The Story Of Randolph The Rebel Ant

Day in, day out Randolph worked.

He carried crumbs and tasty treats back and forth to the ant hill.

He got a lot of respect from his fellow worker-ants.

He started to feel really good about himself, but he was also tired of grinding the days out, and he felt somewhere deep down that he had more to offer the ant community.


Day in, day out, Randolph watched.

He watched the worker-ants beside him work work work.

He remembered the words of his Dad “Son, keep your head down and your nose to the grindstone, and you’ll make ant history.”

The words sounded hollow.

Randolph had seen ants work hard all throughout history, but he’d never seen working hard *make* history.

Deep inside he knew there was more, and somehow, he knew he’d been chosen to do something different and wake his fellow ants up.

He’d been chosen to make ant history.


Day in, day out, Randolph talked.

He spoke of worker smarter, enjoying life more, making time for play and rest.

“Guys, we don’t have to stop working completely, I’m just saying, what if there’s a huge broken snickers bar that we find as we play tag for an hour or two? Wouldn’t that be a great way to live? We play a bit more, and end up with MORE food than before?”

Randolph was passionate.

But he was speak to bone-weary worker ants, who were too work-focused, too closed.

Some gave half-hearted attention, smiled at the new ideas, felt a little happier, but eventually went back to their drone-lives.

Some railed against him, telling him that his speaking was holding back the whole ant community, and he should “do real work” and “stop wasting time”.

Mostly they just ignored him.

Randolph knew though, that he was taking the bolder, harder path. It wasn’t lazy to take the new ideas and gifts in his heart and speak them out, it was badass.

The other ants were too scared to rebel. They were too scared of change and ridicule.

Randolph lost his friends first.

Then his family distanced themselves, not wanting to understand the “black sheep”.

Eventually he had no one, and the ants wouldn’t share any of the food that “they’d earned” and “he had not”.

“Damn,” Randolph thought to himself, his thorax shivering as he perched on the edge of the ant-hill in the cold dead of night.

“It takes work, guts, and courage to tell people about the better way. I even made this make-shift megaphone. I wrote flyers to see if that’d reach my fellow ants better – and nothing. Completely ignored and despised.”

Randolph looked down into the earth, praying to The Great Ant.

“Please, Great Ant, I’ve followed my heart and tried my best to uplift all of ant-dom. I’ve tried to make ant-history, like my Dad said. Is it wrong that I didn’t do it by keeping my head down and nose to the grindstone? Is it wrong that I used my intelligence? Or that I wanted to use the power of ideas & communication instead of blood, sweat and tears?

I’m tired. I’m broken-hearted. I’m cold. I’m starving. They won’t let me in the ant-hill, and you’ve not brought me more than a couple bedraggled poor ant-supporter.

And still I’ve done all I could with what I have.

Still I built a sand-podium, still I spread the message of an easier life.

I beg you, oh Great Ant, help me.”

I’d love to tell you there’s a happy ending to this tale, but to be honest with you, I don’t know what happens, ’cause I’m in the same situation — I feel a lot like Randolph.

Ryze offers some of the most game-changing wisdom on the net, all packed up in a sexy, easy to digest package.

It’s love, branded, and I’ve got people literally saying as much all the time.

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But it’s a drop in the bucket.

It’s not sustainable. I can’t keep Ryze going unless I get bold exposure, consistent eager clients, and fulfilling funding.

And I’m okay with that.

This isn’t a charity case, it’s just a story about some ants, and me sharing my feelings, and I’m comfortable with however life plays out.

My work at Ryze though – feels Randolph speaking about how we can all live better and Ryze Up.

But the worker-ant-masses just keep their heads down, too busy and distracted and stuck in old traditions of cubicles and 9-to-5s to do anything.

  • I’d love some media to support me.
  • I’d love some bloggers to speak out and rally to me.
  • I’d love my clients to take some bold moves, ryze up, and use the power I know they have.

I’d love a lot of things, but I’m not in control of that.

I accept that.

And I think…

…Is this the way it has to be?

Does society have to ignore, downplay, and discourage it’s most passionate, most incredible leaders?

Do we all have to be worker-ants, ignoring the Randolph’s of our generation?

That’s something we each decide for ourselves, it’s individual.

But if you want to stand up, speak out, and declare yourself as choosing a better way, you can check out this Ryze Fundraiser my friend James Holland put together for me, when he heard about the most recent chaos life had hammered down on me.

Click here to lead the way for other ants to break out of the grind, click here to encourage Ryze’s growth and contribution.

Thank you so, so, so much for reading.

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