Your team’s on a mission to touch hearts, loves to spark movements, & is hungry for growth.


You’ve got a lot going for you, but these keep you up at night.



When projects aren’t growing and your message ain’t reaching who it could, you die a little inside.


You can never tell if you’re getting straight advice ’cause 99% of the world sees you as a bankroll or sex-object.


You’re succeeding and you know it, but you also know your message could be bigger & bolder.


These three qualities are absolutely vital, do you have ’em?


You’ve gotta be a lightning rod for people’s focus, a charismatic leader who gets attention.


You’ve gotta prioritize and put distractions aside so your momentum steadily grows.


You’ve gotta have vision & believe where you’re going so others can follow you to a better life.
Iconic Empire Level Symbols


Iconic symbols become a universal focus. Christianity’s Cross, Nazi’s Swastika, or the Nike Swoosh, all are compelling, contagious, meaningful symbols of their movement. Legacy-creating impact is waiting for you. All these symbols matter, does yours?


Empire-builders are great at telling their story, but few realize they’re living one too. It’s a giant myth like the world’s great epics. From Shakespeare to Star Wars the stories echoing through the ages are all grand-scale myths that feature the same key players. If you want someone to make a blockbuster film about you, your empire needs these roles filled.

Empire Players - Hero's Journey Template

J-Ryze Is Your Merlin, Modern Empire Magician


In the world of King Arthur, Merlin’s a magician who advises the King. In The 3 Kingdoms, it’s Zhuge Liang. Your empire could use a pure-hearted confidant who offers deep wisdom. One who understands the above tools, and gives fresh views on life’s taboos. He’s a crystal-clear mirror for leaders to bounce their ideas off, test their choices against, and express their feelings too. Get one & ryze.



And I’m the ‘Merlin’ to your King Arthur.

Filtering noise. Distilling truths. Sparking mastery.

My place with empire-builders is pure trust & respect for each others’ authority.

When the time’s right, we’ll talk.

For now, read on to see how ready you are!



Advisors like me are a rare breed (& hopefully you are too). Connecting with these
private, mysterious individuals takes a unique attitude. Do you have what it takes?


A Merlin gives great ideas, but with the burden of growth, & only extra-aware people value ’em.


An open, receptive mindset’s required to benefit from wise, creative contributions.


Fresh views on taboos means new options & directions. It’s on you to experiment & execute well.


Want an agenda-free advisor? Be a match by serving your people & team. Love gets love.


Advice given’s only as good as the person who receives it. If you don’t
have the budget, platform, purpose, or team to use it, it’s wasted.



Impotent, uninspiring goals don’t hold the energy to power an empire. Aim higher.


Refined wisdom is wasted on those without at least a basic platform to leverage it.


Your mission needs a message to advise toward & relate to. Stand for it.


Cashflow’s the life-blood of an empire, let it flow like a king & reward well.

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Leaders Loathe ‘The Leap.’

A core reason you may feel ‘less than ready’ to ryze.

Steve’s eyes widened as I furiously scrawled on his napkin. Miles away, tears streamed down Jess’s face.

These two were related, and this Wednesday afternoon, I was the link.

I’d trudged through the snowy Toronto terrain to talk to both of them, one meeting after another.

Jess & Steve were early-stage leaders and I could see their potential to ryze, but I’ll come back ’round to their story later, first I wanna dedicate this piece to them.

I love all you leaders from the bottom of my heart.

Yes, you.

You’re one of the few peeps I can be myself around.

I used to think I was one of you.

I was arrogant, self-righteous and astonishingly intelligent, and I thought my Sherlock-Holmes-mind made me better, more talented, and more fit to lead.

And I was wrong.

And that mistake led me to jail, years of homelessness, and total isolation as I failed to lead others, while neglecting to seek out true leaders I could help.

Truth is, I wasn’t put on this earth to lead– at least not on the scale of the world’s most impressive, impactful leaders.

Even though I acted like it… I didn’t really wanna lead. I just wanted a life full of leaders.

I wanted to advise leaders.

The Empire-builders.

If you’re reading ryze, chances are you’re a leader and you matter. And chances are you don’t realize it deeply quite enough yet.

So pay attention while I drop some truthbombs.

Many of the best leaders are reluctant & hesitant. They’re loving people, blessed with tons of power, but they don’t see themselves as the hero, and they downplay their gifts.

They’re often too humble or too self-deprecating. Jess & Steve fall into this category. You might too. And I aim to give the hard truths people avoid. Truth is…

Leaders are heroes.

You’re a hero.

You’re the hero of your own life.

It’s your life, your individuality, no one else’s.

So be humble if you want, act like you’re not special, but you can’t really touch the world until you accept the truth.

So let’s take step one together, let’s accept that you’re the hero of this story.

Yes you’ll attract many others as you build your empire, who’ll come and go, and the only thing that’ll be there through the entire journey (just like a character in an epic story) is YOU.

You’re the hero.

Possibly even King, Queen, or President… even if you’re not quite there yet. You’re born to lead and you’ll grow and ryze your empire.

But you have to admit your role, and take your leap first.

So what’s your leap?

Well, let’s get back to Jess & Steve, to see how our budding young leaders measure up to a mature one: Eben.

All three are clients of mine, and unlike Jess & Steve, Eben is further along in his path.

Eben’s a bold, established, committed leader who’s already accepted his role, and taken his leap.

He’s also my most exhilarating, fastest growing client so far.

He overflows huge value to everyone in his empire. He takes their contributions, multiplies ‘em, and sends ‘em back.

And because Eben’s already taken his leap, he’s able to receive every ounce of wisdom I can give.

Jess & Steve can only receive a trickle. I can’t help as much, ’cause they haven’t leapt.

I’ve given more ideas, advice, and energy to Eben’s empire in the last year than I’ve given to all my past clients combined. I love it, he loves it, and all his fans and followers benefit.

And in response to my advice, Eben’s changed his brand direction, made-up new words, expanded his team, and much more.

Past fear, he moved courageously forward.

And he did it on his own. But because he’d made his leap, I’m able to work my magic.

Because he bridged the gap, we can ryze together.

Jess & Steve both talked to me today of feeling called toward something.

She spoke of her “excitement level” and “feeling tired & frustrated” in her day job. He spoke of choosing between his secure schoolboard job or diving into his real estate business.

They wanna be like Eben, a leader touching many hearts, and they have the right ingredients.

And I wanna help ’em too, but I can only help leaders who’ve already made the leap.

Those who haven’t leapt are holding back their value, when they could be boldly leading the way, blazing a trail, and bridging the gap for others.

It’s selfish.

Very few are blessed with the charismatic humility to handle being a leader. Being a lightning rod for attention is a unique trait. Even fewer stand up and face the storm, stepping fully into their heroic role to serve the world in a big way.

Will Jesse & Steve make their sacrifices and do what it takes to really lead? I honestly don’t know, the story’s not finished.

I hope so.

I spent way too much of my life helping the wrong people, or the right people, at the wrong time.

They, like Eben, command attention, express vulnerably, and have a way with people. Also like Eben, they’ve big dreams and a loving cause.

But will they make their leap and lead?

And how does someone do that, anyway?

Pretty important to know if you’re a leader, perched at the edge.

Well, your leap is a symbol.

It’s a symbol for truly living. It’s a symbol for embracing fears. It’s a symbol for facing death.

Like any heroic leader in thousands of stories since the beginning of time, the best are those who’ve dealt with death.

That means sacrifice.

Sacrifice has a root meaning of ‘to make holy’, to make meaingful. When we let go of our job/spouse/house to embrace our cause, we’re sending a message about what that cause means to us. And people can feel it. It speaks volumes. The world shakes with it.

For some it’s a raw, physical sacrifice.

J.K. Rowling faced utter failure, depression, and suicide contemplation. I had a moment where homeless, belongingless, and alone, I tried to kill myself too.

For others it’s an ’emotional death’, sacrificing family, identity, or relationships.

Emily Dickinson lived as a hermit in solitude, keeping friends only through letters. Eben cried “I quit” to his business partner & forfeit his entrepreneurial identity.

Some sacrifice physically and emotionally.

Louise Hay gave up her baby for adoption at 16, and later beat ‘incurable’ cervical cancer.

The heights you ryze to depend on the depths you’re willing to sink.

Like all great heroes, you gotta deal with death, and make whatever sacrifice you’re called for.

But by sacrificing much, you gain even more.

You become truly free, and get the rare benefits that only true empire-builders receive.

You get the glorious adoration of fans and followers. You get the freedom to be yourself and prosper. You get the magnetism and value to attract many others to your cause.

You can have it all, but it’s a daily choice, and one that gets easier.

Each moment that goes by where would-be empire-builders aren’t saying yes to the leap & embracing the sacrifice, is a moment they’re saying ‘no.’

But say ‘yes’ to the big leap, make your sacrifice, and watch all next steps get easier with practice.

Some people say ‘no’ their entire lives.

You can do better.

Leap, and lead.

And I admit, this is all selfish.

‘Cause personally, I just want more leaders in the world.

We need more in the world.

And if you’ve read this far, you’re one of ’em.

You’re born to lead, to shine, to ryze.

But you can’t ryze with your feet firmly planted at the edge of the cliff.

You gotta leap.

So will you?



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