This is some real talk. I’m not polishing it like I usually do, and if you don’t like honesty, skip this post and check out one like How To Watch More TV – And Succeed (Community).

You’ve been warned 😀


Overall, I’m a pretty happy guy 🙂 People like it 😉

In fact, I’m kinda famous for it.

I’m masterful at seeing the good in alllll kinds of stuff.

It generally blows people minds.

This doesn’t mean I’m a robot though — I have feelings.

And I’d like to share some of mine with you 🙂

Confession time:

Somehow I let my life get to a place with very little fun and variety.

I mostly work. Work, work, work.

I started out super-fun, sure. I’ve always been able to make life (or work) a party, and people enjoy it.

I love being fun. I love joking. I love smiling. I love laughing. I love succeeding.

In high-school my house was the party house, and somehow I ended up organizing pretty much every passionately fun gathering in my group. I always believed life could be filled with fun.

Somehow though, I’ve ended up only having people around me having fun when I was working to keep it that way.

I’m down to like… one or two people in my inner-circle who I feel comfortable having fun with.

And I don’t blame anyone for that, we all do what we do, follow our paths and get to where we are.

I told you I work a lot, and it’s very true. I do, it’s one of the funnest things for me. I’ve output more content in 3 months than many people do in years.

  • 140,000+ words.
  • 3000+ comments.
  • 80 posts.
  • 46 pages.
  • 40 newsletters.
  • 30+ videos.
  • 4 products.
  • 4 bonuses.
  • And who knows how many images.

In 3 months, bitches. And they’re higher quality than almost everything out there, and not just according to me.

And that’s okay, because I love my work. In the zone. I love creating and sharing with others. I love innovating and executing. I love rocking on and ryzing up.

I have fun with my work, my business, my brand … but I really want a team to have fun with me. I want people in my life who bring a lot to the table and have fun doing it.

I’ve opened my heart and brought many people on board, and they hang for a sec, but only so long as I keep the fun going. "Yeah Jay! Let’s collaborate, it’ll be fun. But you know, only if it doesn’t call for any guts or unpopular decisions. If it’s gonna piss off my other friends or family and ruin my old comfort zone, well… fuck fun, I’d rather keep the status quo."

And bam, they take off. Back to mom. Back to whatever.

It’s at the point where it feels like I have to be fun. I’m always responsible for keeping things fun.

"Jay’s the fun guy! He’ll do all the heavy-lifting, he’ll stay positive, we don’t even have to try and make it fun."

[tweetherder]I want fun conversations. I want fun contributions. I want fun celebrations.

Every crazy decision I’ve made in my life was done to help people have as much fun as possible, the best ways I knew how at the time.

And I keep growing and learning, and now I teach others to be positive, and to be badass.

But it takes two. I can’t do all the work, I can’t do it all for you. In fact, I can’t do any of it for you. If you want a fun life, you have to make changes.

You have to step out of comfort zones.

I do. I write really, really personal shit to people online and invite them to respond.

I’m pretty sure my ‘friends and family’ watch on voyeuristically, but who knows.

I’d love to connect with them, but I’m not talking about bullshit to do it.

I want to talk about life, ryzing up, helping the world and having fun doing it. I wanna laugh and joke about stuff that matters. I wanna move forward in business, friendships, and life.

I opened an e-mail recently from someone who should be very close to me. It was one of the rare few e-mails he sends, and they mostly consist of links to funny videos.

Well, this time he went a bit further, and the first sentence out his fingers were focused on how expensive life is.

I’m glad he shared more than a link-bait video for once, but that’s bare minimum. That’s not cutting it.

Is it so hard to talk about something fun? Or engage deeper? Or ask sincerely about Ryze — which is clearly important in my entrepreneurial life?

But it’s cool, I don’t judge – and I appreciate the e-mail, so I wrote back something about what a blessing it is to be alive, and how I’ve made it through homelessness and more

I was encouraging him to realize that life is a blessing, and that bitching about expenses is not super-helpful, and not my idea of a good time (is it anyone’s? lol)

The conversation died there, I got no response after that.

I respond to every comment on my blog, and nearly every comment I make out in the net. I respond to all Ryze students personally. I skype ‘near-strangers’ and guide them toward success in their life.

And this guy, who’s like a brother to me… sends youtube links, bitches about how expensive things are, and skips out on conversations any deeper than "Hey, remember the time when?"

I’ve invited my aunt and uncle to come see me a bunch of times. I’d re-arrange my schedule and they’d kinda just let the invitaton die. I’ve travelled to see them hundreds of times.

I had a client who was super-eager to connect, but let ridiculous fears stop her, no matter how much generosity I extended.

I’m ready to connect, I’m always here, helping everyone I can, and tons of people I cheer for in life don’t seem able or ready to really live. At least, not with me, lol.

And again, I’m not blaming anyone. I’m just sharing with you.

We all get what we get in life; I can change things. If I want more fun, I can have it.

Sometimes it feels like everyone around me only wants to talk about inflation and gossip about celebrities.

So I take a stand. There’s no place for that stuff in my life. I accept fun, open-minded goodness, period.

And it’s cool, y’know?

I’m okay with being alone, because I believe in myself. I have strength and confidence of my own.

But being alone is not my favorite thing, and I’ve done it more than enough. I prefer to rock life with a crew.

  • Most times I could use a real conversation, filled with fun flowing from everyone involved, not just me.
  • Most times I want people around who are truly, deeply eager to make time in their day and their lives not just to throw me a bone, but to take me aside and ask about my life and my feelings and connect with me.
  • Most times I wish someone passionately believed in me like I believe in me, and like I believe in humanity.

I’m at peace with it, because I’ve lived a LOT of life in a very short time, and every time I’ve lost something, I’ve gained something far better, and that’s a beautiful thing to count on 🙂

Is this the most ecstatically, blissful, life-changing e-mail to come out of Ryze?

That depends, how do you feel about honest self-expression to large amounts of people?


Have you ever felt the same way? Silently discouraged and given constant-apologies, and the bare minimum – by people you care about?

Either way, thanks for listening and if you feel like responding, hit reply, I’m here. My advice, appreciate any true friends you have, they’re so important.

I love you all, rock on and ryze up.

"Checks bounce but we bounce back
I put all the money in your accounts back
And I thank you, I dunno where I’d really be without that,
It worked out man, you deserve it." – Look What You’ve Done For Me, Drake.

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