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In case you missed it, there was a lot of buzz and demand for more videos of Jason over in this post. I promised one of the commenters, Melanie, more video goodness, and I love delivering – so here’s a post with not one, but TWO J-Ryze videos.

Feel the love! Ready?

First I’ll ask you a question: do you own what you know?

I don’t mean facts and figures. I don’t mean birthdays of friends, or a list of your favorite movies.

I’m talking the moments in your life, where you followed your feeling and good things happened. That’s something incredible, and most people take it for granted – it’s not appreciated – and so they don’t get more of it.

Think back about your moments of truth. Has this ever happened to you?

“Inside, it hurts. Then for a moment – you forget where you are and what you’re doing – a flash of knowing takes hold of you. It can’t be ignored. It literally forces you to take a stand, letting go of that uncommitted relationship, that soul sucking job or your family that presses you towards who you really – aren’t.”

You take a long, deep breath. You’ve just given the biggest ‘fuck it’ in your life, although on the outside nothings changed. You finally look up Alex Osterwalder’s business plan which has been on your mind since day one and you take the plung and purchase Ryze’s How To ‘Be Real’ Blueprint.

It takes you less than an hour and you’re mapped out for success.

You’ve taken the first step of a journey more real than any marathon you’ve ever ran.

And it’s just so damn funny when it happens.

It’s like, you could’ve done this, anytime.., yesterday… the day before yesterday… and you see a whirl of your entire last year where you spent fooling around in bars, in clubs and it’s like you’ve reached a mini-enlightenment.

It happens to everyone.

Here’s a few moments of my life that this happened to me:

Moment One

I knew damn well, that the day I met Jason, nothing would ever be the same. I remember asking: What’s with this guy? Why am I trusting him? And why change now?’

Well, I walked into his house raw, and I walked out with a brand new set of ideas – powerful ideas – too many to remember, but I felt clean.

Then I went out and ate a fish-filet at McDonald’s the next day and into my local kickboxing gym.

Wait, lemme make this clear…

…I was vegan just the day before.

Lemme make it clearer…

…I left the gym after 2 minutes.

J had an effect on me. I knew to set my life completely into a whole new direction.

It’s incredible. But that’s what happens when you meet someone who’s real. And these kinds of changes can happen everyday.

Can you handle change? Can you handle success?

Moment Two

An urgent email hit my inbox.

Jason wanted me to grab his laptop for him. He couldn’t go into the apartment because of Hailey’s court order against him.

Shortly after, I got a call from the last person I expected… Hailey.

She wanted me to meet her downtown, at the now-infamous condo where everything went down.

What was I to do? What would you do?

Go meet the girl who put your mentor in jail?

I could have judged or thought a million not-so-nice-things. I mean – great job – my best friend’s now homeless.

I said to myself, "change is good, change is good – everything’s going to work out perfectly." So I lent her a hand, gave her what money I had on me and took her out for a meal in the town. It’s what Jason would have done, it’s what I was taught and who I was now.

She and I stayed up all night watching a movie with some barbeque powdered popcorn.

Then the longest most heart wrenching discussion in my life took place. It was intense.

Everyday after that Hailey ‘knew’ what was right and put her heart and soul into getting Jason clear of his “crime.”

If it weren’t for me stepping up then, you would not be reading this post right now.

Moment Three

I was alone.

Or at least, I felt alone.

But in life you never really are, even when you think you are.

Going all out to support someone you love, even when it’s someone you trust takes serious balls. And I’ll admit, sometimes I wavered.

Do you think I never argued with Jason?

No fucking way.

When you have a genius, a Leonardo Da Vinci style of entrepreneur who’s done it all and you match him with somebody who hasn’t lifted a finger for any real work till he he hit his teens… well, you’ve got an interesting combination.

So we split, and not just once.

And every time, I took a step. I sent an email. I made that painful phone call. I even showed up to his door once with some local gourmet deli.

And I never regretted any of it. I always felt deep down, that each and everyone of those meetings helped me understand myself better. You can only get ‘knowing’ when you know who you are.

I always got clearer on success, and it might have taken me longer than most, but it was always worth it.

At The Core

Knowing is a root form of … RESULTS … which speak loudly.

I want to share with you the best video I’ve seen that’ll give it to you straight – what “knowing” really means and why it’s important. You’ll find this video super-powerful and I definitely ‘followed my knowing’ to deliver this post to you guys, so enjoy :)

Again, you can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life – Steve Jobs

Here’s another thing.

You could easily replace the word “Knowing” with “Consistent Action” and then you would get this:

Consistent action is a root form of … RESULTS … which speak loudly.

No one could argue this. So what does this tell us?

If ‘Money = Love‘ …

… then ‘Knowing = Consistent Action = Results’.

But is there a difference between your average college athlete that spends 8 hours a day doing what he loves and Michael Jordan doing what he loves?


Let’s see what Jason has to say about it:

Ed Note: I’m starting this at 3:23, ’cause that’s where the juicy part is :)

Now, Ryze’s HTBR program is launching at 12pm EST today. That’s in one hour. Jason’s only accepting 3 students for personal mentoring, so if you want to create like this man creates, and you know it’ll help you rock life like a boss, then I thank you for filling out an application and investing in your own success.

Ryze up and Rock on!


  1. Dude, what can I say — I love attention, and seeing myself on video is like — the funnest thing ever.

    That being said, “knowing'” is a mark of the successful, and it’s something to appreciate, applaud, and act on.

    What do we want, more of the net filled with people who “kinda”, “maybe” want to do stuff or people who “KNOW they’re gonna rock it?”

    Love this post.

  2. Wonderful post Arthur and you did Jason justice here.

    Great seeing you on video Jason, you definitely have that knowingness about you. You’re so passionate about what you believe in and what you know and that came through your video as well.

    Hey, I wish you the best with your program and I have no doubt it will be a success. I recently partnered with my current mentor so I’m all mentored up at the moment! lol…

    But seriously, best of luck to you Jason and thanks Arthur for your message. I know exactly what you mean.


    • Thanks Adrienne – those who are passionate usually do a fantastic job in seeing the passion in others :)

      I love your wishes and your doubt too, ‘no doubt’, I mean 😉

      You gave a fantastic comment, and I responded in like form, except I also used a system:


      If you liked this post, check out the link, J-Ryze has got some epic material to share there, and I can’t help but share it here!

      Much love Adrienne, Ryze up!


      • Hahaha… you guys are awesome. I’m definitely feelin’ the love.

        You know, I feel super blessed to be involved in some of the most interesting, eye-opening discussions on the net, with people who “get” it.

        Much appreciated :)

        And yes, Adrienne I think I congratulated you on your partnership over on your blog, but double-congrats! The world needs more partnerships 😛

  3. I had a blast too – I love making these vids with you man :)

    I see knowing as an experience that I live moment-to-moment, and I see the powerful correlation between success and knowing – I’m living it more everyday.

    Oh man, the answer is clear: ‘Knowers’ rock life harder and I’m happy to be one!


  4. Arthur
    It seems like you and Jason have been on quite a journey together. When you resonate with someone on that kind of level its important to hang on, because its sure to be a hell of a ride.

    The beauty of these videos is that every person who views, will come away with something different. Something that relates to their personal journey. Nice work.

    Love the part where you say “if you really enjoyed it, you don’t expect”, and Arthur has an ah-ha moment. Gold!

    • Haha – it’s so awesome that you caught that!

      The a-ha moment sometimes is so big I’m shell-shocked for a solid minute, because once again I know I’ll have to change every part of my thinking, and as a result, every part of my results :) I love it.

      The journey is IT Jackie, and every single moment of it is the biggest ride 😉


      • Wow, Jackie, Arthur, I’m thrilled that so much value is being received. You’re right, it’s an awesome journey, and you’re right, everyone gets something unique out of it.

        The main thing is that that feeling of “knowing” and “success” are totally linked, but most people aren’t paying attention to those “knowing” feelings or are dismissing them, or are too busy looking for “techniques” (not that I hate on techniques, as seen by my commenting guest post lol.)

        Either way, rock on and ryze up!

        And in case anyone’s interested — I can’t confirm for sure, but rumour has it that Arthur has a super-secret collection of all kinds of J-Ryze artistic expression building up somewhere on the net. I’m not sure if he’s releasing it yet :)

          • Haha! Cool man :)

            Loooove how you dug up some classic Inspirational Wallpapers – The Jesus Loves Hitler one = instant controversy lol. Good to know I was a badass even years ago 😛

  5. Jason: “The things you give up on are the things you never really believed in in the first place.”

    I finally learned this after many false starts. You body knows what your mind is not ready admit. When you have to drag yourself out of bed in order to work on that project, you don’t really believe in it.

    When your mind and body are in sync, however, it’s a beautiful thing. Having experienced it, it’s much easier now for me to identify BEFOREHAND something that I know is not going to work out. You just know. Time, money and sanity saved.

    • Jeanne, I loved that too! It’s great to know what you really want. When you know what you really care about, you can simply go like an arrow towards your dreams.

      A big difference between that, and forcing your body to co-operate with your mind in choosing something ‘more’ important – eew!

      I love your growth – I’m also a big appreciator of ever-increasing freedom, money and following my heart :)


      • You got it, Jeanne. That’s what I aim to demonstrate and guide people towards as purely and powerfully as possible.

        The world can use a great many things, but people who follow their heart, no apologies most of all :)

        Hehe, I think we all appreciate those things Arthur :)

  6. Holy Cow, this is such an impressive passionate post. I can feel the energy from here. BRAVO! When we have that inner feeling of knowingness, we need to follow it and figure out why later. At least, that’s my take on it.
    When we get that Aha moment….run with it. If we don’t believe in our inner spirit, or when we fight it, I notice you have to face that journey again one way or another.
    I really enjoyed these videos. I can feel that energy coming right through my screen.
    Blessings my friend!’

    • Hah, the A-ha moments are powerful moments.

      I wonder how many A-ha moments Jason had as he was speaking?

      Or maybe he just “knew” 😉

    • Thaaaat’s what I like to hear, Donna! I always aim to bring more and more of… “me” to Ryze posts, and Arthur wrote up a great post and captured some awesome video too.

      Really glad you’re feelin’ it.

      And you’re right, clear A-Ha moments are a precious thing in our complex world of clutter and distraction :)

  7. Jason,

    Thanks for the inspiration and the push to “know” vs. just thinking “maybe” things will work out. Great job of mixing in powerful video as a key part of the message.

    • Thanks, Tom.

      Powerful video usually has a place, eh? :)

      And I’d love to hear your personal experiences with this — have you ever just “known” something?

  8. Best of luck with this programme Jason – I know a lot of people will really benefit from your insightful advice :)
    I know I don’t need to remind you that haters aren’t worth it, you have people that trust you and believe in you … and that’s because you’re trustworthy!
    Keep ryzeing!

    • I’d bet you will too, Gemma 😉

      Insight is valuable 😀

      Hahhah… I’ve had so many haters in life, think I could start a fan-club :) Thanks so much for the vote of confidence, Gemma!

  9. Enjoying failure is a true sign of the creator… When the failure is not a failure it’s an attempt at awesome and learning tool on the path to failure… You are the creator of awesome.

    Not easy… But an amazing concept.

    I write… when I really zoned in and loving every sentence whether it sounds good or bad… I call this “Bleeding on the Keys”.

    Good stuff guys… You’re killing it right now.

    Ryan H.

    • Hahaha…I love you zoned in on the ‘failure’ aspect, because that’s a key part of it. When you “just know” something, you’re open to failing… a lot, and where others would give up, you’re happy (see Thomas Edison.)

      Hhaha… “bleeding on the keys” is awesome, Ryan. We’re all killin’ it! Team Ryze!

  10. This was incredible … lots to think about here.

    • Ha ha! That’s how we roll, Pat!

      Rock on and ryze up!

      I know we’d all LOVE to hear your thoughts and conclusions and we’d CHEER you on when you share them!

      Enjoy the Ryze Community Vibe :)

    • I love it Pat – what did you find incredible?

      Was there something that helped you act on something?

      Speak out! :)

    • Okay, you wanted it, now you’re gonna get it … :)

      I read this article and every link from it (and most of the other links from them) before I commented the first time, and the impact was overwhelming. I’m not a person who can always articulate what’s going on inside right at first … I knew I needed to think about things before I answered your questions.

      Fortunately, yesterday I had a early morning hour long trip to make. So I spent the time thinking instead of distracting myself from doing so with the radio. :)

      The idea that money is a tangible representation of love, not in the dismissive obligation sort of way where people throw dollars rather than really care, but rather as a manifestation of their love, was one thing that really struck me. I had never considered it in that way before, that I care for you so much that I will take part of my living self that I’ve created and use it to meet that need that you have.

      I’ve been reading Daniel Suelo’s work quite a bit lately, and if you don’t know him, he believes that the idea of money in that it’s a measure of what you owe someone else is wrong, in that it raises feelings of obligation and judgment instead of love, and that most religions talk about the idea of grace and freedom instead of credit and debt.

      And as I drove, I thought about your article about where people are in life, and especially about the fork in the road … I saw this fork at first as the money-less life vs going after money … but as I drove I thought about it more … I’ve read there is always a third way (or more) in any situation … money without obligation or credit or debt, without that angst associated with it, but seeking money as a tool to create what you see in your mind.

      At this point I was hungry so I stopped at McDonald’s, which I don’t usually do because I don’t care for most of their food, but their breakfasts are good. And I saw how happy the people were that worked at this particular place, and how much they cared about making sure the people who came in were fed.

      And I sat and thought some more about this, and I decided that my money is a tool but also it’s almost a living thing, because it’s a representation of my living work and my husband’s living work, sort of like Marx’s idea that when you make something a part of you goes into it and out into the world

      Just like a store is created with hammers and nails but also with the dollars to buy those things from someone who in turn put their heart into creating the hammers, nails, boards, and everything else that went into the store. And people put their hearts and craft into making the food, even simple food like at this place, and that should be valued.

      And you’re right, it all came from knowing that this was possible.

      I went back today and read this particular article and watched the videos all the way through, and I think I can answer better now.

      I knew that edible landscaping would become bigger and more sought after, or else I wouldn’t have started my site.

      “If you only give people what they want, by the time it comes out they’re going to want something else” … the idea of being ahead of the game and visionary … creating things that people want and need but don’t even know it … amazing.

      Getting to your inmost thoughts of what you KNOW will move you forward and taking the chance to go for it in face of opposition …

      “the things you give up on are the things you never really believed in in the first place” Whoa.

      … appreciation gives you more of it, and having a clear sense of knowing gives you strength …

      Knowing = Consistent Action = Results

      I think it’s more that knowing leads to consistent action, because you always hesitate on things you’re not sure of. So being aware of knowing is the key, *if you keep bringing that knowing up in your mind* then of course you will act.

      I think Jason knows what a big deal this realization is for me. :)

      I liked the idea of savoring the joy of creation. I mean, if you believe that the universe is an act of creation, why did whoever did it even bother? I think it was because of the joy of creation, looking at it and saying “this is so cool!”

      I do believe that we don’t look at the joy and the knowing and appreciation of all that enough. And not overlaying it with expectations but doing what you need to do to make your creation happen because you love doing it is HUGE!

      So thank you. This has helped me a ton.

      • Pat, you’re an incredible example of a badass who’s focused on rocking. Ryze is JAM-packed with life-changing value, stuff you won’t find anywhere else on the net, and you used your own enthusiasm to focus and make time for it.

        You invested the time to read Money Equals Love, The 5 Stages Of Badass, and Unleash Your Knowing. Brilliant, because most of the books on Amazon won’t teach you the stuff that’s taught in those articles 😀

        Thank you, the world can use more like you :)

        It’s funny you bring up McDonald’s — I LOVE McDonald’s. When I was younger I was “too good” for it and called it “unhealthy”. When I was homeless McDonald’s saved my life and opened my eyes to beauty of humanity. McDonald’s helps the most ‘rock-bottom’ of our cities, and they do it with style, just by being their welcoming selves. I’ve also worked at McDonald’s and had a blast there.

        Daniel Suelo sounds like he has the right idea :)

        And however you phrase it, knowing =, or knowing leads to, consistent action – they are clearly related. If you’re not acting consistently, you have doubt. If your team is not acting consistently, they don’t have faith in themselves, you, or *something*

        You really opened some doors and made huge progress here, and what you’ve done once, you can do again 😀

        THE FORK: Lots of people see the fork as money, but to me the fork in the road has nothing to do with money, and everything to do with a Life Of Settling and Fitting In, or a Life Of Self-Mastery and Boldly Moving Towards Dreams.

        About the 3rd way thing, you are totally right. I believe in the 3rd way for nearly everything in life as well, but what about light-switches or electric current? It’s either “ON” or “OFF”, much like getting in the zone: we’re either In-The-Zone or Not. We’re either APPRECIATING money or NOT. :) We’re either SETTLING or REACHING.

        People like to pretend there’s a middle-ground and 3rd-way for important things like this, but to me they’re usually just tricking themselves so they aren’t put in a conscious decision-making spot :)

        The only 3rd way I know of is standing at the fork-in-the-road, and not really choosing, but even that’s a choice 😉

        Either way, you brought so much insight to this discussion, and I can really feel your heart in it.

        I really want to thank you by offering you a personal discount on your next coaching session. Send me an e-mail and we’ll discuss details 😀

  11. Good stuff – I’ve been working on trying to learn to “trust” myself and believe in the concept of “knowing” – it’s not very easy to learn how when we’re taught our whole lives to drown out those voices, but it’s so important. Good for you for being able to follow that!!

    • Yeup, being able to follow that keeps moving me towards the life I’ve desired and imagined :)

      P.S. [grin] I’m pretty sure trusting internal voices isn’t supposed to be “hard work”, Sarah


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