Are You A Badass?

People you probably don’t think of as are badass, really are.

Mother Teresa? Badass. Your city’s entrepreneurs? Badass. Bruce Lee? Okay, everyone knows he was a badass.

But are you?

Are you like them?

Even if you were, how would you know?

I’m gonna help you, by outlining the 5 stages of badass, and how you ryze through them.

Oh, by the way, once you understand this stuff, your life will never be the same, so brace yourself.

I’m not kidding.

When you realize where you are on the badass scale, and where you want to be… actions will need to be taken. So I’m warning you right now, if you’re not ready for a new perspective on life — click away to somewhere safe and boring.

Still here? Good, let’s begin.

Stage 1 – Drone

Drones. Zombies. Boring people.

Are You A Drone?

Oh yeah, the world’s teeming with these guys. They’re everywhere, and they’re generally kind of annoying.

They’re needy, they’re on auto-pilot, and they bring very little conscious value to the table. They probably have a job, partner, pets or kids. They seem satisfied with that, but it’s mostly because they’ve paid so little attention to life, they’re not even clear other options exist. I mean, intellectually they know, but they don’t BELIEVE those options are available.

But you can’t judge ’em or hate on ’em, ’cause I haven’t met anybody who hasn’t been through this phase (maybe Buddha or somebody, but I bet they went through it too.) – hey, I’ve been there.

Some people pretend to be zombies, others live it.

Main traits: Strong resistance to any new idea. at all. Unaware that there’s life outside their accidentally chosen, default friends + spouses + job.

Language: ‘Depressed’, ‘medication’, ‘doctor’, ‘tired’, ‘bored’, ‘weekend’, ‘my shift’

How to move through this stage? 1. Want more. 2. Talk about wanting more as much as possible, even if you don’t really mean it ๐Ÿ™‚

Stage 2 – The "Rah-Rah"

You’ve met these as well, and they usually piss off Stage 1 people and Stage 3 people, heh.

It’s not intentional, but what they do is… they talk, a lot, about all the ideas they’re trying and how they’re gonna "do things." The chances of them actually accomplishing even 1% of their ideas is slim, but they like to talk about ’em.

They sound like this: "Rah rah rah! I’m gonna do X. Rah rah rah! I’m doing Y…no…Z!"

This pisses off the Stage 1 guys, who’s ‘goals" are a ‘job,’ wife, paid off house or whatever. This also pisses off the Stage 3 guys, because it’s 99% talk, but we’ll get to that.

I was at this stage too, and it’s important. Yes, the people around you will be annoyed, and possibly drift out of your life, labelling you as a) a dreamer, b) an all-talk hypocrite, but you’re not, you’re just… in phase two.

Main traits: semi-open to new ideas, but generally scared shitless of taking action because of time/money/survival. Basically focused on what others think of them.

Language: ‘try’, ‘didnt work’, ‘idea’, ‘money’, ‘time’, ‘economy’

How to move through this stage? Realize you can’t keep talking and half-heartedly trying random ideas in life. It’s pretty ineffective. You’ve got to decide.

Which leads us to…

Stage 3 – Fork-In-The-Road

The moment of truth.

At A Fork In The Road?

This is where you’re pretty clear on your passion and what’s calling you. Whether it’s music, art, entrepreneurship, bizarre tiny food art, or something else, but you’re still kinda leaning towards the old, familiar path of 60 years of basic survival and then retirement. Most of your relationships are all stage 1s and 2s — maaaybe some stage 3s with you, and it feels scary to cut them all off cuz they’re clearly not ready for stage 4, but you’re on your way.

Stage 3ers have the choice every second to spend their time making moves, and aiming to connect with their role-models + idols – the one’s with the bold, badass biographies who lead their city or industry of choice – OR they can choose to spend their precious time, presence, attention and conversation with the stage 1s and 2s.

Here stage 3s almost always spend forever at this fork-in-the-road, trying desperately to convince, push, or wait-out their stage 1 + 2 friends and family, instead of just leaving them in the dust and moving on to stage 4.

Would seeing the decision for what it is, and making the clear, bold, committed decision to go for what they want, no matter who fades out of their life in the process be powerful and generate huge results?


Will they realize this quickly?

Hahahaha. Well, I didn’t — but I can see it & teach it well now. Which is why I offer help with this.

Main traits: Ambiguous, wishy-washy, back-and-forthing on their true passion (music, tech, online-business, etc.) – one foot in 9-to-5 world and one foot in their dream-life, dragging on as long as possible. Very worried about what others will think. They think they can’t decide until their circles validate them.

Language: ‘gonna’, ‘wanna’, ‘will’, ‘soon’, ‘change the world’, ‘worried’

How to move through this stage? Shut up, decide & commit — and this means a decision that FEELS like life-or-death. If your decision at this point does NOT feel like you’re killing off the old you, and embracing the new you, on a deep, emotional level… you are still playing around at the fork in the road.

Part of this is that you make a choice and youโ€™re able to cut-off anyone who even HINTS at not supporting you or who โ€˜gives you money or helpโ€™ to keep you in their playground.

Unless theyโ€™re clearly in stage 4, itโ€™s a trick.

If theyโ€™re youโ€™re friends, and they know what path youโ€™re on, why are they hinting at going backwards? They want you with them, isnโ€™t that sweet? They want you to stay stuck at the fork… with them ๐Ÿ™‚

Stage 4 – The Hidden Badass

This is probably the stage that scares people the most. Itโ€™s very visible when youโ€™re in it, and people will talk. But they wonโ€™t see the badass part.

Most people see the hidden badass and view them as a failure. My family did ๐Ÿ™‚

The Hidden Badasses are the ones living on kraft dinner, staying up late, being homeless, being dumped and betrayed, being disowned by family, etc.

Sound fun? Wanna be a stage 4? Hehehe.

This stuff happens all because a Stage 3er made the committed decision to be a success in their dreams โ€“ to be badass โ€“ and now all their old support systems are up-in-arms and hating on them.

Stage 4ers donโ€™t really wanna be around their friendsโ€™ negative conversations, and going back to family usually feels like going back to stage 2 or 3.

They’ve quit their ‘cog-in-the-wheel’ jobs and money looks tight. Things. Look. Grim.

It’s not like stage 3 though, because for badasses, the decison is made. The bridge is burned. They’re not gonna be scared back to family or ‘job security’. Their fear is weak compared to their desire, their hunger, their focus.

Evvvveryone wants to avoid this phase, that’s why they like to drag phase 3 out as long as possible… buuuuut ya can’t avoid this.

It’s a rite of passage the marks the successful.

No one teaches you this though. No one explains that every human being needs to make peace with death, commit to their dreams, and be badass – or they need to make peace with only going as far as stage 1,2, or 3.

Anyway, when you get here – you have two choices:: embrace the scary rough patch or resist the scary rough patch.

Guess which one feels better and is easier?

The thing about this stage is… YOU know you’re a badass, YOU know you’re following your heart, but all anyone else sees is a failure. Really.

They see a broke person, they don’t see your potential. (Oh it’d be so nice if your friends + fam in stage 1&2&3 could see your potential and the path you’re on — but they can’t.)

They see "a rough 6 months," they don’t see 50 years of satisfying empire-building. They see "a lonely person", not someone who’s building truly supportive relationships at a high-level.

This stage kinda sucks on the outside, but inside, you know it’s as good as done and you’re almost at step 5.

Main traits: A very strong backbone, a strong reliance on their gut no matter what anyone says, and physical circumstances that appear ‘rough’ or ‘uncomfortable’.

Language: ‘baller’, ‘badass’, ‘my dream’, ‘committed’, ‘courage’, ‘knowing’, ‘f*** haters’

How to move through this stage? Hang on tight to your dream and ride it out. Focus– admit that you’re badass, remember you’re badass, and write, write, write as many positive things as you can about every single moment of your life. I’m not even kidding.

Appreciate the rough patch. Appreciate the stages you’re leaving in the dust, they’re doing their best, and they can’t see you properly.

And the #1 tip? Get a mentor who’s been through this phase. The air is rare up here and there’s very few ‘friends’ to talk to. Get. A. Mentor. Somehow, someway, and watch your life soar.

Stage 5 – Success

The holy grail.

Success Royalty?

This isn’t much different from Stage 4, but now everyone who hated on you, is seeing your results. Things are materializing more and more. You have solid numbers backing you up. You hang with bigger players and it just keeps growing.

People compliment you and praise you and seek you out. Old friends try to get back in touch, even though they haven’t gone through any of the phases.

You find yourself thinking "Wow, I’ve been here all along, where’d you guys drift off to?"

This really is heaven, where you live how you want. Every moment is deeply appreciated and precious, and you’re not worried about anything, really. Life is just life, things are good, love is what you are and what you’re about.

Main traits: Integrity, passion, commitment, charisma, effortless decision-making, generally fearless.

Language: ‘results’, ‘better/faster/more’, ‘contribution’, ‘impact’, ‘influence’, ‘legacy’, ‘connection’, ‘engagement’, etc.

How to move through this stage? That my friends, is another article entirely…


You’ve Just Been Educated

You’ve just been enlightened about some very high-level understandings of life that parents, school, and society won’t give you. Blogs won’t give it to you. In fact, it’s hard for me to name anyone who’d give it to you so straight, except Ryze.

I told you this would change your life.

Most people go into this article thinking they’re a badass, but most people haven’t even REALLY reached stage 4.

It’s okay wherever you are, like I said, I’ve been through every phase, and I was surfing blogs in stage 1,2,3, and 4 also ๐Ÿ™‚

So I ask again… with your new knowledge… are you a badass?

Lemme know in the comments, and I’ll help you ryze up!

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