I’ve been missing. I haven’t posted in a while. The main reason is I didn’t feel like it. I didn’t feel inspired. Now I do. Why? ‘Cause I’m on to something game-changing.

I’m collaborating with "my kind of people."

I’m creating something that massively impacts the world economy, and I’m doing it with someone who openly values my wisdom, cares about my well-being, and enthusiastically focuses on solutions.

Who is this incredible person?

Evan Carmichael.

Evan Carmichael #believes in entrepreneurs.

And collaborating with him has massively impacted my life.

I`ve really thrown myself fully into helping Evan #ryze, because it’s fun. It feels good.

And real talk… ?

It’s ’cause when Evan Carmichael #ryzes, all entrepreneurs do, in a big way.

A Quick Story

My life and business got to the point where I’d keep sharing my creative wisdom, passionately, until my last breath but…

…there didn’t seem any visionaries in the world who’d reward me sustainably for helping them with their #empiredesign.

And then Evan and I got on the same page, and the momentum skyrocketed.

We’re talking massive, huge, cosmic progress, yo.

  • ‘Cause when I speak Evan values my wisdom.
  • ‘Cause when I speak Evan acts on my words.
  • And most importantly, Evan helps me thrive as I share my creative ideas.

That’s the kind of people you need around you.

And together with the rest of his team, we’ve transformed his brand, website, and flagship product.

And that’s what I wanna share with you today:

Game-changing education for entrepreneurs.

What entrepreneurs are offered in schools is weak-sauce compared to Evan’s offering.

Something like this will often change the culture of the world, or the language, or both.

Which is why it has a curious name:



Pronounced ‘zoo’-‘guh.’

‘Zhuge’ means ‘your guide’ to entrepreneurship, and Evan is a massive expert.

Zhuges are basically intense-but-bite-sized instantly downloadable jumpstarts for a business, on various topics.

Any business Evan touches blossoms and grows, and I felt compelled to write something for all you ryzing stars to introduce you to that influence.

Zhuges for… Survival.

The first batch of zhuges is a very important one.

It helps you with all sorts of things that most people allow to shut down their dreams.

From zhuge #000 – Mindset Test to zhuge #110 – Bootstrapping and beyond, the zhuges on survival are absolutely vital education for anyone looking to get their business of the ground.

It’s hard to create true brilliance, while you’re drowning.

Get the precious air your business needs to breathe and grow, explore Evan’s survival zhuges.

I showed the first zhuge (#000 – Mindset Test) to my friend Chihiro and she excitedly wanted to take the test and see if "being an entrepreneur" was for her.

When we met she was a door-to-door salesperson.

Now, a couple months later, she’s freelancing, playing gigs, and in industries she cares about.

I believe that zhuge played a role.

Zhuges for… Marketing.

The second batch of zhuges is a treasure too, ’cause so many peeps have dreams and ideas and a great offering, but they’re really clueless on how to get it to spread and actually reach people.

Sadly, the west tends to educate cubicles drones, instead of teaching what matters.

Evan delivers real talk though… and so do I. <grin>

If you’ve something you know deserves to spread, but you’ve had mediocre progress so far — check out the marketing zhuges and get the education & step-by-step guidance you deserve.

Everyone who’s tried to "make money on their own" or "grow their business" can find something powerful there.

It’s totally in your hands to invest in materials that uplift and inspire you. Combine your positive thinking with positive materials.

Real life example?

Jen Price, #fantasy copywriter extraordinaire, has been getting coached by Evan and applying some of the key principles in the marketing zhuges, and she’s tripled her engagement on twitter, debut’d her first copywriting video on youtube, and more.

Zhuges for… Time

The zhuges on time section packs a punch.

Wearing too many hats?

Prioritizing too many projects?

Burdened with too many things?

Evan’s got one of the most clear, clean day-to-day schedules I’ve ever seen.

It’s beautiful.

He only works about 20 hrs a week in his office, and his business and outreach continue growing.

He models all sorts of famous entrepreneur’s time-management techniques, and puts them to excellent use.

And in these zhuges, he shares ’em with you.

From delegation, to automation, to ‘chunking’… get your time working for you, not overworking you.

Life is a string of precious moments; make yours count, make ’em fun.

There’s more sections than just the three here, and I’m super psyched I was invited to add ryze’s flair to ’em.

Feel It Out.

Am I making this up?

Overhyping it?

That’s up to you to decide.

Hopefully you can feel me on ths.

And hey, if you wanna get a really good feel for just how much Evan #believes in entrepreneurs, and how quickly the #zhugemovement is touching the world, check out his video below.

In the first week alone it picked up 25,000+ views, and it is a really, really fantastic watch. So click it and enjoy.

Most people’s dreams involve a dream spouse, dream house, and dream career.

Evan Carmichael’s zhuges are a fast, easy guide to the latter.

And I’m proud to play a part.


Thanks for reading 🙂

P.S. The guides will continue to get better, we’re in the process of ryze-ifying them 🙂

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