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They say "when a man’s lost everything, he’s capable of anything."

Well, I feel capable of quite a bit.

I’ve done more with less than anyone I know or have studied.

I created Ryze from scratch, while homeless on the streets, with only users and betrayers to rely on.

I’ve done many, what people might call ‘very impressive things’ in my life, and most I didn’t even realize I was doing.

And well…

…I also feel capable of, um, how shall I say this… ‘satisfying’ two chicks at once.

As in what one might call, an ‘intimate relationship.’


Which I guess technically isn’t ‘lesbianism’, but it’s what I wanna write about today anyway.

The topic of harems will ruffle feathers. Generate discussion. Get people talkin’.

It may offend what little family I have left.


Better than being ignored … whatevz 🙂

Everybody wants.

Lots of guys have the fantasy of being with more than one woman, together, sexually.

This is not a rare idea. Most understand this desire exists, though most wont admit it.

And like many things in the world — when humanity hungers for it — it eventually comes to be. Women’s lib/feminism. Rosa Parks. The iPod. What the masses want, will eventually come to pass.

(Lesbianism & polyamory are getting more acceptable, more popular, ’cause of shows like The ‘L’ Word, Big Love and Sister Wives.)

So yeah, most guys want something like this, but few talk about it openly.

(And also… most guys wanna make significant sums of money.)

But clearly just wanting it, isn’t enough to let it happen.

So what makes someone succeed in these endeavours, and some not?

Well, I’m gonna start with what’s missing when most people are chasing lots of women (or money).

Wanting lots of stuff isn’t wrong.

In fact, men (people) all over the world have created incredible technology, mind-blowing performances, and more, in service to such things.

Our entire species evolves because guys want 2 girls at a time.

So if it’s okay to want these things, then what’s stopping people from getting them?

Belief. Every sign and hint and training we’ve received declare them to be unattainable, or brutally difficult.

And even worse, they’re meaningless goals to believe in.

They don’t seem noble, they’re not applauded. It’s just chicks for the sake of chicks.


Without meaning, very little gets achieved.
(See: Simon Sinek’s "Start With Why")

And I’m different.

I feel like I have very positive, life-affirming, meaningful reasons to enjoy ‘deep’, ‘long-term’ relationships with multiple women simultaneously.

No one talks about it, but this stuff matters.

My reasons rock.


  • Because it expands humanity in a different direction, raising the bar on what’s possible, and I’m psyched to show it off in the public eye.
  • Because I was born & raised a unique blend of loving, compassionate heart and disciplined, high-integrity reason, wrapped up in a package of charisma.
  • Because it realizes the dreams of so many, not just myself or the chicks involved, but society and economy. And it’s not unprecedented, even Solomon in the bible had concubines and wives.

Most of all, I feel it suits me.


"J-Ryze, the ferrari of life-coaching." Multiple chicks. I’d be putting a modern spin on it.

Speaking of, a few people have paved the way in this area that I’d like to note, although none of them did it exactly the way I envision it.

  • King Solomon (Christians take note.)
  • Stephane Hemon
  • Charlie Sheen

How would I do it differently?

This wouldn’t be a ‘normal’ relationship, and it wouldn’t be the flights of fancy of most celebs and entertainers.

In my harem, egos, dramas, and competition would all be left behind for love.

A proper foundation would be established, one of immense trust, with a chick who treasured our 1-to-1 relationship so much, that’d she’d do anything she could to broaden it to involve another woman.

Some things would be the same though.

Like in any relationship, communication, open hearts & minds would be paramount.

The relationship would have a shared goal of presenting a beautiful, loving, evolved relationship model to society, influencing generations to come.

They might make a TV show about it, but I think that might cheapen it unless done Ryze-style 😉


This is a super-fun topic to write about, and I imagine it gets a whole bunch of neurons firing. Just know that in the end…

I’m just playin’

As in, I’m clear and enthusiastic about my J+chicks idea, but I prioritize being open to changes & life.

I know that life can deliver situations to me which get me to change track, or evolve my dreams and desires.

That could even happen with Ryze. Uncertainty is… a funny thing. Just ask Jonathan Fields.

Some dreams are there since birth, some are born along the way, and some are seeds planted for others.

For me… the way it stands, is that I’d love to have this lesbian-dream realized when the time’s right.

How about you?

Think my desires and ideas are terrible, negative, morally wrong? Or do they strike you as natural, suit what Ryze stands for, and courageously ambitious?

Lemme know in the comments!

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