Elevate Your Celebration – Step Up Your Life

According to psychology, I’m supposed to start my post by saying how we’re the same, but although we breathe the same air…

…I just don’t do what you do.

I don’t celebrate what you celebrate, or even how you celebrate. I celebrate like it’s going outta style, and chances are we have different attitudes about celebration.

Wanna uncover the mystery of *how* our attitudes are different? Keep reading.

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Money Equals Love

Note: Today’s post is by a friend of mine who’s spent quite a bit of time with me. He used to record a lot of my passionate words on video, and this is his first time sharing any of them. Take the time to comment, be gentle and give some encouragement to another member of Ryze.

There are many wealthy people in the world – more than ever before, actually. They all love money. This concept is pretty simple, "love money, deeply, and receive it in your life."

Anything you truly love, you get more of. Period.

It’s a great thought but how well do you know it? Do you live and breathe the phrase "I love money and it loves me"? Or is it more like something you love once in a while, the same way you think about rock-climbing or sky-diving, once in a while.

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Hip-Hop Success Wisdom

I Love Hip-Hop | Success Wisdom

I am a true, shameless, hip-hop fan, and I’m proud of it. (actually I love all media and entertainment.)

I’m not just a fan because it’s powerful and moving.

I’m not just a fan because rappers lead lives many people want.

I’m not just a fan because hip-hop has changed the landscape of our culture.

I’m a fan especially ’cause hip-hop delivers focused, emotionally-juiced, lines and rhymes that are the embodiment of sexy-success.

Hip-hop helps people ryze up, so I felt you guys might like something fresher than your average "Here’s a list of things to have a better life" post..

Oh I know, lots of people are busy, busy, busy hating on it, criticizing it, finding it’s faults or focusing on it’s materialistic attitudes.

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