Toronto Famous: Celebrities, Rappers, Models, Artists, & Ryzing Stars

I love Toronto. It’s filled with talent and if you found this page, you matter. You can spread the word about Toronto talent and add Toronto Famous names to this list. Toronto’s more than Drake (who I love). There’s peeps living here who’ve achieved so much. They’ve made sure their art touches their audience.

The 6, T.O., T-Dot, whatever you call it, we rock. We’ve got celebrities, but when I google “Toronto Celebrities” very little comes up. I googled “Toronto Twitterati”, and still… not much. So I’ve compiled a list of successful (& ryzing) Toronto personalities & their twitter accounts. 🙂 If you have feedback or want to submit a celeb to the list, lemme know.

Note: This isn’t just a list of celebrities who live in Toronto (though many do), it’s a list of (semi-)famous people with roots in Toronto and who spend time here.

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Thanks to BlogTO’s article ’10 Most Famous From Toronto’ & comments which helped fill in some blanks.
Also, IMDB has a giant list of over 1600 Canadian celebs, but they’re not Toronto-focused.

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