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So, I’ve seen lots of those best of the web lists, and I feel they’re a great idea.

Usually though, I find them a bit overwhelming, and I’m a wisdom-, knowledge-, data- fiend.

A quick story:

When I was younger, I had a collection of 83,000 mp3s. I even setup an FTP that was running 24/7 where other music lovers would send me their recommendations, and take mine. The collection was all hand-collected, curated, and organized. Eighty. Three. Thousand. Nearly a life’s work.

Eventually the terabytes of songs got thrown in the trash when I was evicted, but regardless, it was quite the selection, eh?

That’s the thing, it was too much selection.

People like bite-sized. People like choices, but they usually like choices in threes.

I figure the same thing applies to the blog-post round-ups.

I got to thinking about music, and my foray into DJing (another artform I’m not too shabby at :D), and I realized the service that DJ’s provide, is that they offer you a beautiful, refined blend of songs that suits you — their audience.

So, I want to do something similar.

I’ve decided to release a Best Of Success series, where each Best Of post will contain three (yes, 3!) posts that I found to be:


Exaggeration? Maybe but In any given time period, I find there are usually 3 things that powerfully catch my attention, and those are the one’s I want to share with you. They are really, really good.

So here goes March’s ‘triple’ 😉

Best Of Success – March 2012

Boost Blog Traffic 

14 Ways To Get More Comments

Jon Morrow, who I’ve always loved, read, and listen to but for some reason hadn’t engaged until now, is one of, if not the most passionate blogger I know.

Read his stuff. It’ll change your life and not only that it’s emotional (thank God).

Firepole Marketing 

How I Wrote 14 Posts And 17,481 Words In 6 Days

Danny Iny, has effectively converted me into a fan boy of sorts. I mention him often and always in glowing terms.

Known as the Freddy Kruger of blogging ("whenever you turn around, he’s there!"), and this post gets into the meat of how he writes so much, and how you can to.

Nurturing Creativity 

Are We Raising Followers Or Creative Leaders?

Denise is one of the most insightful (and feminine) bloggers around, and she really lives up to her blog’s name.

(Note: don’t get me started on femininity; let’s just say she’s a breath of fresh air and is proud of her time as a Victoria’s Secret manager.)

There’s tons of creative people in the world, but how often are they nurtured?

Exactly. Well Denise sheds light on creative things and her posts will move you. She deserves way more attention, so go now, give her yours, and have your creativity amped up in return.

So there you have it, Ryze’s Best Of Success ‘triple-threat’, what do you think? Want more? Still here? Sheesh, go check out the posts, see if they rock your world like they rock mine.

Let me know in the comments 🙂

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