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Continuing from part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, and part 5 of Young Pissed & Financial, here’s more of the story behind why I wanna help people in the financial sector.

When we last left off, I was discussing how my old money beliefs and stories were sabotaging what would otherwise be brilliant, lucrative, prosperous moves and ideas.

I’m not even kidding. I’ve lost or thrown away more great products and artistic portfolios and startups than most people make.

And I hinted that I’d learned something powerful from my trials and tribulations 🙂

If you remember from last post, we were left with the question hanging "Will affirmations save me?"

So let’s jump right in and take a look at the "affirmations" side of things.

I’ve done a lot of affirmations in my life…

… but some of the most important money ones I either did "wrong" or didn’t do at all.

In fact, a man I met yesterday, Ron Tabachnyk made the point very clear: "Positive affirmations are nothing compared to FEELING what you really want."

Affirmations are funny things, rappers are by far the best users of them I know, belting them out from their hear with passion, uninhibited, and judgment-free in their songs.

Rappers really FEEL their affirmations.

All the other people using affirmations got nothin’ on rappers.

And then we come to ME.

Had I ever sung like the rappers? Had I ever imitated them? Had I ever done financial affirmations right?

Or had I even used my own processes and tools to change my beliefs on money?

(Sounds like I’m gonna say "no" right?)

Actually, yes, I had.

I’d tried it all many times.

But I was missing key steps, and I tried them in shitty environments.

I tried ’em with people in my life who were massive negative ‘saboteurs’, who didn’t love themselves.

No wonder they didnt work with me allowing that kind of vibe around me. That’s like saying I didn’t love myself. And it’s possible my thoughts and ideas might’ve worked, but talk about making it hard on myself.

Then I tried them but with a racing mind, instead of a zen’d out heart.

And finally, I wasn’t even trying the right ones.

I was trying stuff like: "I always make money."

Which was true, I do always make money, but it was also always "barely enough".

Pretty weak way of thinking.

Or I’d "make the money" by asking for help/donations/hand-outs.


I shoulda been doing affirmations like this, with feeling, and believing them – which is kind of a trick if you’re not used to it:

    • I am a living example of financial abundance.
    • I prosper financially through play, rest, creation, pleasure and just being ME.
    • I feel, know, and show financial pride.
    • I feel, know, and show up as financially in-control.
    • Finances always work out for me.
    • My clients easily and eagerly afford me.
    • The lion’s share of my fulfilling income comes through Ryze and my natural gifts.
    • I abundantly attract people who reward me well financially.
    • There’s more than enough "hippie, positive, spiritua" types who live small with mediocre wealth, my thriving sets a new standard for humanity.
    • I deeply know my natural-born, totally-deserved sense of safety, security, freedom, worthiness and love.
    • I embrace natural money-mastery because it allows me to uplift, inspire, give back, and be a role model for my family, community, and WORLD.
    • I know that my own personal abundance is a beacon, a light, an example to others of what can be done, and it helps inspire them and unlock their own power, and causes them to listen more to my wisdom; it’s important, it’s vital, and it helps everyone.

    And even better than all that?

    I shoulda been belief-frogging.

    What’s belief-frogging?


    What’s belief-frogging? It’s a take-off on Abraham-Hicks’ Focus Wheel process, injected with my own flavor. It’s more about ryzing from point A to point B and stabilizing there, so I ditched the Wheel model.

    Belief-frogging, to me, is the ultimate "affirmation tool", because it builds up so much rock-solid momentum, using conclusions you’ve already earned through years of living, that you really "zone in" on the final affirmation and it becomes part of you, instead of something you need to "try hard at."

    They’re pretty personal, but also super-powerful.

    Here’s one I did for myself, because everyone I was attracting and helping could never pay me well, and it was killing me:

    A. PROBLEM: "No one around me has much money to spare."

    B. OPPOSITE: "My circles are full of abundant, wealthy people."

    Path from A-to-B, using Rock-Solid Beliefs, which are 100% true and logical For Me.

    Watch me "belief-frog" from step to step, eventually ending up in a new, positive place mentally and emotionally.

    • A0. Life has all kinds of people and variety.
    • A1. I’m on earth to choose preferences that I enjoy.
    • A2. I prefer to be around abundantly over-flowing, wealthy people.
    • A3. What I prefer already exists and is making it’s way to me.
    • A4. My job is simply to allow it, and I need not DO anything, except be open, receptive and allowing.
    • A5. Optimism, enjoying the journey, rolling with the ups and downs, and mastering my emotions is all that’s required.
    • A6. Right now, this moment, I choose to be open, receptive and allowing to my circles of wealthy relationships, and I’m building a habit of this.
    • A7. I imagine, focus, and feel abundant, wealthy people in my experience.
    • A8. My brain believes my imagination and my emotion my subconscious makes it real.
    • A9. I absolutely love love love wealthy, abundant people filling up my circles and relationships.
    • A10. Everyone around me is abundantly over-flowing and wealthy, NOW.
    • A11. I’m realizing it and seeing it unfold in my experience more and more.
    • A12. For all intents and purposes, whether I can see the evidence or not, my circles ARE full of abundant, wealthy people.
    • B. My circles are full of abundant, wealthy people, and I love it.

    Why is this important?

    Because of one simple fact.

    Remember the question I asked in the beginning?

    The answer is:

    Your beliefs and attitudes matter more than your actions & outcomes.

    They are priority.

    Truth is…

    Your beliefs always trump your wants!

    It’s true.

    You can want with an insane passion that makes you thrash and wail and moan and jump and laugh and soar…


    Your beliefs always trump your wants.

    And if even ONE of your beliefs is deep enough, hidden enough, or intense enough — it can limit all your dreams.

    TONS of people *want* stuff, but are forever sabotaged in trying to get it.

    What’s doing the sabotage?

    Their beliefs.

    I’ma tweet it and repeat it:

    Your beliefs always always always trump your wants.

    Want a better husband? Sure ya do, but are your beliefs slaughtering that desire?

    Want a better car, house, fortune? Sure ya do, but are your beliefs trumping that dream?

    They definitely were for me.

    Which is pretty lame on one hand, but on the other… it means a tiiiiiiiny little bit of coaching or belief-frogging or whatever can flip the switch (or two) and open the floodgates of goodness for ya.


    To me, sorting out my childhood money story, seeing the beliefs it instilled in me, and then using my Belief-Frogging tool to transform those beliefs has been one of the most fulfilling things I’ve ever done.

    Will it result in increased wealth for me personally?

    It’s possible.

    And for me it’s already having significant, noticeable impact.

    I just had the opportunity to house-sit two gorgeous homes, one’s on the market for almost $1M. My parents sent some money to me from Mexico, my friend Adam wined and dined me as we discussed a mind-blowing new business model for us to resurrect my branding & design company, while combining it with success-coaching and angel-investing (stay tuned for Ryze Media.)

    A client called me up for an emergency in the middle of the night and paid me well, providing a tip.

    And that feels like just the start.

    But I don’t even care… just to do something that feels truly productive and truly powerful and truly a high-leverage solution regarding finances is worth it.

    Even if I die with this unresolved, just the feeling of motion and progress in this area is blissful.


    I’d love to keep it up, and do more and more fulfilling, productive, powerful things involving finances.

    Wouldn’t you?


    This brings me to the question to tie this super-personal post, all back in to the Young, Pissed and Financial series:

    What do Financial Analysts and Investment Bankers who work insane hours for a "slightly-above-average" salary have in their money story, and what are their money beliefs?

    How about doctors and lawyers grinding away in a system, for the most part trading time for money, with a ceiling on their income?

    Are they really the well-off ‘masters of money’ they’re made out to be? What do their high base-salaries actually MEAN in the grand scheme of things?

    What’s their money beliefs and money story, and after reading my onw story, does it seem solid that I could really help them?

    Just because someone’s in the financial sector (or even a success-coach), doesn’t mean they couldn’t use a hand with their money-story and money-mastery.

    P.S. Straight up — one conversation with a wise man like me could help you rocket forward on things that are troubling you? Does it feel like I can unlock your power in a way that brings solid results into your life?

    If you or anyone you know could use a better relationship with moeny, send them to someone wise and caring, who’s been there and who gets it.


    Marcus Miller

    Bonus – Money To Blow – Birdman feat. Drake + Lil Wayne

    This song always makes me feel like I’m beyond mind-blowingly wealthy in like… every way.

    It’s a really good feeling.


    And that concludes the Young, Pissed & Financial series, I hope you enjoyed it, and if you wanna improve your life in any way, money or otherwise — I really AM a super-powered, blessed coach who delivers results, and if you retain my services you’ll join these other ultra-satisfied peeps.

    Eyenie Schulz

    Alden Tan

    Brooke Meservy

    Think about it.

    Actually, don’t just think about it, read about it.

    Actually, don’t just read about it, invest in it.

    Together we ryze 😉

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