Age Is Not A Weakness

"I’m pretty cool for my age, right?"

"Well you know, I’m getting older so…"

"I feel so old!"


What. The. F***?

I want to start with that.

What the f***?

When did our bodies become something we have zero power over?

What happened to mind over matter? What happened to laughter being the best medicine?

When did our bodies become prisons that we slowly decay in while we maintain an undercurrent of complaining, instead of a blessing to live a fantastic life in?

It feels like the world has somehow stopped improving their metabolism. They’ve dropped aiming higher for their lives, with the excuse that "time is passing" and "I’m too old for [blank]."

I call bullshit.

Because the youthful peeps are all around us.

And I don’t mean kids.

People living in youthful ways are everywhere, you just need to copy them.

They really are, if you care, if you’re paying attention. If you’ll stop bitching about years flying by and drop your "I’m-a-victim-of-my-body" mindset.

Here, let me help you.

There’s Chizu Saeki, who teaches youthful skin in a visionary way that no one else does.

There’s people like Keanu Reeves & Jennifer Lopez, or classics like Audrey Hepburn & Bettie Page.

There’s incredible examples like the guy and girl below.

Click to enlarge! – Images first found at

*Apparently the guy used steroids, but I don’t think it’s a deal-breaker for the point, and worst come to worst, I could replace him with Ernestine Shepard.

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And I could do this all day.

I could make a career out of highlighting and displaying people who make age look like a joke.

They’re everywhere, you probably know some, but write them off as "lucky".

Is that so you don’t have to take steps, and actually study these people and how they live? How they think?

And the funny thing? Even if I provide tons of examples, people will still write them off as "genetic freaks", and they won’t even bother to dig deeper and see if there’s common patterns.

You skip ’em & dismiss ’em, don’t cha?

If you’re like most people, you pay little attention to these fantastically youthful people, and that’s okay. I did too.

  • Most people won’t notice that each of these people have insanely positive mindsets about what’s possible.
  • They’ll fail to see that each of these people spins obstacles into advantages.
  • They’ll miss that each of these people started with a small step to transform, maintain, and uplift themselves, and then grew habits that altered their biology.

Or the people who turn disability into an advantage, like the legless guy who was allowed to race, then won the competiton, and then was disqualified for an unfair advantage.

[below, a video of stand-up comedian Katt Williams riffing on this hard. – 10+ million views.]


The guy who brilliantly triumphed what to most people is a crushing disability, and who was openly allowed to race, was disqualified because he triumphed too mcuh?


There are monks in China who can make the blood in their body flow into their hands, making their fists bigger, heavier, and more powerful. There’s the iceman, who can mind-over-matter himself naked through any subzero temperature.

And don’t even get me started on how people like Mick Jagger, Charlie Sheen, and The Weeknd live.

Please, bring up age in every sentence!

I’m kidding. I’m being tongue-in-cheek. Sarcastic, even.

Because the people who bring up age, even the people who THINK they’re positive about they’re age… are usually shooting themselves in the foot.

They say stuff like "I look good, for my age."

This is a loaded statement.

It sounds SO positive.

But what they really want to say is "I look good, period", but they compare themselves to some youthful 20-year old, figure looking like that’s a hopeless dream, and settle for saying "well, I’m pretty good (even though I’d secretly LOVE to look and feel more youthful."

They’ll say "I’m young at heart."

Another loaded statement.

‘Cause what they’re really saying is "Hey, ‘inside’ I feel pretty young, and I try to do lots of fun stuff, but my body just isn’t youthful, and probably will never reflect my inside-feeling."

It’s cool, I accept it, it’s where people are at, and maybe they’re not ready to dream bigger right now.

That’s fine.

But you know what I’d love?

I’d love it if people would just start saying "I look and feel good, I do, and I’ll look and feel even better tomorrow, ’cause that’s how I roll."


I’d love to hear them saying "I don’t really listen to my ‘government recorded age’ because I know age is my decision. It’s a number, bitches, and I’m forever 21 :D"

I’d love to hear something different than the subtle bitching and thinly-veiled I’m-a-victim-of-my-own-body-oh-no crap.

Yes, we all age & die, I get it, I don’t need you subtly bringing it up as an excuse for not aiming high.

Does aging + dying really have to play out in the shitty way most people think, or maaaaaybe, might their be – gasp! – another way?

Maybe it’s something to look into, investigate, explore and experiment with, instead of giving up in resignation?

I’d love to hear your views, and I’d love for this fresh perspective to reach more of the world, mostly cuz I’m selfish and want a world of beautiful people to live in, at least a little more than we have… (for me… not necessarily everyone :P)

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