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I threw up this page mostly for family, friends, and old connections who ask what I’ve ‘been up to’.


Do you ever get that? People’ve been missing from your life for a few years… and they suddenly ask “what you’ve been up to?”

Well, I live a full life, packed with goodness and captivating stories, and I repeat my stories over and over, so sometimes I just send people here.

Many of my best stories are told to other people’s audiences, because well, I get invited to write everywhere 😛

Homeless Stories Ryze Jason Fonceca

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The Life Skills Of Walking Away []
Escape From The House Of Fear []
Failure: Explained By A Homeless Success-Coach []
Starved And Crushed []
Doers, Teachers, or Your Heart: Who’s Advice Should We Take []
Marketing Through The Fear: 3 Keys []
Would You Give Up If You Lost Everything? []
Messiah McDonald’s Saved My Life []


Blog For Belonging; Cry For Connection
Painful Withdrawal From A Different Kind Of Addiction
I Just Wanna Be F***in’ Happy
Learn How A Genius Screws Up His Relationships
Thom Yorke, Eviction, And The Floodgates Of Traffic [EXTERNAL SITE]
Why Bloggers Have Shitty Friends, And What To Do About It [EXTERNAL SITE]
Elevate Your Celebration – Step Up Your Life
Make Money By Valuing What You Do! [EXTERNAL SITE]
Success Is A Story (And You’re Telling It Wrong)
No Fun, No Friends: Confessions Of A Positive Badass
8 Failed Businesses In 6 Years – Top That! [EXERNAL SITE]
Are You Giving Success, Or Are You Giving Failure


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