In case you missed it, there was a lot of buzz and demand for more videos of Jason over in this post. I promised one of the commenters, Melanie, more video goodness, and I love delivering – so here’s a post with not one, but TWO J-Ryze videos.

Feel the love! Ready?

First I’ll ask you a question: do you own what you know?

I don’t mean facts and figures. I don’t mean birthdays of friends, or a list of your favorite movies.

I’m talking the moments in your life, where you followed your feeling and good things happened. That’s something incredible, and most people take it for granted – it’s not appreciated – and so they don’t get more of it.

Think back about your moments of truth. Has this ever happened to you?

“Inside, it hurts. Then for a moment – you forget where you are and what you’re doing – a flash of knowing takes hold of you. It can’t be ignored. It literally forces you to take a stand, letting go of that uncommitted relationship, that soul sucking job or your family that presses you towards who you really – aren’t.”

You take a long, deep breath. You’ve just given the biggest ‘fuck it’ in your life, although on the outside nothings changed. You finally look up Alex Osterwalder’s business plan which has been on your mind since day one and you take the plung and purchase Ryze’s How To ‘Be Real’ Blueprint.

It takes you less than an hour and you’re mapped out for success.

You’ve taken the first step of a journey more real than any marathon you’ve ever ran.

And it’s just so damn funny when it happens.

It’s like, you could’ve done this, anytime.., yesterday… the day before yesterday… and you see a whirl of your entire last year where you spent fooling around in bars, in clubs and it’s like you’ve reached a mini-enlightenment.

It happens to everyone.

Here’s a few moments of my life that this happened to me:

Moment One

I knew damn well, that the day I met Jason, nothing would ever be the same. I remember asking: What’s with this guy? Why am I trusting him? And why change now?’

Well, I walked into his house raw, and I walked out with a brand new set of ideas – powerful ideas – too many to remember, but I felt clean.

Then I went out and ate a fish-filet at McDonald’s the next day and into my local kickboxing gym.

Wait, lemme make this clear…

…I was vegan just the day before.

Lemme make it clearer…

…I left the gym after 2 minutes.

J had an effect on me. I knew to set my life completely into a whole new direction.

It’s incredible. But that’s what happens when you meet someone who’s real. And these kinds of changes can happen everyday.

Can you handle change? Can you handle success?

Moment Two

An urgent email hit my inbox.

Jason wanted me to grab his laptop for him. He couldn’t go into the apartment because of Hailey’s court order against him.

Shortly after, I got a call from the last person I expected… Hailey.

She wanted me to meet her downtown, at the now-infamous condo where everything went down.

What was I to do? What would you do?

Go meet the girl who put your mentor in jail?

I could have judged or thought a million not-so-nice-things. I mean – great job – my best friend’s now homeless.

I said to myself, "change is good, change is good – everything’s going to work out perfectly." So I lent her a hand, gave her what money I had on me and took her out for a meal in the town. It’s what Jason would have done, it’s what I was taught and who I was now.

She and I stayed up all night watching a movie with some barbeque powdered popcorn.

Then the longest most heart wrenching discussion in my life took place. It was intense.

Everyday after that Hailey ‘knew’ what was right and put her heart and soul into getting Jason clear of his “crime.”

If it weren’t for me stepping up then, you would not be reading this post right now.

Moment Three

I was alone.

Or at least, I felt alone.

But in life you never really are, even when you think you are.

Going all out to support someone you love, even when it’s someone you trust takes serious balls. And I’ll admit, sometimes I wavered.

Do you think I never argued with Jason?

No fucking way.

When you have a genius, a Leonardo Da Vinci style of entrepreneur who’s done it all and you match him with somebody who hasn’t lifted a finger for any real work till he he hit his teens… well, you’ve got an interesting combination.

So we split, and not just once.

And every time, I took a step. I sent an email. I made that painful phone call. I even showed up to his door once with some local gourmet deli.

And I never regretted any of it. I always felt deep down, that each and everyone of those meetings helped me understand myself better. You can only get ‘knowing’ when you know who you are.

I always got clearer on success, and it might have taken me longer than most, but it was always worth it.

At The Core

Knowing is a root form of … RESULTS … which speak loudly.

I want to share with you the best video I’ve seen that’ll give it to you straight – what “knowing” really means and why it’s important. You’ll find this video super-powerful and I definitely ‘followed my knowing’ to deliver this post to you guys, so enjoy 🙂

Again, you can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life – Steve Jobs

Here’s another thing.

You could easily replace the word “Knowing” with “Consistent Action” and then you would get this:

Consistent action is a root form of … RESULTS … which speak loudly.

No one could argue this. So what does this tell us?

If ‘Money = Love‘ …

… then ‘Knowing = Consistent Action = Results’.

But is there a difference between your average college athlete that spends 8 hours a day doing what he loves and Michael Jordan doing what he loves?


Let’s see what Jason has to say about it:

Ed Note: I’m starting this at 3:23, ’cause that’s where the juicy part is 🙂

Now, Ryze’s HTBR program is launching at 12pm EST today. That’s in one hour. Jason’s only accepting 3 students for personal mentoring, so if you want to create like this man creates, and you know it’ll help you rock life like a boss, then I thank you for filling out an application and investing in your own success.

Ryze up and Rock on!

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