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There is So. Much. Money.

There is.

It’s out there and it keeps growing. There’s way more now, than there was decade ago.

There are dollars waiting for you, right now, sitting in different people’s wallets and banks, and it can be yours, and it’s pretty easy. You just have to learn how to find the dollars, and how to bring them to you.

Hopefully you’ve read Ryze’s Basics Of Delivering Value (if not, check it out first).

So you know that it’s important to deliver value to others, and present it to them well.

When we present value well, we are rewarded.

Believe it, it’s a universal law, but you can make it hard on yourself, or easy on yourself. So how to make it easier? Well…

It’s Easier To Get Dollars From Those You ‘Know’

To present something well to someone, you kinda…well…need to know them.

If you give a gift to someone and you don’t know what they like, it might offend them, or they might ignore it. If you serve food to someone, and you don’t know their food allergies, they could even get sick.

If you try to sell something to an audience that you don’t know very well, what do you think might happen?

If you spend all your time creating the most awesome chococlate chip cookies, but that year everyone wants cupcakes, how well do you think you’ll do?

There are dollars out there, sitting in people’s wallets, but it won’t flow your way if you won’t take the time to get to know your people.

(note: there is an advanced version where you DON’T need to know people to deliver for them, but one step at a time…)

Two of my favourite marketing websites offer incredible help with this, and, help you to imagine your perfect person, and to really dig deep and know them, so that you can present your offers well and… rake in the dough.

Ryze offers a different perspective though – helping you to imagine a few groups of people you might connect well with.

This gives more freedom, more variety, and it doesn’t pin you down.

At the same time, you’re going to rank each group, so that you’ll still have a clear focus.

This is all heavily inspired by Trump Marketing 101, but sexified and refined – let’s get to it πŸ™‚

How Well Do You Really Know Your People?

Oh sure, everyone thinks they
"Know Their Fans Well", but do you really?

Have you studied? Lived with them? Profiled them? How much consicous-thought went into understanding your people? Have you sat down one day and figured it out? Have you thought about it every day on the bus?

In my experience… most people haven’t done these things.

Most people ASSUME they know their fans, but assumptions are a very double-edged sword.

If I asked you, right now, in face-to-face conversation, could you tell me the common patterns and trends in your fans, and how they think?

Not only that, would it flow out of your mouth cleanly and smoothly, because you know it so well?

Lady Gaga can. She can tell you about her fans, very, very clearly – intimately even. Ashton Kutcher can tell you the inner-workings of his fan’s hearts and minds.

To me, THAT is clarity. THAT is knowing your people well, and it is a vital step for success.

Why You Need To Find Your Fans, Now

You want to make money, but more than that you want to be recognized on some level.

To be recognized properly for your work, it’s important to CONNECT with people. Connection is key, just getting your stuff in front of them is almost useless.

How many ads, products and entertainment are put in-front of you everyday?

How much of it do you connect with? How much do you invest in? Only a small percentage, right? Well, that is how everyone works in the information age.

We have so much in front of us, and we can only give attention and support to things we connect with.

There’s 7 billion people in the world, and it’s guaranteed that you don’t have the resources, reach, or appeal to connect to them all. So, since you can`t possibly connect to them all, how do you direct your time, energy, and resources?

Let’s admit it, you only have the time, energy and resources to connect with a few.

Yes, you can expand – but for now it’s only fair to focus your attention on One Group At A Time.

Imagine You’re At A Party:

Imagine you’re hosting a party in your home – would you be handing a drink to someone in the kitchen, talking to someone in the living room, and pulling out chairs for the guests outside to sit… all at the same time?

You might, but it’s not something you’d keep up very long. You’re only one person and you can’t be in 2 places at once. You’d take one task at a time, give it the proper attention, and then move to the next room.

The only way you’ll really connect with your true fans is by taking manageable chunks, one group at a time – anything else is unsustainable and will quickly dissolve (probably not pleasantly).

How To Help Your People Properly…

…and get their dollars.

Let’s continue with our party metaphor. To help your people properly, you need to know what room of the house they’re in, and what they need to really enjoy the party.

This means categorizing them into groups, and focusing on them one at a time.

In a party setting, it’s pretty obvious and easy to see, with a market it might be a bit unfamiliar, and take a little more thought. That’s ok.

It may actually take you 20-30 minutes of actual deliberate thinking — but don’t worry — this post is a guide. Get psyched to find your fans with a Lady Gaga-like-clarity. Get ready to be confident and solid in using your time, money, and resources every day in an super-effective way.

Sound good? Do the exercise below and let it come to life.

Secrets Of The Profit-Makers Translated Into Plain English.

Donald Trump’s Trump University 101, has some of the clearest, simplest, most straight-forward info on how to know people.

They use language like… ‘market segmentation’.

I didn’t know what that phrase meant at first.

What is ‘market segmentation’ ? It’s so simple.

It’s just breaking your people down into manageable chunks.

And it helps, so, so, so, so much.

The graphic below is a pretty clear example, but read on for even more instruction on how to do it for yourself. (And it even works for people in jobs, you just change the groups you’re catering to into bosses, clients, co-workers, etc.)

Know Your People | Trump Inspired

Ryze's take on Trump's market segmentation - click for bigger.

We’ll run through the exercise with a musician, as an example.

In fact, let’s take a Toronto-Based Rapper, and see how he can understand his fans. (I love my city.)

As you can see from our graph, our rapper — let’s call him ‘Hardison’ — is targeting People Who Listen To Rap. Which is great, but it does NOT count as a manageable chunk.

So he proceeds to step 1, which is to brainstorm some reasonable groups. He comes up with "friends, myspace friends, mature listeners, toronto listeners, record execs."

So that’s a fantastic start.

Step 2 is to rank the groups on how attractive they are to you, and how reachable they are to you. (For example: Rich, powerful, influential celebrities might be ‘attractive’ but not very ‘reachable’ for you, right now <grin>.)

Step 3 is to get a piece of paper, divide it into 4 quarters with a ‘cross’ (horizontal line, and vertical).

The vertical axis is attractiveness, and the horizontal axis is reachability.

Then you draw a circle representing the size of the group, and their attractiveness and reachability – then label it.

That’s it! Now you have some very real clarity about who your fans are, and you can aim your energies towards how to reach them properly, with fair attention.

If you want some bonus steps you can do these (I highly recommend them):

Step 4, write down key characteristics of each group on your diagram.
Step 5 circle the group that is the most valuable to you, and whom you can easily provide the most value for.

Get Started

So there you go, a powerful start on how to easily influence attractive, reachable groups in life, and you will be rewarded for it. Yes, there are more steps to it, but a lot of the time, people have tons of value ready to share, but they have no idea who to share it with or where the dollars are.

Know where they are, know your people.

You know why it’s so important to clarify who they are. You know that groups are like ‘party-goers’, each deserving their own individual type of attention. You have an easy exercise to give you big results.

So do it.

Act now, get clear, reach your people.

And hey, if you get clear on your people – let us know who they are below, the examples will help everyone πŸ™‚

Also: I’ve had a huge response any time I walk people through this exercise 1-on-1, and if that kind of thing sounds good to you click below for coaching with me!

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