to help people move forward, and to do my part to help shift attitudes and make peace with certain parts of life that have been neglected.

And I feel that we could all use someone speaking frankly, clearly, and directly about it.

So… that being said.

Today I’m gonna talk to you about “suicide.”

I know, I know, this is “heavy shit”, right?

Well, it doesn’t have to be.

Everybody breathes, and that’s not a heavy topic.

Everybody smiles, and that’s not a heavy topic.

Everybody dies, and … it can be an easy topic too.

And I’m gonna make it easier for you, by giving you some real talk about it, from someone who’s been there, more than once.

See, I’ve gone through some pretty intense times lately.

And I feel pretty confident in saying this: they’re times that would make most people feel suicidal.

Some people say I shouldn’t “talk about other people”.


I’m not gonna pretend like hugs don’t feel great to most people.

I’m not gonna pretend that homelessness, failure, arrest, betrayal, loneliness, and being robbed all in the same year or so doesn’t make someone feel like giving up on life.

Those things happened to me, and they brought those feelings up for me, and I bet they would for you too.


I’m still here, sharing my story with you, so clearly, I didn’t act strongly on those feelings, but I did feel them, and admit them, and express them – which is totally different from most.

But how many people are gonna share this kind of thing with you?

#1 Wealthiest, youngest female rap star, Nicki Minaj, lived dark times. Life was stomping on her dream, and basically suggesting she’d not be able to fulfill her life purpose.

“I kept having doors slammed on my face,” Minaj recalled of her pre-fame struggles. “I felt like nothing was working. I had moved out on my own, and here I was thinking I’d have to go home. It was one dead end after another. At one point, I was, like, ‘What would happen if I just didn’t wake up?’ That’s how I felt. Like maybe I should just take my life?” – Cosmopolitan Interview

If it’s okay for Nick Minaj to feel intense feelings, and to speak of ’em, why can’t others?

See, part of living your life, using the power of your story, and being the unique person you are… is acknowledging your reality and experiences.

Most people try to pretend some part of their life doesn’t exist, and it holds them back, big time.

So, I’m gonna give you the steps you need to transform the most painful parts of your life, like suicidally wanting to give up.

They can’t tell you this stuff on the Suicide Hotline because they have so much red tape.

Okay, that’s not exactly why… ‘cause if you look deeper into *why* there’s so much red tape, it’s because people are overly sensitive, they won’t take responsibility for their own thoughts and feelings, and basically… most people’ve got no balls.

We live in a society that continually hides their real thoughts + feelings.

We live in a society that tries so hard to be civilized robots, that they forgot they’re actual human beings.

And yes, the people around you want to help you, but they don’t really know how.

Because real love means being honest, telling the big truths, and sometimes the truths hurt.

Either way, the point is — it’s easy to transform pain and issues, but no one teaches this stuff.

Surprise, surprise, right?

Step 1 – Acknowledging Reality.

  • This means acknowledging how you feel about your current circumstances.
  • This means not putting a happy face on things.
  • This means expressing, as healthily as you can, whatever you’re feeling.

If you’re cheating on someone, then admit it to yourself. If you’re in debt, admit it, own it. Make peace with it.

The easiest way I’ve found to do this is to believe something like:

“Well, life’s a giant mystery, I’m not exactly sure how I ended up here, but I’m cool with it. This is my life, and I’m sure it’s for a reason.”

This may or may not work for you, but “I bet” you’ve never tried it, and it’s worth a try.

It’s super important that you acknowledge and make peace with stuff.

Step 2 – Letting Go

*This step is basically automatic, once you’ve done step one.

If you acknowledge your feelings about something – they change – usually pretty fast.

How many feelings really stay the same, once you embrace them?

For example, if you get pissed at someone for ‘abandoning’ you, and you try and act civil, or you always hide it from others, or you make yourself numb to it, that thing is gonna be a huge issue in your life.

The thing you hide will be a secret you’re always walking on eggshells around.

Do you want to walk on eggshells, always avoiding certain topics?

Does that sound like freedom?

Hiding things will hold you back in life. Period.

It’s important to acknowledge ’em, and let ’em go.

Celebrities are pretty good at “letting go”, ‘cause they’ll take a sex-scandal or some ‘faux pas’ that most people would hide, and they’ll just acknowledge it in interviews and stuff.


How do you know if you’ve let it go?

You’re deeply, totally, 100% ready to talk about/joke about it with others, and you’ve most likely already done that, and proved it to yourself.

Step 3 – Moving Forward

The last step is “moving forward.”

Most people don’t acknowledge their anger or pain, they hide it, they won’t let it go, and they stay stuck, never moving forward.

This kinda sucks, and you can do better, and it’s easy.

Easy, easy, easy.

It takes no time, no money, and none of the things that usually hold you back are involved.

It’s just acknowledging, letting go, and moving on.

How do you know if you’ve moved on?

Because when you’ve moved on… you can discuss the ‘issue’ any time.

You can admit it, you can even joke about it.

There are people who were in jail, and for awhile, they tried to hide it, but once they’ve let go and moved forward they can make jokes about “their convict days.”

There are peeps who’ve been cheated on, and for a while, it’s a big issue, but once they’ve moved on they can joke:

“Lol, I was a punk kid, and I didn’t know how to handle myself in relationships, and now I’ve learned… ‘life lesson #146: spot potential cheaters a mile away, and don’t stand for that, period’. Smart, right?”

THAT’S moving forward.

So… now that you understand how to embrace ‘intense pain’ and issues…

…let’s apply it to suicidal feelings.

I said earlier that everyone feels this stuff at some point in life.

And there’s a very, very good reason for this.

People are free, powerful, and able to decide.

Being free, powerful, and able to decide means that we always have the “option” of heading to the grave a bit early.

This feeling happens when people feel so stuck, so limited, so crushed and held down that they feel powerless.

If I feel powerless, then I almost desperately wanna feel better.

And I can feel better, but only through the steps above: acknowledgement, letting go, moving forward.

So I gotta acknowledge: “I feel powerless and crushed, and I’d rather die than live a life like this.”

If I pretend like “no, it’s not possible, I can’t take my own life”, then I’m basically limiting myself, restricting my freedom, closing down my options, and showing that I’m unable to die for something I believe in.

But if I feel the misery, and I admit to myself that “yes, right now, I feel like ending it all, and I really, really do have the option and power to do this…” all of a sudden, my feelings change, and I feel more powerful.

Instead of feeling crushed and stuck and hopeless, all of sudden, almost like magic – I feel like “hey, at least there’s one way out.”

I feel like there’s some hope of change or relief.

Oh sure, it’s not my #1 choice.

And the chances of me actually doing it are very slim, just like most of the population of the planet.

Because that’s the thing:

Everyone *feels* like ending it sometime, but almost *none* will actually do so.

As well, following the process I’ve outlined here, lessens the chances of that happening even more!

Feeling these things is part of being human and realizing birth, death, and mortality.

So how come I’m the only one speaking up for humanity?

How come only I talk about the fact that anger, loneliness, horniness, etc. are part of life, and actually contribute to life, in their own ways.

I dunno, but I do know what’s simple: People have feelings.

So let’s stop repressing and hiding them.

Figure out a healthy way to express them.

I’m practically begging you.

You can do it here, at Ryze. I don’t judge, I embrace everything.

Isn’t life easier with more people embracing and sharing fresh outlooks like this?

Food for thought.


Ryze Success Coachnig

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