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Anything we find ‘beautiful’ attracts attention. Anything that attracts attention gains ‘fame’.

You know this, your friends know this, and trying to hide it is a pain. Hiding our attraction and love of beautiful things multiplies… issues.

You might think that everyone is ‘beautiful’, and they are! You might think that ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder,’ and it is!

But it’s easy to see that we’ve agreedas a society – that some people are extra-beautiful. If you don’t agree, maybe you’ll change our society, or move out of it πŸ˜€

Celebrities, Victoria’s Secret angels, models, etc. easily command much of our attention. They’re leaders of the "Attention-Economy".

"Sit ten people down in a room and show them pictures of Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Michelle Pfeiffer, Marilyn Monroe and chances are they’ll arrive at the same conclusion." – Francis Palmer

And that’s just beauty, fame is related too! You can be famous for any reason, but let’s look specifically at people who are famous and beautiful. We’ll call them the ‘famous-beautiful’. These people are often misunderstood and judged with no personal interaction at all, but they do get our attention, and once they have our attention, they can use it to spread their message (or someone else’s).

Beauty Is A Public Service | Ryze

Beautiful People Are A Resource For You

This power is their main contribution, and it makes them a very valuable resource.

Beyonce teaches kids fitness. Drake promotes Canada Goose jackets and Red Wing boots. Their celebrity-juice sky-rockets any brand or message.

Some people are pissed because all celebrities talk about is ‘clothes’ or ‘money’ or whatever — but my question is, have you made any moves to get them talking about you and what you stand for? (Serena Williams and Al Gore are name-dropped by Anthony Robbins often.)

Better yet, have you made any effort to be more beautiful or attractive or famous? Everyone is born with their own circumstances, but over the years you can make progress and improvement in any area. Sometimes all that it takes is a tiny adjustment, a ‘millimeter of change.’

Dr. Francis Palmer devoted his life to studying beauty of the human face. He’s got it down to a science, and now he teaches other surgeons the few dozen nips + tucks he makes to get that societally-attractive image. His Palmer Beauty Principles were featured in People Magazine and recognized as ground-breaking for the industry. So what? So he studies beautiful people, and he makes tiny changes to people’s faces, skin, bodies, etc. that catapult them to the realm of the beautiful.

There are countless experts out there pouring their passion out to help you dress better, get active, feel better and reach your potential, but you have to take steps. Lots of it is free! You’ve gotta google it, research it; you’ve got to care.

Beautiful people are not going to magically swoop down from the heavens and promote your stuff without you putting any energy or attention on it. You’re not going to magically become hotter or more famous without putting any attention on it.

If you want to extend your reach, you may want to collaborate with the famous-beautiful people. (I know I do. :D)

Are You Too Busy Judging?

Note: For purposes of this article, when I say ‘beautiful’, I mean ‘beauty that most of society agrees on’.

Do you hate glamour mags? Are you incensed about the ‘objectification’ of women? Are you tired of all the ‘sex on TV?’

Cool — how’s that attitude working out for you?

Are those attitudes making you a lot of friends? Do they help you connect with any celebrities or influencers?

In my experience, if you’re judging the beautiful people, you’re probably shooting your success in the foot.

Beautiful people are a key part of success. Even if you don’t connect with them personally, they are the broadcast towers. They`re the message-spreaders. People listen to them.

Even if you were to work with just one other person, who was ‘above-average’ famous/beautiful, the results they’d bring to you by spreading your message will be impressive.

Power and Beauty go hand-in-hand. They’re yang and yin. If you hate one, you’ll limit the other, and this happens with beauty pretty often.

I’m gonna talk about women, and I’m trusting you to behave and not have a ‘sexism’ heart-attack.

Women are ‘the more beautiful sex’, and appreciation of this femininity, sexuality, and beauty is often seen as ‘bad.’

I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with ‘a lot’ of beautiful models. I’ve been a photographer, I’ve worked with photographers, I’ve studied sexuality, media, and more. Sometimes these models are labelled as ‘shallow’, ‘low-class’, or ‘useless’, even by other aspiring models!

I’ve seen people get so angry at the idea that a restaurant or establishment would hire based on body-type.

  • "Wait, they only hire hot chicks there? WTF."
  • "OMG, that is so wrong, they discriminate based on body type."
  • "How dare they! Let’s boycott them!"

The people saying these things apparently want service-staff to be average, or ugly. If you cross an imaginary line and have too many ‘beautiful people’ working somewhere, the haters come out to play.

Is there a "perfect mix" of below-average, average, and above-average wait-staff?

Of course not.

It’s all about purpose: Athletes are hired based on body type, and no one bats an eye.

Nobody says "Wow, it’s so ridiculous that fat guys aren’t hired as pro ‘ball players." An athlete’s purpose/goal is to demonstrate a high level of physical achievement, and they receive accolades and reward for this, and people don’t judge them harshly for this. Generally they are viewed widely as inspirations.

Models are also hired based on body type. A model’s purpose is a high level of physical beauty/aesthetic variety, yet people don’t like this as much. They seem to receive quite a bit less accolades and reward, and far more jealousy, judgment, and lust.

Is It So Bad To Be Beautifull? Ryze

Beautiful people get kind of a bad wrap, (so do rich people) by a lot of society.

I compare it to someone starting a project, and looking for grants and investors, but only approaching people who are average, with middle-class income. Does that sound like an effective, successful plan to gain funding? No! Of course not! You approach the people who have the right tools to help. You approach wealthy philanthropists, entrepreneurs and government agencies.

When you’re aiming to spread a message attractively, or create a beautiful experience, you approach people who can help. You don’t judge them.

Get clear on beauty, it’s part of life, it’s not going away, and it’s very involved in success.

How Valuable Is Beauty?

Beauty is very valuable.

First of all, beauty is awesome purely for beauty’s sake. The world adores beautiful things, and beauty is a timeless principle.

Beauty is also a blessing and a tool, which can be used (attention-economy), to direct people towards something wonderful and to spread a message.

Tools are valuable.

Tools are also sometimes found sitting around, unused and unlooked-after. Successful people take note of value and tools around them, and they use them well.

Successful people aim for beauty.

Being beautiful is an art and it takes talent, refinement, and energy and not everyone does it.

If you’re one of the people who don’t offer energy and refinement, then at least respect the people who do — and collaborate with- or learn from- them if you can.

Famous, Beautiful Examples

Let’s look at an example.

At age 14, Rebecca Black released a vanity music video called "Friday". (you know, those songs many of us recorded as kids – but Rebecca did it on a bigger budget) on youtube.

As of June 14, 2011, the video had received more than 3,190,000 "dislikes".

Is Rebecca ‘beautiful?’ Maybe. Is she famous? Definitely.

She had over 3 million people hating on her, at age 15.

Rebecca’s comfortable being seen. Are you? She may be ‘shallow’, but could she teach you something about embracing yourself, boldly going for it, and getting out into the world? Might she have some knowledge to share on being honest and visible?

When you were 14 were you hiding in the back of the class, doing whatever the teacher said, or were you on youtube getting millions of haters?

Now let’s look at example two: Angelina Jolie.

Angelina had a super-rough childhood. She tried all kinds of drugs, was isolated and alone, estranged from her father, self-mutilated, suicidal, and more. She came through it all to become known as one of the most beautiful women in the world. Now she’s a U.N. Ambassador.

If beauty is hidden – it is not serving many; do your part to share it. Beauty is a public service, not something to hate.

I’ve heard a lot of advice, but very rarely do I hear anything like this:

"You should collaborate with a model or celebrity to promote your stuff, or make them the subject of your work." Aim to play in a bigger sandbox. Aim to move up in your circles. Aim to connect with the famous and the beautiful.

If you’re a solopreneur creating your first social iPhone app, get a beautiful person to use in your avatar, or as the face of your brand.

If you’re a musician, collaborate with a sexy aspiring songstress in a duet, or get a model to hand-out your demo CD.

Check out agencies like Femme Fatale Media and Iris Blu Marketing (they’re Toronto local but you`ll have event & promo model agencies in your area too).

Beauty Is Leverage | Ryze

You Don’t Hate Beauty, So Use It

Most people don’t really hate beauty. They want beauty, they want to be beautiful and be around beauty – but they’ve convinced themselves that it’s not possible – so then they’re just upset when they feel that beauty is being misused and misdirected and not at them.

Even so, bitching about it helps no one.

So if you or anyone you know is slamming the famous-and-the-beautiful, get a new attitude. The solution is to step up and use beauty for good and direct it well. Take a step.

How many articles on the net stand up for the world’s beautiful? Whether they put lots of effort into it, or whether they were blessed and gifted with it naturally.

How many give the rich person’s side? The famous person’s side? Are they all horrible people? They’re almost as unheard from as artists! πŸ˜›

I like to think that this post inspires more people to listen to what the powerful, beautiful, and successful in our society have to say. They may not be super-articulate at delivering their message verbally, but they certainly live it.

If we look carefully at our lives, we can notice that we always get more of what we love in the world. (I talk about this more in the success-course.)

Over the years we’ve gotten more music, more movies, more skills, more technology, more socialization + interaction. We can love the beautiful people, and then imagine how much more we’ll get πŸ˜‰

Now it’s your turn, I want to hear from you, what are some creative ways we can leverage beauty to help the world?

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