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Above: Vikki Lenola

"All on Instagram, cake by the pound / Circulate the image every time I come around."

- Beyonce

Let’s start with the story of why I made this “Toronto Snapchat models List:”

If you adore sexy women as much as I do, you’re gonna love this list.

And I’ve adored ’em as long as I can remember, but as a kid, I was scared to really look at ’em. Ironic, eh?

I mean, if there’s one thing sexy girls want, is to be seen, right?

But the only reason I was popular with a few nice girls, is ’cause I used my ‘people-pleasing’ smarts to impress. Meanwhile, I actually had a #girlwall in my room.

Yep, the ‘girl wall’ was plastered with photos of celebrities & models— my secret desire was a life full of radiant, sensual women.

Looking back, I can see they were a sign of #EmpireThings, y’know, models & moguls, society’s rich & beautiful.

But my conservatively Christian parents taught me that porn was dirty, so my posters stayed pretty tame— it took me while to own my love of the female form. Anyway…

I felt these chicks might want some help.

So later, when I got more confidence, I hopped on Model Mayhem & Suicide Girls, and offered my art and photoshop skills.

But weirdly, all the models were miles away, with so few ‘active’ Toronto Models. I mean wtf, this city’s filled with an abundance of beautiful women— I’ve personally dated a bunch of sexy firecrackers.

Though I got burned.

I dated a model who seemed loyal, but ultimately, betrayed me hard.

She put me in jail, got me evicted, drained my biz, left me broke, homeless, alone, and suicidal.

And it was my own fault, and the pain brought me clarity.

My timidity & ‘thirst’ made me idolize these chicks, instead of loving them in a pure way and focusing on win-win connections.

I still wanted to connect with radiant chicks…
…but this time only ones who aim high, stretch their beauty, and bring positive vibes to the table— inside and out.

I no longer saw models as symbols of an #empirelife for me, but as empire-builders themselves.

Cleopatras. Marilyns. Beyonces.

Toronto has iconic women creating their own empires. (Some may be included in the list below!)

I believe models hold influence over some of the most powerful currencies in the world.

Attention & Desire.

Models are awesome, and I wanna help ’em ryze. I want the whole planet to be filled with more beauty & femininity.

And there’s so many beautiful women who are hiding!

It drives me crazy when I see it.

Often, they don’t even realize they’re doing it, it’s become habit over time. Or they’re just plain afraid of what people think, because society teaches women that show-offs are shameful.

As if flowers are bad. Or sunsets.

Please, we should encourage beautiful women to shine.

So at the request of a few models on FetLife, I wrote 7 ‘Secret’ Ways For Models To Make More Money and How To Get A Tattoo Filled With Meaning.

But my posts didn’t get much traction, so I didn’t post anything else on models for awhile.

Then, one of my clients praised Instagram & SnapChat, both he and Gary Vee kept mentioning these two platforms.

But since I was a modelmayhem-er from way back, Snap & Insta weren’t really on my radar, and were a total mystery to me.

  • How do I find people?
  • Who are the ‘top’ personalities?
  • How do Snapchat Models & the Insta-Famous get exposure?

And most importantly…

Where were all the Toronto Snapchat Models?

And I’m not talking about the slim runway beauties that fill the rosters of agencies like Sutherland, Elite, & Next (though they’re awesome too.)

I’m talking about the bombshells. The women who take feminine curves and sexiness to another level. Or at the very least, they don’t hide it.

I mean, I love all bodies the way I love all flowers. It’s true every flower is nature’s beauty, but we all have preferences. Like, I may lean towards roses, but lilacs and daisies are great too. (Maybe they’ll inspire another list!)

For now, I’ve gathered Toronto women who aren’t afraid to primp, pose, & decorate— using their bodies as living art, proud of their cleavage.

I appreciate how their colors, curves, & exposed skin blesses the vision of all who look. They’re valuable, they captivate people’s attention, and I’ve collected as many as I can here.

So let’s get to it: this list is a tribute to models, to Toronto, and to Evan, for showing me the power of Snapchat & Instagram.

Much love.

Top 100 Instagram (& Snapchat) Models In Toronto


1Toronto Instagram Model - Khloe TeraeKhloe Terae/khloe/playmatekhloe
2Toronto Instagram Model - Stefanie KnightStefanie Knight/stefanieknight/stefanieknight
3Toronto Instagram Model - April EveApril Eve/playmateaprileve/
4Toronto Instagram Model - Shani HollywoodShani Hollywood/playmateshani/
5Toronto Instagram Model - Vikki LenolaVikki Lenola/vikkilenola/
6Toronto Instagram Model - Kara LinaKara Lina/iamkaralina/
7Toronto Instagram Model - Bree LeighBree Leigh/breeleighig/breeleighsc
8Toronto Instagram Model - Natalie GauvreauNatalie Gauvreau/nataliesng/nataliegauvreau
9Toronto Instagram Model - Nikki BenzNikki Benz/nikkibenz/benzmafia
10Toronto Instagram Model - Charlie RiinaCharlie Riina/charlieriina/charlieriina
11Toronto Instagram Model - Holly WolfHolly Wolf/hollytwolf/hollytwolf
12Toronto Instagram Model - Jennifer DollJennifer Doll/thejenniferdoll/
13Toronto Instagram Model - Drew CatherineDrew Catherine/officialdrewcatherine/
14Toronto Instagram Model - Erin FaheyErin Fahey/erinmfahey/
15Toronto Instagram Model - Taryn MariaTaryn Maria/taryn_maria/tarynm4
16Toronto Instagram Model - Amber PyperAmber Pyper/amberpyper/
17Toronto Instagram Model - Alexis ArmourAlexis Armour/armourr/
18Toronto Instagram Model - ChanelleChanelle/chanellep23/
19Toronto Instagram Model - Bridget ChatterpaulBridget Chatterpaul/bridget_chatterpaul/b.chatterpaul
20Toronto Instagram Model - Ashley HassardAshley Hassard/thehassard/
21Toronto Instagram Model - Kait MansfieldKait Mansfield/kaitles88/kaitless88
22Toronto Instagram Model - Asha UrielleAsha Urielle/ashaurielle/
23Toronto Instagram Model - Cheyenne RowanCheyenne Rowan/cheyennerowan/cheyennekeijzer
24Toronto Instagram Model - Stella NicoleStella Nicole/stellaniicole/
25Toronto Instagram Model - Elle BondElle Bond/elle_bond/elle_bond
26Toronto Instagram Model - Andrea CapuanoAndrea Capuano/andreacapuano/
27Toronto Instagram Model - June-MarieJune-Marie/junemarietoronto/
28Toronto Instagram Model - Brianna PlouffeBrianna Plouffe/briannaplouffe
29Toronto Instagram Model - Melanie McGregorMelanie McGregor/melaniemcgregor/melm28
30Toronto Instagram Model - Maddy FyshMaddy Fysh/missfysh_001/
31Toronto Instagram Model - Isabel LahelaIsabel Lahela/isabel.lahela/isabel.lahela
32Toronto Instagram Model - Naa Larley KarikariNaa Larley Karikari/narleyk/
33Toronto Instagram Model - Tamara Kristen BalazsovitsTamara Balazsovits/tamara.kb/
34Toronto Instagram Model - Vika YevskaVika Yevska/vivika_y_/Vika.05
35Toronto Instagram Model - Emma TroupeEmma Troupe/missemmatroupe/
36Toronto Instagram Model - Charlotte DCharlotte D'Alessio/charlottedalessio/char_dalessio
37Toronto Instagram Model - Jessica GiannaJessica Gianna/jessicagiannav/
38Toronto Instagram Model - Daria RetinaDaria Retina/dashasiberia/
39Toronto Instagram Model - ReeseReese/thinkreese/THINKREESE
40Toronto Instagram Model - EsjayEsjay/__esjay/esjayonline
41Toronto Instagram Model - Jennifer RoseJennifer Rose/jenniferdacostaa/
42Toronto Instagram Model - Gershona AnoorGershona Anoor/herapatra/
43Toronto Instagram Model - Dinorah FloresDinorah Flores/dinorahflores/
44Toronto Instagram Model - Eden VictoriaEden Victoria/eden.victoria/eden.victoria
45Toronto Instagram Model - Cindy KilianCindy Kilian/cindykilian/
46Toronto Instagram Model - Dee DarlingDee Darling/deedarling/Dee_locks
47Toronto Instagram Model - Julianna ElizabethJulianna Elizabeth/jules_koun/
48Toronto Instagram Model - Sara MastrangeloSara Mastrangelo/xsara.mastrangelo/stoneddsara
49Toronto Instagram Model - ClarityClarity/claritymodel/
50Toronto Instagram Model - Kristina SofiaKristina Sofia/kristinasofia_/Kristinainnemee
51Toronto Instagram Model - Tia PavanTia Pavan/itstiapavan/
52Toronto Instagram Model - Jasmine MarieJasmine Marie/thisisjasminemarie/
53Toronto Instagram Model - Erin ElizabethErin Elizabeth/erin_._elizabeth/
54Toronto Instagram Model - Kirsten VisimaKirsten Visima/kirstini3/
55Toronto Instagram Model - Samantha MastersSamantha Masters/supersweetandsexy/
56Toronto Instagram Model - Abby AyoolaAbby Ayoola/dinewithabbya/
57Toronto Instagram Model - Jayden LeighJayden Leigh/jayy.den_/
58Toronto Instagram Model - Criss HawkinsCriss Hawkins/crisshawkins__/
59Toronto Instagram Model - Sandy GabrielSandy Gabriel/r3dsp4rx/
60Toronto Instagram Model - Alicia CadedduAlicia Cadeddu/The6ixGoddess/
61Toronto Instagram Model - Araina NespiakAraina Nespiak/arainanespiak/arainan
62Toronto Instagram Model - Sophia StojmenovicSophia Stojmenovic/sophiastojmenovic/
63Toronto Instagram Model - Jacqui ChildsJacqui Childs/jacquichilds/Jacquichilds
64Toronto Instagram Model - Sarah ScotfordSarah Scotford/sarahscotford/
65Toronto Instagram Model - Julie BarbieJulie Barbie/playmatejuliebarbie/juliechimenti
66Toronto Instagram Model - Whitney ColeWhitney Cole/whitneycoleonline/
67Toronto Instagram Model - Nikki ProcykNikki Procyk/nicoleprocyk/nicprocyk
68Toronto Instagram Model - Jessy ErinnJessy Erinn/jessyerinn/Jessyerinn
69Toronto Instagram Model - Alexa CheznowskiAlexa Cheznowski/lexy_loulou/
70Toronto Instagram Model - Chealse Sophia HowellChealse Howell/chealsesophiahowell/
71Toronto Instagram Model - Marina ValmontMarina Valmont/marinavalmont/
72Toronto Instagram Model - Saga KwandibenzSaga Kwandibenz/sagakwandibenz/
73Toronto Instagram Model - Madison SkyeMadison Skye/itsmadisonskye/Missmadisonskye
74Toronto Instagram Model - Taylor FoxTaylor Fox/tevefox/
75Toronto Instagram Model - Aurelie RenoutAurelie Renout/arenout/arenout
76Toronto Instagram Model - MadelynMadelyn/madzilla/KillaMadzilla
77Toronto Instagram Model - Emily LyonsEmily Lyons/emilylyoness/
78Toronto Instagram Model - Corissa FurrCorissa Furr/corissafurr/
79Toronto Instagram Model - Andrea CAndrea C/batmanbambi/batmanbambi
80Toronto Instagram Model - Kelleth CuthbertKelleth Cuthbert/kellethcuthbert/
81Toronto Instagram Model - Desiree AdamsDesiree Adams/desiree__adams/
82Toronto Instagram Model - Cassaundra KellyCassaundra Kelly/cassaundra.kelly/
83Toronto Instagram Model - Yalena ZuluagaYalena Zuluaga/
84Toronto Instagram Model - Raelene FulfordRaelene Fulford/raelenefulford/raelenefulford
85Toronto Instagram Model - Tessa NoellaTessa Noella/tessanoella_/
86Toronto Instagram Model - CassandraCassandra/curvyfitcass/
87Toronto Instagram Model - Paris RichardsParis Richards/paris_richards/Paris_Richards6
88Toronto Instagram Model - Lisa PersaudLisa Persaud/thereallpeezy/
89Toronto Instagram Model - Sarah WickettSarah Wickett/sarahhww/
90Toronto Instagram Model - Candice SandCandice Sand/candicesand/
91Toronto Instagram Model - LaynabooLaynaboo/
92Toronto Instagram Model - Nekisha TaneilNekisha Taneil/nikki_c_lavie/reine_foreign
93Toronto Instagram Model - Amber EmeryAmber Emery/amber_emery_/
94Toronto Instagram Model - Lia VenaticciLia Venaticci/canesvenaticci/CANESVENATICCI
95Toronto Instagram Model - Christina Jewell MackintoshChristina Mackintosh/xtinajewell/
96Toronto Instagram Model - Summer SmithSummer Smith/summer.cjs/summer.cjs
97Toronto Instagram Model - Jesy Carlee JohnstonJesy Carlee Johnston/jesyjohnston/Jesyjohnston
98Toronto Instagram Model - Anastasia SophiaAnastasia Sophia/anabananasophia/
99Toronto Instagram Model - Victoria PriceVictoria Price/victoriaeprice/victoriaeprice
100Toronto Instagram Model - Andrea M L CekoAndrea M L Ceko/andrea.ceko/akosiukce


“Aw, Toronto Snapchat models X,Y, & Z are missing from the list!”

Originally, I wanted to focus on Toronto Snapchat models, but it was pretty tough to find snapnames.

I did the best I could, and included each models’ Instagram, ’cause often if you follow their feed eventually you’ll see their snapname.

Also, some of ’em are from ‘around’ Toronto, and others may not identify more with hostess/actress than the ‘model’ label, but either way, I felt like including them.

I’m totally open to help from others, so feel free to drop me a line if you have a personality or snapname to add to the list.

Much love and appreciation to all who’ve helped in making this the best Toronto Snapchat Models List out there.

( Or at least, the best to me 😀 )

And check out the bonuses below!

"She sendin' all her friends snaps of my new tracks."

- Post Malone

Bonus Models & User Submissions

Toronto Snapchat Models Rock Banner!


101Toronto Instagram Model - Patricia PoczekajPatricia Poczekaj/patriciapoczekaj/
102Toronto Instagram Model - Kalyn NicholsonKalyn Nicholson/kalynnicholson13/kalynnicholson
103Toronto Instagram Model - Cat SolomonCat Solomon/model_cat_solomon/
104Toronto Instagram Model - Taylor HardtTaylor Hardt/taylorhardt/
105Toronto Instagram Model - Anahita FarAnahita Far/anahitaaf/
106Toronto Instagram Model - Alexandra AmbroiseAlexandra Ambroise/lexxndra/
107Toronto Instagram Model - Kristen AuKristen Au/kris10green/
108Toronto Instagram Model - Natalie NeyNatalie Ney/natalieney/NatalieEllaNey
109Toronto Instagram Model - DjazelDjazel/therealdjazel/therealdjazel
110Toronto Instagram Model - Alannah HercegAlannah Herceg/alannahherceg/
111Toronto Instagram Model - Sarah Love MacdonaldSarah Love Macdonald/sarahmacdonalddd/Macsarahhhh
112Toronto Instagram Model - Miss Ashley DeniseAshley Denise/missashleydenisee/guindon92
113Toronto Instagram Model - Drew CatherineDrew Catherine/drewcatherineofficial/
114Toronto Instagram Model - Nikki VujanicNikki Vujanic/nikkivujanic/
115Toronto Instagram Model - Nikki VujanicKristie Taylor/kristietaylorr/playmatekristie
116Toronto Instagram Model - Sarah DionysusSarah Dionysus/sarahdionysusofficial/
117Toronto Instagram Model - Nataliee GNataliee G/missnataliee_xo/
118Toronto Instagram Model - Cass ElliotCass Elliot/cassidoria/
119Toronto Instagram Model - Amandy RangerAmandy Ranger/amandyranger/
120Toronto Instagram Model - Tanisha AmberMicha Grace/crimedelacrime88/
121Toronto Instagram Model - Stephanie LuskStephanie Lusk/officialstephanielusk/stephanielusk
122Toronto Instagram Model - Nevada CaitlynNevada Caitlyn/nevadacaitlynxox/nevadacaitlynxox
123Toronto Instagram Model - Katie MayoKatie Mayo/_katiemayo/
124Toronto Instagram Model - Leah PfeifferLeah Pfeiffer/leahpfeiffer/leah.pfeiffer
125Toronto Instagram Model - Carolyn BauerCarolyn Bauer/carolynabauer/
126Toronto Instagram Model - Gabriela AntoinetteGabriela Antoinette/gabriela.antoinette/
127Toronto Instagram Model - LyndaLynda/lyndaxo/lyndap07
128Toronto Instagram Model - KayleeKaylee/mzkaylzz/Kashmoanehh7
129Toronto Instagram Model - Meghan LeopardMeghan Leopard/meghanleopard/
130Toronto Instagram Model - Clelia TheodorouClelia Theodorou/cleliatheodorou_/cleliatheo
132Toronto Instagram Model - Melissa EnvyMelissa Envy/playmatemelissaenvy/Cuzyouenvyme
133Toronto Instagram Model - Rachelle ValerieRachelle Valerie/mystoryyourview/mystoryyourview
134DeletedIsabelle Jeanine/millionbella/Isabellejeanine
135Toronto Instagram Model - Claudia DalBarcoClaudia DalBarco/cdspotlight/
136Toronto Instagram Model - Amanie IllfatedAmanie Illfated/amanieillfated/
137Toronto Instagram Model - Mia MartinaMia Martina/princessmiamartina/
138Toronto Instagram Model - Mia MartinaEva/eva_flowerpower/
139Toronto Instagram Model - Amy MackenzieAmy Mackenzie/amy_mack_style/amymack10
140Toronto Instagram Model - Janice HungJanice Hung/janiceh34/
141Toronto Instagram Model - Krista FlynnKrista Flynn/kristaflynn/
142Toronto Instagram Model - Monique JohnstonMonique Johnston/johnstonmonique/
143Toronto Instagram Model - Felle RoseFelle Rose/fellesworld/
144Toronto Instagram Model - Anastasia MossAnastasia Moss/anastasiamoss/
145Toronto Instagram Model - Sarah Davidson-GurneySarah Davidson-Gurney/sarahdgviolin/
146Toronto Instagram Model - Joanna BisJoanna Bis/joannabisxo/
147Toronto Instagram Model - Fionna KerrFionna Kerr/fionna_kerr/
148Toronto Instagram Model - Leanne YagiLeanne Yagi/hanakoelizabeth/
149Toronto Instagram Model - Amber DuranteAmber Durante/amberdurante26/
150Toronto Instagram Model - Breanne HallBreanne Hall/breanneehall/
151Toronto Instagram Model - Baby JBaby J/thejessicaxsun/
152Toronto Instagram Model - Emma ElizabethEmma Elizabeth/emmaelizabethxoxoo/
153Toronto Instagram Model - Stacey FeyStacey Fey/staceyfeyy/
154Toronto Instagram Model - Arrielle EdwardsArrielle Edwards/arrielleace/


Special Thanks

This section is to thank everyone who elevates beauty and gives models exposure, especially in my hometown. A lot of these models were discovered through:

Toronto Glamour Photographers

All these people (plus MUAs, stylists, designers, etc.) deserve love for helping make this list possible, and if you know any more that deserve to be added, please let me know.

I’ve been thinking about adding an agency section here too, we’ll see, but thanks to Elijah & Plutino Group for getting it on my radar.


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"When I was talking Instagram / Last thing you wanted was your picture snapped."

- Jay Z

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