Fire Your Doctor, Eat Like Charlie Sheen, And Win At Life Intro

So what do famous people do, health-wise?

Well, famous people don’t do things that your ‘average’ person does. Simple, right?

They think different. 

They live different.

Fame Meets Health

Their level of ‘health’ is different.  They have a million little habits from when they brush their teeth, go to bed, and how they approach snacks, just like you do, and some of those habits have powerfully helped in their success.  

Take a look below to get a feel for it.

I love seeing us all benefit from being open-minded to new ways of success: one of those ways, is flipping perspectives that no longer work, and adopting a new one that puts the win in our days.

There are celebrities who eat whatever they want, and who’s body shape and youthfulness defy comprehension.


  • Jessica Simpson, known for her gorgeous smile, and who runs the Operation Smile foundation, does not brush her teeth. How can she be famous for her gorgeous smile and NOT brush her teeth? How does her body accomplish this?
  • The IceMan has run marathons in icy wastelands — naked. How?
  • Drake ingests a lot more ‘unhealthy substances’ than most people – "I don’t have to work in the morning so I always stay for 1 more / fuck what they say, I’m telling you there’s no side effects I’m sure."
  • Beyonce once went 3 days without eating in front of her team while working on a choreography, 50 Cent made a movie and a soundtrack during the same time period, and didn’t sleep during it.

Then there’s authors:

  • Tim Ferriss recently released The Four Hour Body, which blows the doors off of fitness, demonstrating that superhuman feats can be accomplished in about 4 hours.
  • Geneen Roth’s Women, Food & God book is all about how thought, emotion, and attitude have MORE effect on one’s body than exercise or diet, DRASTICALLY.

And it’s not just celebrities…

  • There are native tribes who live on ‘strange diets’ – fat and blubber, raw meat, etc. and maintain impressive fitness.
  • There are monks in China who live on chicken and potatoes and bread, but are in supreme condition.
  • Stan Lee’s "Superhumans" is a show that focuses on world-records for body-accomplishment: superhumans, basically.
  • There are supermodels and athletes who by the way they party, by all means should be unhealthy, but are not.
  • France is known for it’s incredibly rich food (wine, cream, cheese), and also incredibly attractive women. How do these things co-exist in the same culture?

The list goes on…

How About You?

Are you aware of your habits and attitudes about health, which reflect how successful you are, physically?   It all has something to do with a mindset that you can tap into, at this very moment, whether you are eating Doritos or a tub of Haagen Dazs.

So get psyched for a new way of health. You’re looking for fresh sexy-ass ideas, and Ryze delivers. Want to see a really interesting set of ideas? <grin> Check out "Mr. Controversy", Charlie Sheen. Charlie just lives… very differently, but he is successful materially and seems pretty happy and healthy.

Charlie Sheen Tiger Blood Video Thumbnail

In the Charlie Sheen video, you see him describe his absolute trust in his own health and self-confidence at his way of living. He says its not only possible, but great. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone so confident in the face of so much aggressive hate. He doesn’t justify it, he doesn’t explain it, and he just… "lives different."

I know you can see past the interviewer’s judgment, disdain, and lack of respect for Mr. Sheen, and see deeper the man who claims to have “Tiger Blood.” I’ll admit that’s a really hilarious thing to say, but is there something more to it? Does his attitude change things?

Science is filled with studies that consistently show examples of people who defy doctor-diagnosis: cancer-survivors, HIV-survivors, placebo tests, etc., and basically every single one of them had a positive, success-focused mindset.

Getting back to Sheen, what’s even more interesting, is that what I’ve seen of his workout routine, energy levels, and presence would put most healthy, people to shame.

Charlie Sheen Health Success Video Thumbnail

There are physical specimens who defy all kinds of beliefs. The IceMan certainly believes cold is not really an issue. Charlie Sheen believes he can rock hard and win all day, drugs or not.

What I’m saying is… if you don’t think stuff like “I have Tiger Blood”, how ready are you really, for physical achievement?

(And no, we are not doctors, and we’re not recommending that you do drugs and have sex with pornstars, Sheen-style, but do trust your body and your own intuition on what makes your feelings ryze, and your health and well-being will thrive, no matter what age or health limits you people tell you about).

The point?

You’re awesome, you’re ballin’, human beings can do more than most people realize… and you personally can do more physically, so act more like it.

Drop excuses, quit whining, stop limiting your what you want to do. Enjoy life, other people can show you how πŸ˜›

So how about you, do you have anything you really love to do that heaven might not ‘approve of’ health-wise? Be a little more badass than usual – share some stories πŸ™‚

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