151 Canada Day Tribute Links [Chopped & Screwed Remix]

There’s something incredibly powerful and magical about repping your city.

And most people have no clue about it.

Rappers who represent and name-drop their city, tend to succeed more.

Same with Olympic Athletes.

Even restaurants like Nobu, Nova, or The French Laundry capitalize well on the energy, press, and support of their hometown.

But you surf the net, and you can barely tell where any blogger or website is from.

Yes, I know it’s a global era, but I’m telling you straight up, if you’re not leveraging your city’s name, history, and flavor — you’re missing out on a key part of what makes you unique.

A meditation teacher from Toronto can generate a different kind of support than a meditation teacher from India. One may be more unique, or more appealing.

Rapper Drake is successful not in-spite of his Toronto roots, but because of the,. Reppin’ the north hard.

You can too.

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