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Are you here for the story on this?


‘Ents get pussy’ is an exaggeration, but there’s truth inside —and we’ll get to it— but first I’m gonna share the story of how Evan Carmichael Saved My Biz.

Take The Plunge

I'd been thrown away by everyone.

And I'd never had a true mentor.
Any ‘mentors’ I had treated me like shit.

3 prominent digital personalities loved my work, & took advantage of it, to a point.

I won’t name names.

They were too small-minded to see what we could accomplish if they had a little more faith & ambition.


Them giving up on me was the best thing that could’ve happened.

'Cause it lead to an entrepreneurial god.

I'm not kidding, Evan Carmichael lives, breathes, & believes #entrepreneur.
Evan Carmichael Headshot Soho Dell
It’s cray, his mind thinks in business models.

And instead of advice —which I’d already tried anyway— Evan believed in me.

He gave me opportunity, understanding, and appreciation.

He became an ideal client, close friend, & inspiring mentor— all at once.

At a time when I had none of those things.

(He also helped me craft my pitch.)

Dude walks the talk.

He's thrown away 6-figure advertising income to do what's right.
Evan believes that passion sustains business.

Evan believes that modelling success makes it easier.

Evan believes that entrepreneurs need gratitude.

And he shares bold truths, like 95% Need No Advertising $.

But some brands, like Disney, are family friendly. Some leaders, like Evan, share great ideas on mostly… ‘safer’ topics.

And like with Disney cartoons, there’s some topics we’ll just never see covered by EC.


But it’s OK.

'Cause fresh views on taboos is ryze's domain.

And the truth will set you free, so let's talk truth.
And that brings us back to the image at the top of this page.

Entrepreneurs Get Laid | Thumbnail | Ryze

Yes it’s not completely true— being an entrepreneur doesn’t automatically get you laid.

But I made it to get peeps talking.

I made it to get you to realize a deeper truth that affects entrepreneurs.

One that society’s too shy or P.C. to talk about, but that’s been true since caveman times and still is today.

What am I talking about? The fact that…

Power & beauty are two sides of the same coin.

And that's why entrepreneurs have an easier time getting pussy than store-clerks.
It’s true, but most peeps’ll do anything to avoid talking about it, let alone admit the truth and apply it.

There’s a reason that powerful guys get hot chicks & beautiful women get ‘ballers— vice-versa.


It’s natural, and not worth fighting against.

Just like gravity.

Nobody fights gravity. They don’t rage about it’s unfairness. They use it to build stuff, play sports, and run turbines. They admit it exists.

Same thing for power & beauty.

And entrepreneurs are at the heart.

Being one... opens doors.
When I was a kid, me and my siblings were all placed in (or considered for) ‘the gifted program.’

My fam’s crazy talented & intelligent.

Raised as conservative Christian-types, we bought into a lot of society’s bullshit about school, jobs, marriage, etc.

And none of us were entrepreneurs.

So I had to learn some key lessons the hard way— choosing to be an entrepreneur builds character. It’s a bold, scary choice that makes you a better person.


Being an entrepreneur is a declaration of power.

Being an entrepreneur is living life on your own terms.

Being an entrepreneur is standing up for your own value and trusting that life’ll somehow reward you for it.

  • Being the #1 authority in your life is powerful.
  • Creating something valuable from nothing is powerful.
  • Following your heart to serve society is powerful.

If an entrepreneur has a problem, he’s free to make moves towards solving it. If an entrepreneur has an odd quirk or personality trait, he doesn’t have to hide it to keep his job or please a boss, he can own it and use it.

To be an entrepreneur is valuable, and value is attractive.

  • Being at the beck-and-call of a boss is weak.
  • Smushing your contribution into an obligatory 40 hours is weak.
  • Squeezing your passions into evenings & weekends is weak.

Putting dreams aside to ‘survive’, ‘fit-in’, or ‘get by’ is a turn-off.

If you wanna spend your life around beautiful women, appreciate their value, and match it.

And before someone says “OMG, this is so sexist, all women are beautiful!” please understand:

Yes, all nature's flowers are beautiful...

...but many of us prefer roses (and that's OK.)

I’m bored of the “everyone’s beautiful” arguments.

Yes. We get it.

Everyone’s beautiful in their own way.

Yes, even the worst song created by the most tone-deaf kid, is a beautiful step on their journey to creating a masterpiece.

But does that mean you wanna fill your ipod with it?

Let’s admit that some things are more enjoyable to give airtime in our lives.

Like, say… vibrant flowers, musical masterpieces, and hot chicks.

And why do hot chicks prefer powerful partners?

‘Cause they know, understand, & believe that they have more options.

If you went to a buffet, would you choose the stale unknown slop under the heat lamp that’s been sitting there forever, or savor the delicious fresh-caught, organic rice & salmon?


Who wouldn’t prefer a mate who enriches their lives with deeper, adventurous, meaningful experiences?

Who’d choose to be with a guy who aims low, plays small, and avoids their potential?

I mean, maybe I’m wrong, but the choice seems so insanely simple, it’s silly.

Since the dawn of time, power attracts beauty.

And beauty attracts power.
Powerful peeps have an easier time attracting beauty.

It’s really not complicated, and I don’t see it changing— do you?

It’d be weird if beauty was attracted to powerlessness.

“Oh, look at that sexy chick! She’s soooo attracted to that weak, directionless, whining guy who contributes the bare minimum in some job he can barely tolerate.”

Self-made men who forge their own life, identity, and value are powerful.

It’s badass & self-empowering to go on that journey. A trial by fire like that can’t help but refine passions, purify hearts, and clearly demonstrates value.

It’s mind-blowingly attractive.

It’s why kings were more attractive than dukes and lords, who were more sought after as mates than serfs.

It’s a universal force, and it’s always been this way.

Sure our society doesn’t exactly have kings anymore, but we have captains of industry. We don’t have dukes & lords, but we have entrepreneurs.

We have people who’ve made an impact, grown their power, and clearly touched many lives with their contributions.


Maybe you can find an exception. Maybe power doesn’t get beauty in every single case— but it’s smart to admit they’re related, and that their root lies in value.

Still not convinced?

There's even law of attraction shit at work.

Valuable, entrepreneurial minds attract valuable, beautiful bodies.
Value, value, value.

Powerful men are valuable, beautiful women are valuable, period.

They uplift many as they move through life.

Someone who’s spent their life aiming to serve customers better is valuable. An entrepreneur creating jobs, investing heavily in others, and bringing solutions to a hungry market is valuable.

How valuable is whining about work? How valuable is working in a job you hate, then zoning out with TV? How valuable is a body-neglecting, bitter feminist who rages at every aspect of society she can find?

If you wanna attract high-value chicks, you gotta be valuable yourself. Like attracts like.


Some peeps pretend that hot girls are shallow, that we shouldn’t want ’em. Some pretend that successful entrepreneurs are just ‘buying’ beauty.

Some people are blind to the truth.

And I was one of ’em.

I used to judge successful people.

I trash-talked the world's powerful & beautiful.
When I was a teen I felt rich guys didn’t deserve beautiful women. I felt playful models who lived for fashion were worth less than ‘smart’ girls.

But these peeps are desired by (& inspiring to) to many.

They’re highly valued.

Don’t like it? Change it. Once upon a time tattooed chicks weren’t in demand, SuicideGirls helped change that.

But whining that person A or group B don’t deserve what they have is arrogant, elitist, martyr shit.

That was me as a kid.

I was jealous. I was blind.

But… whatever denial I was living in wouldn’t change the truth: Value attracts value.

Just like with gravity, we can pretend it’s magic not physics, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s true & it applies.

Dismissing gravity is…uh… pretty dumb, and unless the truth is acknowledged, a person probably won’t get very far, and may end up as a splat on the ground.

Same goes for this truth: power attracts beauty.

We can bitch & moan all day that “that’s not how it should be”, but it won’t change things.


Limbless Nick Vujicic got the gorgeous Kanae Miyahara. Film mogul Harvey Weinstein got fashion-model Georgina Chapman. And there’s ample celebs who either built their own power, inherited it, or a combination of both. See Jay-Z & Beyonce, or Kanye & Kim.


C’mon, it’d be ridiculous for someone as beautiful as Beyonce to marry some uninspired store-clerk with zero ambition who delivers his bare minimum value to the world.

Power gets beauty, value gets value, like gets like.

You feel me?

Well… here’s a chick who gets the value-power-beauty relationship.

Well said, Aella.

So... do entrepreneurs really get pussy?

Well, it ain't guaranteed, but it's way easier.
So this?

Entrepreneurs Get Laid | Thumbnail | Ryze

It’s a pretty solid guideline.

And don’t worry if you’re currently in a job— this can still help you.

‘Cause the whole idea here is less about position, and more about confidence & self-esteem.

It’s less about external prizes, and more about internal value.

It’s less about being an entrepreneur, and more about being your own person.

Reality is we’re all human, and…

We're all entrepreneurs.

We're all born as masters of our own lives.
We all control the value we give to others.

You work for yourself, not for your boss.

Your boss is really your main client, who hires you to provide certain services & solutions.

You control who you work for.

Yes, unemployment sucks, but if it happens, just like an entrepreneur you still have to find a new client (‘boss’).

You decide your value.


Being an employee these days is about providing value. There’s no loyalty or job security.

You can limit your value through your career choices, or amplify it, and it’s a deciding factor in who you attract.

And the really inspiring part of all this?

It doesn’t mean non-standard body types can’t become mainstream. It doesn’t mean people in jobs can’t be self-made.

It just means that power and beauty are related.

And they’re also inside all of us.

No matter who you are or what your circumstances, you can increase your value.

You can take steps to become more powerful, beautiful —or both— and that attracts others.

Doing so’ll keep opening doors for you.

And there’s no ceiling to stop you.


Note: This was inspired by Evan.

He continually helps me ryze & increase my value to the world.
And I’m thankful for it.

This all started ’cause I wanted to test some of the principles in the book, Conversational Capital, and see if I could apply ’em to Evan’s #believe movement.


I wanted more peeps to know about the life-changing stuff Evan offers.

I wanted to get entrepreneurs shared and talked about.

I wanted to help.

But “Entrepreneurs get pussy” isn’t really audience- or brand- appropriate for Evan, so here it is on ryze.

Maybe it worked, maybe it didn’t, either way, I’m thankful.

I’m thankful for the chance to share. I’m thankful for the world’s entrepreneurs. I’m thankful that Evan inspired me to create this.

And even though you won’t catch him talkin’ ’bout how ents get laid… he still offers a huge library of resources for entrepreneurs.

Amazing stuff, and I’m not the only one who thinks so.

Evan’s website has 20+ million visits.
Evan’s youtube has ~5 million views.
Evan’s twitter approaches a quarter million followers.

They’re my goto beyond Entrepreneur.com, Inc. Magazine, or even Fast Company. In fact, lately I’ve been starting my day with his #entspresso morning video series.

Join the #believenation— use Evan’s tools to power-up your value…

…(& get some high-value pussy.)

*And special thanks to Lynx and Jennifer Price for feedback/proofs/edits 🙂
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