Note: This is entry for The Letter ‘G’, and is Ryze’s contribution to The #AtoZChallenge.

Drew: What are you passionate about, J?

Jason: Drew, I told you, I’m passionate about Other People’s Passions.

I just like helping people succeed, unblock their life, and flow major moves towards their dreams.

I always have.

Whenever our fam had a good idea, I’d jump on it, elevate it, and contribute to it.

That was the basics of short chat I had with my brother a while ago.

It was a really good chat.


It picks at the edges of passion, purpose, and success-coaching, but it also hints at something deeper.

People are all born with natural tendencies, inclinations, and interests.

Some are clear to everyone since birth, some become clear as they shine more and more over time.

They’re gifts.

They’re things that others aren’t interested in and passionate about, but that the world can use.

And they’re mostly hidden.

Gifts… locked in closets and basements, or dumped into a back-corner of a mind that’s just trying to "make ends meet."

  • Writers who only write in private diaries, knowing damn well their stuff deserves to be read.
  • Beautiful women with dreams of acting, touching hearts, and moving others, who settle for 9-5 cog-and-gear McJobs.
  • Artists who simply won’t paint.

It kills me.

But worse than that…

…it butchers the economy.

The economy is the total value that humanity is creating / has created.

And we have so many of our gifted creators… refusing to step up, stand proud, and show off their gifts.

They wait for permission.

They wait for invitation.

They wait for a society that is too busy or apathetic for them.

They expect someone else to get past their fears and take the first step.

Our gifted creators hide their gifts, which is the same as wasting them.

And it’s killing our economy, which needs to move, flow, and grow.

Instead the economy stays the same, crumbling, with no new blood, status quo in decline.

(This trends pretty noticeable in Toronto, which has for a long time been "start-up unfriendly", but I’m changing it :D)

I care.

I want us all to Ryze together.

And that means stepping up, owning our gifts, and showing them off, permission be damned.

And yes, this will piss people off in your circles.

But just like getting a needle, sometimes it has to be done πŸ™‚

Thanks for reading.

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